Sunday, 11 October 2009

how to enjoy labwork for dummies

like me..eheh =p

n i dnt hav the answer either. so those who hav the manual pls do let me knw.

hurm..labwork 4 me is not tht bad..only if i dnt hav to do it all yr round la kn..coz kt lab, ppl jst do their own job..not talking to each othr pn..n wht more, im quite lampi when it comes to numbers. ..hence i neeeed that huge GDC of mine. owh yes the dilution calculation first time doing the 'real' situation calculation, i was like..blank. completely. i wonder wut ive been doing with my 7 IB chem n A1 spm chem.cikgu mintak maaf..^^

labwork=cooking kah?i dont think so..w'pun u hav the recipe for cooking n protocol manual for labwork, it's jst not the same kot. sbb when cooking, we cn campak2 stuff n jst make it edible. tp labwork, if we miss one thing or put the wrong solution, the cells die n project pn entah ke mana. so mayb baking suits better la.haha.