Sunday, 10 July 2011

yellow is the new black

Hari ini dalam sejarah: 090711! Wonder how will BERSIH 2.0 be depicted in Sejarah text books for the later generation. Anyhow, i jst cnt help but want to make a post bout bersih. Getting its updates online, watching youtube videos and photos from facebook left me in awe and heartbroken as well! Proud of the msian who're not selfish-to think tht they shud jst live quietly, feed and raise their family 'well'. Sad with how the police handled the crowd!

Below are some of the photos i lifted from bersih 2.0 official facebook page. enjoyed reading some of the funny comments as well!lol

the guy in yellow and those two in the uniform are probably of the same age. but whats different eh?

the guy is clearly armless,why need 4 cops handling him? n why need to be so brutal? jst cudnt understand!

even a kid was arrested!

those ppl understand the 1Malaysia concept more than the one who introduced it

thank you nenek!

forget bout the apco thing a bit. but the picture surely speaks for itself. whats different is jst tht on the right, they're frm different religion. but on the left, theyre both muslim!

last but not least, my favorite picture of all..jeng..jeng..jeng..

if only there's bumblebee.....hihi^^

i think if it's not because of the useless roadblock, water canon and tear gas, the rally would have been very peaceful!!

P.S; baru rally nak mintak fair election je pun..bukan mintak duit or nak topple mereka!pelik..pelik