Tuesday, 25 March 2008

heart opener..

we often heard about eyes opener..i've experienced that many times already. but the talk just now by Dr Amal ( a doctor n prof at CUCM) was really a heart opener. basically his talk was about IMAM and how us med student can contribute to community ever since we're a student. i've heard that kind of talk by Prof Latiff before and yes i was moved as well but maybe as i said earlier, it was an eye opener for me and just yet to be a heart opener.so when i went back home right after the talk, i quickly took out a scrap paper and a pen and began to write my life plan. i had it vaguely in mind before and did plan to write one down but never did so till just now at the age of 20!

here goes my life plan:

20 - enter medical school oversea--->Nottingham Uni (marked as done)
24 - graduate with first class honor degree
25 - marry ( i put question marks in bracket)
25+26 - housemanship in selayang hospital (coz i've always wanted to do my houseman here with no specific reason other than it's near my house :p)
before 30 - one or two kids
30 ++ - registrar
by 40 - full specialist ----->chest and respiratory or any other(yet to think about)

AIM - redha and syurga Allah
HOW? - through nikmat Allah that i've got eg medical knowledge specialty

this life plan is my dream and not even half way done...i've entered the the treshold of this real dream so i'll work hard to realise the dream and shall welcome my self to the future..

Monday, 24 March 2008

do i have the right?

i guess i dont..

i have the desire
i have the will
i have the hope
but what freezes me here?
if i dont strive it myself then who else will?intention doesn't guarantee actions..when i just sit and do nothing to grasp the hovering dream..do i still have the right to whine? a big no-no..

Thursday, 6 March 2008

human nature

We try our best not to falter
To keep everything to our self
To be strong
But at times,We just couldn’t
Burst it all
Coz after all, we’re just human

Wiping our own tears
Comfort our own worries
Console our own sadness
Heal our own wound
Pathetic will it feels
But still, it happens
Coz after all, we’re just human

Even the mind says no
But the heart knows more
Coz after all, we’re just human
Not just a human
But the weak one.

Monday, 3 March 2008

ayat-ayat cinta the movie??

b4 i watch this muvie, i hav no idea why ppl keep talking bout it..it was taken from a novel actually..i dont fancy reading the novel coz even the title sounds soo cheesy to me :p but the muvie is not bad though..it's about love relationship from Islamic point of view..patience, virtue, principal, sincerity, sacrifice, jelousy..u name it, can be learnt frm the muvie seriously no joke..kinda open my eyes..quite fascinated i wud admit..well but the storyline is Islamic but the acting is not..it's a movie after all..

so here is a video clip of it's OST..ayat-ayat cinta from Rossa..

Sunday, 2 March 2008

lets NOT talk bout the result

the title says it all..

ya Allah ya Rabbi ya Latiffu ya Rahmanu ya Rahim..
The Creator of my heart..
Hold it tight..
Strengthen it...
Purify it..
Sanctify it...
Bless it..
Makes me istiqamah n diligent..