Thursday, 15 March 2012

This loss..

Up to now, it's still difficult to come to term with this loss. Everything happened sooo quickly it made me breathless! Heard Bruno Mar's Count on Me few days ago, don't think i can ever listen to that song anymore. It hurts.

She's more than just a friend. She's a family, a sister to me. I thank Allah for He has given me this short chance to have someone who's filled with Mahmudah values around me. The joy, the warmth, the happiness, the love and the tears all these years that i treasure so much will always be missed. My prayer will always be with you. See you in Jannah insyAllah....

إنا لله و إنا إليه راجعون 
To Allah we belong and unto Him is our return

On a side note, i urge anyone reading this to help this great cause: A donation in memory of Suraiya to raise fund for Human Appeal International's water project. Click here to donate now!