Wednesday, 29 October 2008

kE-busY-aN mElaNda...


I attended Dublin game and Kelab UMNO open hse in RCSI last weekend. But will write bout it later when ive got the pics.

Yes, am very BUSY now...dont get me wrong,i dnt intend to whine..coz i seek this "busyness" my self's bearable and i love it indeed!i know myself very well to the extent of tryinna avoid having too much free time coz i'll end up wasting it to some stupid silly stuff..hehe

It's 10 days to Nottingham Malaysian Game 08!! Im so excited! im in charged of the Msian Food Fest which will be held in portland Ballroom. It's where we have food stalls selling Msian cuisines. Erghh very pening to sort that out. now we've got like 15 stalls..let alone managing the stalls, now i hav to deal with uni's new stupid regulations on bringing own cooked food into uni. Their main concern is; not favoring bad press if anyone ever got food poisoning frm buying food in uni area. Erghh this 'prestigious' uni really knows how to avoid unpleasant public relations. i have no idea whereabout is the care for their students(worrying over wut if they get food poisoning or something frm the stall) in the rank of their concern. Wutever it is, it's almost been sorted out. Just left with sending out my drafted email and wait for being bombarded with questions :)

It's a huge event!Most awaited one in the whole UK& if u happen to be around uk diz nov, do make sure u come to NMG08 yea..Minister of Higher Edu has confirmed his attendance. Sure he'll bring his rombongan. So as Your Excellency, the Msia High Commisioner. Therefore, i wonder which tv station will tag along diz time around..hehe..perlu la mencapap kn diri nampaknyer..haha

Here's the website:
And enjoy the video promo :)

Tuesday, 21 October 2008


Once a week, we girls in my uni will have a sister circle with Sister Fullah (an Algerian) in the prayer room. It's a sitting discussing Quran interpretation. I can guarantee u'll never get bored listening to her advise n tazkirah...the way she convey it is just sooo attention grabbing.
Here I just wanted to share some of the amazing points she made just now. I elaborate the points myself according to my understanding so do apologize if it's not being put together very well.

The very one point that really awakened me was knowing the fact that this one verse in Quran sounds;
"Ya Aiyuhallazi Na'Amanu Wa'amilu Solihat..."
- O' those who believe, and who do good deeds..

Allah didn't leave the verse hanging only til those who believe but continue with the one who do good deeds as well was mainly because IF WE BELIEF, WE OUGHT TO ALSO DO GOOD DEEDS.

Strong belief alone won't do us any good be it now or in the must be coupled with ACTION which is of course good deeds. If we're a true believer, we definitely will potray it in our action meaning to say, in our daily lives. And all the good deeds we do are for our own good, not anyone else. Well, we do do good for others but wut i meant is wut we give, we get back. Same goes to wrong doing, if we do bad things, we'll get the punishment in return or something unpleasant will come out of it. If it's not now and then, maybe later. Hukum Karma or Law of Nature. No one made that up, it's mentioned in the Quran;

Surah Al-Isra' verse 7;
"Jika kamu berbuat baik bererti kamu berbuat baik untuk dirimu sendiri. Dan jika kamu berbuat jahat, maka (kerugian kejahatan)itu untuk dirimu sendiri...."

So, if we learn Quran, read Quran, and uphold Quran as our main reference, we shall also practise Quran, do as we're told in the Quran. Coz we know the best akhlak is our prophet Muhammad's. And Rasulullah SAW's akhlak is the Quran.

A piece of ayat regarding Quran;
Surah Al-Isra' verse 9;
Sungguh, Al-Quran ini memberi petunjuk kejalan yg lurus dan memberi kabar gembira kpd org mukmin yg mengerjekan kebajikan bahawa mereka akan mendapat pahala yg besar"

BUT, world of course has a lot to offer in term of pleasure..and earth's "colloid osmotic pressure" seems to be so strong it sucked us to live in it's fantasy full of pleasure. Because sometimes, when we're healthy, wealthy, and happy we tend to forget things especially doing good deeds. Fitrah. And more to it, Syaitan.
But shall we not worry at all about it, coz once we're doesn't mean we're bound to be drowned for ever..coz door towards taubah is always open so wide welcoming us. Just seek for God's forgiveness..and repent. InsyaAllah we'll be forgiven, coz in Islam there's always a chance..not only second but thousands n even more..providing, we really do feel remorse for the wrong doings we've done.

However must we bear in mind, From Al-Isra' ayat 8;
"Mudah-mudahan Tuhan kamu melimpahkan rahmat kepada kamu, tetapi jika kamu kembali (melakukan kejahatan) nescaya Kami kembali (mengazabmu)...."

And sometime at some point, bad things happen with hikmah. The worse event in our life can turn out to be the turning point for us to be a better person. I remember a saying; "When the world pushes u to the ground, u're in the best position to pray" (sujud)..Given that we have patience. (And of coz, it's not easy) No doubt that's the principle. As mentioned in the Quran;

Surah Al-Baqarah verse 153,
"Wahai org-org yg beriman!Mohonlah pertolongan (kpd Allah) dgn sabar dan solat. Sungguh, Allah beserta dgn org-org yg sabar"

Indeed, Quran got everything we need :)
Quite a few verse frm surah Al-Isra' is becoz today's circle was mainly ofcusing on the interpretation of that surah.
This is for my reminder. Just sharing.
"Sampaikanlah walaupun satu ayat.."

Friday, 17 October 2008

sCreW lonGgaR keRana yOga...

It's not like im into yoga now..but yesterday was my very first experience doing proper yoga with proper (pregnant!) hear me out.

Well, I suddenly felt like trying to do yoga, so i joined my 2 othr frens to yoga class hosted by Q-Active for an hour. Of course i was excited at first! But after the class thing im so sure about was, Yoga wasn't my thing. It was the slowest exercise ive ever done. No sweating wutsoever. Of course, it tested the flexibility of our vertebrae as well as the stretching degree of our muscle fibers..n i also luv the part when it demands our full concentration on our current being. Sort of freeing our mind frm anything else.Nice. But i jst don't hav the patience to bear all super-slow movements.

The instructor kept saying frm time to time...move slowly, without slackening..i did it. But i didn't get the refreshing feeling frm it which is wut i seek in every exercise i do. Of course full cardiac workout like aerobics or any othr sports are tiring. But they're all refreshing. Well, each human is different. As of for me, i prefer something that requires agility, alertness and quick movements. Also not to forget, fun!

The theme for our yoga class yesterday was strength with ease..
Yoga poses or asanas stress on breathing techniques as well. To begin with, we were first asked to relate the root of breathing with it's depth(deep or shallow) n pattern(fast or slow). So to relax and concentrate, we're asked to breathe from the centre of abdominal area i.e belly button/umnbilical in an anatomical supine position i.e lying down flat facing up.
Then we slowly moved from one asana to another. The few asanas we managed to complete yesterday includes:

1.Adho Mukha Svanasana--> Downward facing dog which involve standing, mild flexion of the trunk with bums up and the palm pressing the earth.
2.Ustrasana--> Camel pose which is beckbend.
3.Ardha Chandrasana-->Half moon pose involving standing and balancing.
4.Urdhva Hastasana--> Raised hands while standing pose.
5.Uttasana-->Standing forward bend to stretch and lengthen the hamstrings.
6.Virabhadrasana 1-->It's called a warrior 1 pose, i have no idea why. Basically bending our right knee over the ankle forming right angle, bringing arms up then slightly backbend.

Those are not all, there's a lot more but cudn't bring my self to look 'em all up.
For those who enjoyed Yoga, i respect u!(^_^)

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

tHe goOd oLd daYs..

From left: Me,ainarus,wani, and jan

I was browsing through my photo collection..planning to hang some on the wall..then i came across of this very recognizable pic ..n so it dragged me to recall back the time frame when the pic was taken..

It was our very last day at school...the night after bio paper(final paper) if im not mistaken..kind of our very own raya celebration..only US, the pioneer were around at that time (cz it was spm period, othr students were on holiday) it brought back the memory of being the only batch present which was when we first came in yr 2000..hehe ok2 get bck 2 the raya celeb after bio ppr,the hall was full of joyous laughter n sparkling smile!it definitely was coz we jst finished our SPM!Hurm..i dont wish to turn back time..but i jst wish i can be as carefree as before..come to think of it,mayb coz back in skul, i lived 4 the present,nvr think soo much bout any othr thing..i studied happily, i mingled happily..and etc..not to say im not happy now but it's jst that..erghh very difficult to describe lah..i wonder how i stayed up late at night last time to revise for spm HAPPILY without complaining..coz i complaint a lot now!i hate myself for that..but sometime it jst cnt be helped..mayb cz the environment has changed.
oops ive deviated way off the main topic here..hehe

owh yes speaking of staying up late for revision, i miss studying ramai2 at the study room after lights off..then went upstairs either continue studying with limited amount of light coming frm the corridor or gossiping!..i remember there ws one time during Ramadhan, i stayed up all nyte!(diz one was after i moved to the tiny lil room at the end of the corridor with nadia)...i wasn't panning to, i think but it ws becoz there were 2 othr creatures sleeping on my bed!..Jan n Aimi kot x silap..or was it Nadia n Aimi..haha they were sleeping so soundly i cudnt bear to wake them up..but after sahur n subuh i remember i didnt feel sleepy was only mid morning i cud get to bed..very zombie!it was the first n last time i ever stayed up all nyte revising!n up til now i dare to say that it was also the most peaceful study time i ever had..(i wonder how come i didnt afraid of staying up alone?!)so thnx to them both actually..hehe

ok,im so sleepy already..till then.

Monday, 13 October 2008

ape-ape la labu...

i think twice b4 i wrote this entry..whether it's appropriate to hav it in here but after giving some thoughts, i tink i shud pour it out in here since this is my site..i cn write wutever i deem suitable to write..or wutever i feel like writing here it goes!

im in my uni's msian society committee..jst now he had a meeting discussing bout our upcoming event i.e Deeparaya(i knw Diwali is like 3 weeks away) celebration n notts game..apparently the meeting time was kept changing b4 diz n has only been decided like last 2 days(or ws it yesterday i cudnt recall) a loyal n flexible member of the team(haha!) didn't even occur to me that that such trivial matter cud be a reason for an immediate resignation notice!
The main reason given were;
1. She cnt stand the way all of us keep changing time for meeting (!!) -->she said we shud hav given a 3-4 days notice b4 changing meeting time(wut the H wey?)
2.Felt unvalued as a com members coz it has been twice dat she ws uninformed about some meetings n changing of time...(grrr..)
3. We hav meeting like sometime twice a week--->apparently she cnt giv her everything to diz soc since she's also the head of some othr BIG societies..(wuteverrrr)

Lame la weyy..!
1.The meeting time ws kept changing becoz 2 accomodate the other com member as well..we need everybody to be present for certain meetings..esp 4 NMG,dat's keep changing the time so everybody cud attend..wut 3-4 days notice??!it's emergency n urgent FGS!not evrything goes as planned...furthermore, jst nw ws the very first time she brought this up..if she ever felt uncomfortable with the way all of us plan or run our meeting..cudnt she jst let us knw earlier so we cud do something about it rather than jst walk(or run if dat's better) away!!The way i look at it..dat's sooo unprofessional n irresponsible!She cnt get it why the othr 6 of us cn get along with that style of handling things...gosh!it's her prob dat she cnt cope with that..eventhough she has othr big socs to run,but she has promised to commit during the election manifesto!if the othrs cn be flexible despite of all othr engagements..why cnt she??? pls3 dnt ever expect thingss 2 always go all as planned!
2.Why hav to expect special treatment of getting txt invitation to all meetings??we hav the YG..dat's where we discuss everything!it took forever to get her join the group n then why so quiet in there??never a single word frm her!It's a loss to the president n secretary then that they hav to always txt everybody to confirm attendance for evry single meeting..why wasting othr ppl's credit!(dat's so unprofessional??but dat's the fact sorry)it's in the constitution that unis email add is the official one to be used as means of communication??(Ppl,is that even relevant to be an excuse??!)all of us have agreed to set up the YG,n she said she read all of our emails in there but why still complaint bout not getting the meeting details when we've posted up evry single thing on the YG???And most importantly why bring it up just now n then resign!where goes the so called professionalism??Immediate notice of resignation u c...but still wut?participate in organising the NMG thank u partyn deeparaya?THANK U so much laa!! cn't attend nmg coz it falls on her birthday!let alone her contribution for the game!
3.This part really pissed me off..why cnt jst frankly tell us that she cnt giv 100% to nms?we're having meeting more than once in a week jst when there's a need for it..not becoz we love to meet each othr an talk bout nms!she think we like it so much??we definitely got othr work to do..but being in the com,dat's also mean giving our full commitment of getting the job done no matter how much time we ought to spend for it..we'll be meeting each othr more regularly when it's nearer to nmg..but why cnt she get it???it's not like every week we hav to hav meeting anyway..if we dnt hav any event in any particular month then there's no need to hav a meeting..but now,things r quite deal with it,why blame us when she herself cnt cope with loads..

in the end, we jst said..."we respect ur decision"...wut else cn we do?in my opinion, a true, sincere n committed member won't mind soo much ovr the time they spent for the soc,n won't be very calculative ovr the wut's matter is happiness, joy n experience of contributing something for our own ppl..when we dnt put our heart in doing something,we'll jst kill our time with nothing in return..

ok i hav way tooo much drama for today...n that's it!im off!

Sunday, 12 October 2008


**last summer..**
lucky im in luv with my bestfrens
lucky to have been where i hav been
lucky to be coming home again..

lucky we're in luv in every way
lucky to have stayed where we hav stayed
lucky to be coming home someday..

courtesy: jason mraz ft colbie caliot - lucky

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

hisTory taKinG..riGiD,no?

Well, I just got back from my hosp ws the first for this term n we were practising abdominal usual, we finished early..kinda dull today..but on the othr hand, learned lots of stuff as well..

History taking is said to contribute about 80-90% of the here, i jst wanna share how we're taught in taking patients' medical history n how they do it here in uk..coz im not sure how it's done back home..assuming it's pretty much similar though(universal??)

Basic framework of medical interview

1. Greetings & consent ---> building rapport with the patient
2. Demographic info ----> name, age, job
3. Presenting problem ----> symptoms
- E.g Pain : severity, onset( sudden/acute/chronic), character(sharp shooting/dull), radiation, frequency/pattern, duration, relieving & exacerbating factors, associated features
4. Associated symptoms
5. Background info/Risk factor ---> family history (FH), social history (SH-smoking n drinking), drug & allergy history (DH), Past medical history (PMH)
6. Effect on patients ( in daily routine etc)
7. Patients' belief & expectation ---> Ideas, Concerns, and Expectation

Well that's it..sometimes i do feel it kinda rigid, u knw like hav 2 follow the framework every time. But then i realise, it's not the matter of getting it in order, but it's the matter of getting it right..coz in reality it might not go that way coz patient cn sometime deviate us to their personal story or some of the info might have already in the record..still, it's gud to have the framework n it's order in mind so the interview will be more organised and won't be confusing the patient of us keep coming back n forth..but to as a new comer like me..we cn sometime be too 'tied up' with the question hence making the history taking looks like a "job interview" or something..esp during the osce!!it's like we're rushing the patient to fill up the checklist we hav in mind...well it's only 5mins though in definitely we need to rush things dwn..but in real interview..really need more practise so i won't be missing anything..

Friday, 3 October 2008

faTteninG ur self?

Here's the highway to it..

Wut's more fattening can u do than having the whole lot a bucket (or is it a pile?) of choc for urself??