Sunday, 12 August 2007

wut title??

hurm..y am i too lazy to write my blog these days???i quit the job at hoca the wages adela about rm382..dat one is frm 2-26 aug..minus 9 days off! next month i hav to come again to receive the other half of my wages..around 100 more..again!im lazy!:p
can't wait to go shopping with that so tiny among of money!wuteva!i can still njoy for sure! but i tink i need to go shopping on my own la diz one's around..everybody's back to college..wani is off to indon alredi..who'd wanna go out with me during weekdays??'s time like diz where i really feel the urge of need to hav a boyfren..ahakz!~ is dat the only use of boyfren??urm..i don't mean that way..but u knw..argh,so difficult to put it in words though..nvm,i just keep it to myself la for the time being..hehe

wut else do i wanna talk about??haa!i bought a few of my stuff my luggage..(it's a vivid pink n purple!!!sgt capap~) undies(borong!!) sweater..wut else ek..hurm..yea long john..n 2morrow im gonna shop some more!hehe..i soo love shopping!
oklah..i'll try to be strict to myself diz time to write in here everyday!!