Monday, 30 April 2007

so lazee bumpee

i planned to go back to college yesterday actually, but too lazy to get outta my room..hav to be really strict to my self though at home or otherwise, i won't be touching books at all..thinking of going back tonite, but not sure yet..making decision frm a number of choices is really TOUGH for me..wut's more if i hav a better choice in stays home for another day or going back to college..arghh!it's just 2 weeks more before i can stay home as much as i want but still...erghh..
of course i prefer to be home coz it makes me feel free to study without any guilt of not studying for a minute and without feeling disturbed (although there's quite some distractions at home)..if i were to be in college at this time, surely i 'bengang' with my rummie who almost every second on the phone talking to her bf!!!annoying and irritating!not becoz im jelous or wut, it's disturbing especially when she's talking bout PERSONAL INTIMATE matter..huh! i don't wanna hurt anybody,dat's y i don't directly say that to her but indrectly i did do something that shows my uneasiness..she's just too ignorance to understand i guess..hurm..people..people..

Friday, 27 April 2007

homey again

the exam is next friday n where am i???at home!!!

Saturday, 14 April 2007

so monotonous

hurm..i dont know why,i just feel my life now is rather dull n so monotonous..heh,im not supposed to think that way i know..becoz it can somehow shows that im not thankful which is totally so grateful in fact..just a bit empty maybe..but on top of that,i know im lucky enough to be surrounded by extraordinary people in college's just that...naahhh,this is crap.

Friday, 13 April 2007


im home!!hehe...actually i planned not to go back this weekend,but then we'll be having a brifing next for sure i can't go back next weekend balik je la sekarang..n i fly!meaning not going back through the right channel la..thank God x kantoi dgn mak guard..haha!
okay i just done with our post-irp mock test..kinda relieved a bit!so need to unwind a lil bit..there's always a reason to unwind heh!talking bout the test..hurm..i think i did quite well la...QUITE there..hehe need to strive harder surely..till then,daa~

Sunday, 8 April 2007

sunday blues

have to go back to college diz evening...kinda lasy i have to!
my final is just around the corner man!2morrow we'll start off with our step 2 irp session..well, it's some kind of post-irp exam i ready???huh...on my way actually..ok,be happy!!

Friday, 6 April 2007

vigorous days..

it'd been 2 weeks since i last wrote in here..kinda busy actually coz my final ib exam is just 3 weeks from now..hopefully i can make it through with flying colours!!insyaAllah..
now is the irp weeks..n i really hav to overpush my self! no more more relaxing or wutsoever!
just study!!
but on th eother hand...i think im gonna giving up on sumthing...dont know how to put it in words but yea!im giving him up...yea now it's partially revealed..hahaha
i dont think it's worth hoping and chasing after someone who's never has an eye for us...rite?
ok,enough in that i guess..actually i hope nothing frm him..just frens..but..hurm,dunno la the jelousy is till idea why..