Monday, 31 December 2007

highlights of 2007 (^ ^)

hurmm...without even realising it,2morrow will be a new beginning for;s 2008 man!!well for feel quite content for year 2007..alhamdulillah i got most of the things i desired..n 07 also is the highlight of my youth la coz i turned 20 diz year!!the treshold of grown-ups..hehe..:) feels weird but gotta accept the nature rule..
and here r some highlights of the year:

1. i graduated IB with flying colours result!!43!im soooooooooo glad n grateful,didn't expect it at all..Thanks Allah
2. i flew off to UK and enrolled in medical school!!one of the dreams comes true :) still a long way to go..but there's always a beginning for each journey rite..n im soo happy on how i begin my journey in becoming a doctor..hopefully this is the best path for me..yosh~

im contented enough with those 2 big life events happened 2 me..
im thankful with what i have..but as a normal human being, of course i long for more..more happiness..more love..more smiles..more knowledge..and i'll never ever give up in finding the true roots of contentment in life..

speaking of love..ermm no comment..hopefully 2008 will shine me a glowing heart ^^
say no to hatred..say 'on' to heart:)

frankly speaking..i dont really feel the heat of new year..dont know y but mayb because im kinda bz with my revision for exams?wuteva it is,i know i shud have new resolution..
i just went through my blog during new year 06!!time flies soo darn fast..i was once soo excited to enter a new year..reallly looking forward to be in a new year..but since when i become like this??so not 'in'..
but wuteva it is..i still have lots in mind..
i'm thingking of..

wut will happen next?..
how my life is going to be?..better or worse?...
will i score the forthcoming medical exam?..
can i survive medical course?...
can i mingle well with my course/groupmates?...

will people like me or ahte me??..
will my dream come true?...
what kind of trouble i will face next?.....hah?
who will be my new frens?...
will i be loved by someone i fancy?...
will i be a better person as i wish?...

soo many question marks..yes life is unpredictable n full of question marks..strive hard fiqa!!
(^^)Ooouhh 2008....

Thursday, 27 December 2007


control ur whims,
shift ur paradigms,
enter a new beginning..

that's the tagline for this year's winter retreat in loughborough took place on 17-19 december 07..
was soooo excited and happy gotta meet my kmb frens again there!!thanx 2 the prog,becomes closer with them i think..well the prog was good,full of improtant and useful substance..just that some of the talks r kinda boring..depends on the people giving the talk perhaps..but overall impression,the prog was fab coz it managed to help open up my 'eyes' bout live and life as a real Muslim..

well..m trying my best..May Allah gives His blessings..

Thursday, 13 December 2007

review surgeryy...~~

well,i like how the title sounds..ahaks!inspired by today's class actually. We had PH n MBM review surgery class today..PH was so helpful i would say coz i haven't started my review at all so having the class just now of course kinda giving me a brief picture on wut i have to revise which basically everything?For MBM,nothing much really but still it was a good reminder.

But earlier in the morning, we had our first hospital visit. Sooo darn grateful i got mine in QMC!spesifically in respiratory unit.Our tutor which is Dr Simon just gave a briefing of hosp etiquette and what is it like in hospital.Then we also got to interview patient in ward D57. i partnered with anis we interviewd, no chatted with a 63 yr old man Richard. He was so nice and friendly,was so fun chatting with him. Brief of his history:
-living alone with wife, have 1 daughter who works as embroidery designer
-retired (b4 diz worked as technology technician)
-got chest pain n breathlessness started around 40 months ago
-thought it was a normal chest pain due to healthy lifestyle,normal cholesterol level,b.p etc
-admitted to hosp but then released
-still active playing table tennis in tournament n all
-then got breathlessnes again + indigestion + cushing pain on chest till both arm
-now been admitted 4 nearly 2 weeks waiting to be transfered 2 city hosp
-doesn't like hosp food(who does???)

alot more actually but that's the important part i suppose^^
few learning outcomes:
-symptoms for an illness might varies in different person
-talk more!get interview structured..dnt just jump frm one thing 2 another..

Sunday, 9 December 2007

almost done with sem 1!!

besides from being in bed, i spend most of my times on front of my comp but still too lazy too update this bad!

i just realized how fast time almost done with first sem yo!next week is winter break and right after is my exam..finger cross!can't wait for holiday, Duo-ying's gonna come over and i'll go to PMS in Loughborough then there's an Eid celebration before me heading to Turkey!!then Nadz's gonna come over and then want it or not, i really have to lock my self up to preapre for the forthcoming exams.So that's my holiday plans. But we human plans, only God grants.

well for this weekend, i didn't plan to go out since i think i better prepare a little bit before enjoying my holliday somewhere else.But just now, my foster bro n sis invited me for a luncd outside. They're my savior for today!!coz kinda boring being in the room the whole day yesterday so was hoping someone would ask me out or something.We went to a Pakistani restaurant somewhere in Sneinton(that was the name of the area if im not mistaken). The Roti Nan was fab!!and the mango lessi(juice) was sooo darn sedap k!!ergh,kenyang abes! tahnx loads to them!And now, im trying to avoid having dinner coz i can still feel the stuffiness of my stomach.well, half of it because im kinda lazy to cook today.hehe^^