Wednesday, 31 December 2008

happy birthday to ayah & ibu =)


Mr and Mrs Yazid, both of them born on the 1st January. Now tell me, is that a coincidence or jodoh dari kayangan??hehehe..

Being the only daughter in the family, i always get their full attention..huhu my dad hardly says 'no' to wutever i want..(even though sumtime it does took him forever to realise the thing i ask..n kdg2 when the thing is so impossible pwn ayh akn 'yes' kan juge..haha saba je lah..but i get the cue la whenever i ask for his permission n he's contemplating between yes n no, then better not do it la) the least he'll say is, "alaa nantila/sabarla sayang.." also,always a yes to wutever i say too as far as i remember la..he's always on my side,n me always on his =) whenever that happens, my dad will go like "of coz im on her side, she's my daughter" (with the word daughter so pekat mcm slang indian)..n that really piss my youngest bro off soo much..n he'll go like "mulalah tu ayh tu akak balik je..semualah 'daughter' dia"...haha hav to admit it's fun to see him jeles like that..hehe that's y i always be the middle man between my parents n the othr 3 jejaka (my othr 3 adik-bradik)..coz as they put it, "ayah ape2 akak ckp je cair.." hahaha!! But Alhamdulillah the trust they hav in me, i knw the boundary. And the mom, i tink she loves my big bro more than all of us!hahaha..but she's the one who'll put aside our favourite fud/chickn parts whenever we weren't around 4 lunch or dinner..her cooking is still the best in the whole universe..i wonder betulke pepatah dimana tumpahnya kuah kalau bukan ke nasi?if so, then mayb my cooking will be kebaboom jugakla in a few yrs time ke?hehe..but wut if kuah tertumpah kat ats lantai?isyh! owh n more bout ibu, she'll listen to all the fuss i make about my daily life..n will get worried over almost everything?n she's the one jgk yg soo alert who'll notice any difference in me even the tiniest bit like the thickness n length of my hair or whther ive gained weight, or if ive sabun my ears..u knw things like tht..n she'll fall sick first b4 i do..mayb that's wut they call mom's instinct kot. But dulu2 (zmn mude2 la) i often got into argument with her jugak..n whenever i merajuk n locked my self in my room n nanges sorg2..ayah's the one who'll knock on my door n bring me back the quantum of solace :p..rase dah lame plak x merajuk..hahaha

im missing home..miss to be in one room with them all the whole family, sharing the same bed talking laughing n teasing..adehh~

ok2 b4 mood blaja ke laut dalam, i better get back to my anatomy..adios~


Busy Boycotting? Donating? Signing petition? Doing demonstration? Writing letters to your local MP? Don't forget the hidden forte, do'a..

Habib Ali al-Jufri, a paragon of the Hadhrami from the noble lineage of Rasulullah s.a.w advises the Muslims in general to read the following for the sake of the oppressed Muslims in Gaza (from Al-Qur'an, Surah al-Imran, 173 - 174):

To read once : Photobucket

Men said to them: "A great army is gathering against you": And frightened them: But it (only) increased their Faith: They said: "For us Allah sufficeth, and He is the best disposer of affairs."

Then to repeat :
(450 times ideally, or at least 70 times, every evening)

Then to finish by reciting once : Photobucket
And they returned with Grace and bounty from Allah: no harm ever touched them: For they followed the good pleasure of Allah: And Allah is the Lord of bounties unbounded.

Allahumma ameen. Allahumma ameen. Allahumma ameen

Sunday, 28 December 2008

hari bergusti..ker hari berkotak?

Boxing Day in England is regarded as a "shopping holiday" associated with the after-Christmas sales which is on the 26th December. On that day, most of the shopping complexes and retail outlets will have a massive price reduction.

Last yr i was in Istanbul during boxing day so didn't get the chance to experience the havoc.
So last friday, i was in London with 11 othr frens..semua dgn semangat waja to feeeel wut it was like to shop in London on Boxing Day. Apalagi, our target was definitely Oxford Street. Some says some shops open as early as 5am!And that includes NEXT!!Some also says that the street got real crowded starting from early morning!With that in mind, we went off at 5am!!Adoiilaa..

When we reached Oxford Street..most of the shops were still close. And unfortunately, one of us got the wrong info, NEXT will open at 5am on the 27th..not 26th! Grrr...!Wutever it is, there's already quite a few ppl walking around..probably those were the 'naive' n silly strange ppl who were on the same boat as us. And surprisingly, there's already a long queue outside the Selfridges & Co.!Weird iznit? Owh those ppl really didn't hav anything better to do...(ckp kt diri sniri jugaklah tu..hehe) =) It was cold..n i ws sleepy n starving!Off we went to have breakfast at McD...then around half past 6, we went out again to see if the no. of ppl on the street hav increased. and yes it had!And guess wut, we cud see another looooooooong queue outside Debenhams store..!Apalagi, we joined the crowd-la! We were let in by the security guard exactly at 7.As the name suggest, Boxing Day really is a day utk bergusti..survivor of the fitters!haha.. It was darn packed mcm sardine inside almost all the stores lah senang citer!Even on the street! It took me n Nad almost an hour queuing just to pay for one dress in Zara!When i reached MNG, Miss Selfridge n Topshop...all the "favourites" item were already gone..especially the small sizes one. The one left were all the sisa-sisa bit yg harga x berapa murah dah n size L ke atas..even if there were any, sah2 butang tercabut, kain koyak ke cz byk bertaburan on the floor. (At least end of year sale kat Sogo baju tak all over the place!)And the shelves kat Guess section in Selfridges&Co were empty!!(Adela tinggal 1 ke 2 handbags yg x best dah) Erghh....crazy..Adding to the madness, Sarah n Wani fell over aftr being pushed by the crowd when they're trying to rush entering River Island right aftr the door is opened at 9.

I can somehow understand how ppl cn get so agitated about it..But when it gets too crowded i kind of became demotivated and lost the mood to shop. It jst feels so air, no space n no time to think! It is somewhat a good experience though..hehe Now i knw how to mentally n physically prepare myself for nxt year's boxing day.(^_^)

Saturday, 27 December 2008

thE ghoSt sTorY....

Anyone from boarding school must have been veryy familiar with ghost stories being passed on from one batch to another. From jst a ghost myth until the real encounter with the real thing, boarding school students sure know alot bout it. 5 yrs in boarding school, i did once see histeric person right in front of me. But Alhamdulillah mintak dijauhkan tuhan i never experienced seeing the real thing with my own naked eye. (Teringat the best thing watching Thai ghost story kat bilik tv when we got to jerit kuat2 beramai2 ngn peluk beramai2..lawak2..)

During my stay in London (few days back or was it yesterday?) we stayed in a hostel at Kensel Green area. And guess wut, our room was right next to this one huge christian cemetery! So on the Boxing Day eve (while the Mat Sallehs having their Christmas party downstairs), tah mcm mane someone brought up a story bout ghosts. So it brought back the "boarding school" by one stories were unveiled. 12 ppl in one room sharing the goosebumps..haha i tink most of the stories we heard on that nite was frm Temeng about Sains Dungun..frm a real story of a girl with Saka, a pontianak playing basketball in the middle of the late night, seeing a marching squad with no heads to a bunch of students with nothing better to do playing ghost prank on their seniors! As for my skul, some of the stories i remembered are the one when this one fella saw a "ghost" in the mirror aftr brushing teeth. And bout the tasik thing, also bout the "agreement" our ustaz have with the "thing". We also talked bout the "tindih" cases happened back in KMB where Sarah n Azie themselves have experienced.

When it's late, we decided to call it quits..everyone's got tired already..(sbenanye takot gile) n also we needed to get ready for boxing day the next day! Before going to bed, kena la buat "rombongan" ke toilet since sume dah takot...n nisya whose bed was right nxt to the window trus x nk tido on hers so she shared with azie.

The next day, we jst realized that last night was Khamis malam Jumaat...n Azie said she heard something unpleasant while sleeping(like footsteps frm outside our room)..Uuuuuu...


Friday, 19 December 2008

owh cuti winter-ku's been ages since i last updated my blog!kenapelah malas ekk..hurmm..Actually i just came back frm my winter vacation..

Before going off to spain, i went to Cork first. Stayed at Laburnum's House..ade nad,mihah,adilah,aliya n wani. The journey frm Dublin seriously took me forever!Mcm nk gi tumpat! Anyhow, xde la kampung sgt Cork tu..hehee The town was a lilttle bit smaller than Notts je.

Left: The very healthy vacation u knw...cycling gitu!

Right: i seriously didn't finish 'em all

Now a preview of my madrid-barcelona trip..hehe

The bad luck bit:
1. Nad lost her phone..
2. We missed our flight frm Madrid to Barcelona!!
3. We rent out a 5 seaters car for a road trip to Barc..(n there ws 6 of us!) coz the 6 seaters is manual, and also coz we're under 23 so the othr company cudn't rent us theirs.
4. Me n Nad got into the wrong train on our way back to the airport to get Nad's purse. So a 1/2 an hour journey now became 3 hrs or so..:(
5. We stayed at the 6th/7th floor hotel with no lifts, owned by a lonely super-psycho old man n in a dodgy Barcelona area.
6. Almost became the victim of pickpocket!!Hisyh berani makcik tu!!
7. Didn't get the chance to go shoppping at Madrid FO =(

The lucky bit:
1. I checked-in at EMA jst 30++ mins prior to my flight to Dublin..pheuwh!Thank God i wasn't denied to be on board..kalao x,mau nanges x berlagu..
2. Alhamdulillah we arrived safely at Barcelona..after a 600km/6 hours journey..and along the way..we cud enjoy the spectacular panoramic view of the othr side of Madrid!haha!
3. Found Nad's purse n phone!!
4. Very2 lucky tidak terkantoi menyeludup 2 org in that Barc hotel..
5. Were right on time to catch our bus to Girona Airport...

The most frequent phrase we use: "Quanto esto?", "Hola!", "Perdon"
The most frequent meal we had: McD McFish and Maggi! (no idea who win between the two..haha)

Actually there's a lot more..but will write more about this action-packed vacation in Spain later yea..Owh dah kene start pulon exam.......Adios!~

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

tHe wEeKeNd in LonDon

A weekend away from Notts, and away from the loads(as if i hav any!owh yes i do actually..haha) is indeed a bless!Thanks to anisasmairinamaryamsuraiya!This was only my 4th time in London. 1-when first arrived in UK back in 07. 2-A day transit b4 flying off back 2 msia. 3-Thorpe Park..reason being:busy+miskin i suppose..huhu. Here's how the weekend went..

Had class till 5 but TGIF kan!Hopped in the train at 845pm..tergoda dgn the "buffet guy" so we got some drinks n pastries to keep the bellies happy for a while. Reached St Pancreas station at 10something kot..then headed straight to asmamaryamirina's fren's place in Edgeware Rd. Then dozed off!
It was cold outside, but no prob, we were all wrapped up n ready to set off! First, we went off to Portabello Market. Mostly selling antiques stuff, clothings, and handcraft. Frankly speaking, i don't think it was a bargain..well mayb it is to Londeners but surely not to "org semi-kampung", like us Nottinghamians..hehe So the only thing i bought was a pink jumper. After a long walk down the endless stalls, we then decided to move to our next destination which was MSD hall...for lunch!

Man i felt so "Msia"!God the food was amazing!The price was reasonably quite high..Again, considering it's London we're talking about here where striking price is like a trend...n the kekenyangan n kepuasan we felt, it was soo worth it!haha. one keria=50p..adoiilaa..NMG stall pn jual 3 kuih for a pound..haha maka it forced me to forget indulging my self with pulut bakar n that keria..isk3..sob3..nvm!

And then..the seeking of theatre tickets began!Wicked, Zoro, Phantom of The Opera..all the best plays were either sold out, or selling at a price wayyyy out of our budget..So we ended up watching Blood Brothers with a price lil bit higher than our initial budget but yea we still watch it for not letting our selves down if the aim of coming down to London were unmet. It was in Phoenix Theatre. The play was great, we're satisfied n felt good coming out of the theatre. (or not coz "mereka dan keluarga mereka" whom names remain confidential tertumpah air matanya).

Before that, we stopped by at the Trafalgar square. hav no idea of the significance of all those lions wutever sculptures but we just snapped a few photos despite of the super-cold weather.
Then we went to Harrods. Since i need to save up for the upcoming winter hols, i didnt get anything except 4 the Krispy Kreme je yg mampu..lazat nyer,speechless. But then later, everybody got high frm hyperglycaemia. Then we dropped by at the Chinatown to kill time b4 the play.

Tup tup tup it's late we rushed to hyde park where irina's mom stayed. It's a government apartment...I luved it!A typical British building on the outside at a high-end neighbourhood in d middle of the city with a simple but classy interior. Didn't feel like going back to my tiny lil room already after an overnyte there. Grrr! Well, wait for another 20yrs..n i'll be able 2 stay there at a price of only 20 quid pernyte!(insyaAllah...huhu berangannn!)hehe..

We catched the 1045am train..and that marked the ending of our short trip in London...sob3.. BUT, our precious weekend was yet to come to an end..we continued our cuti2 in Notts pula..haha actually jst had lunch in Wagamama..Longed for Japanese food for quite some time already..but no sushi in wagamama..:( I went home feeeling sooo exhausted n threw my self in bed reaaaaaal early n woke up fresh the next morning!

p.s; u lagi pantas rupenya asma!hahaha!

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

patience is a long can we last?

Well, patience is a virtue. Yes we should admit that. And me too are trying my best to keep the emotional side of me from conquering my mind and later, my action. But how long can we last? Patience sometime has its own limit jugak. We're human after all. Trying to live with it, ignore it and deny it. How long can our weak heart stands that? Sometimes we need a break. We do have a choice to choose things we like and dislike. But objectivity does not always work. How long do we have to play the card? How long do we have to put up with keeping our composure right? How long more do we have to pull the string? Tired it is.

Patience. Patience. always what keep us sane. Keep us balanced.
Easier said that done i know. Coz patience is always one-sided. Ignorance much. But to keep being as what we are now and to not spoiling the colour of the atmosphere, we BETTER be patient..

"....Sungguh Allah beserta dengan org2 yg sabar"

Hold back, and relax. Take a deep breath in...and out....then doze off!

p.s; Salahkan hormone.haha.

p.s.s; tiket air asia murah...nak balik msia skarang gak!!

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Reasons to cam-whoringgg =)

Err..why do u think ppl luv taking pics?Frm one pose to another with no clear's jst so difficult to get bored of taking pics!
Well, maybe because of these...

1. Used to have a dream to become Msia's next top model or something but then not physically qualified...haha
2. Therapy, kot?
3. Make full use of those super hi-tech cams on the market.
4. Upholding Nokia tagline "Connecting People"..hehe coz im sure many will agree in saying taking pics strengthens the bond between u n ur frens/whoever ure taking pic with.
5. Memorabilia..
6. Gud way to laugh at ur self
7. Erm sometimes it's just a habit that can't be helped anymore..=D

Hope it make sense? (",)
Here are some of thousands cam-whoring photos i hav in store..hehe

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

dOwN & uP! 8 lagi..!^^

When the whimsy wavered,

We lost. Conquered by the harsh reality.

The fervent hope we built, now shattered.

The garden of ardour we planted, now invaded.

Replaced by a bitter ambiguity.

But hey,

Despair will get nowhere,

Shrink back is not the way.

Dig the heels,

Colour the next steps. Beautifully.

Design the next lane. Pleasingly.

Live the next moment. Earnestly.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

kena tagged dan menge-tag

en haris nun di tokyo telah menge-tagged here it is..i knw i took ages to reply this tagging thing..but doesnt matter kan..

The first one..7 things about me:

1. I luv talking...i really do...n i luv ppl around me to be talkative too..dat's y sometimes cnt stand a too quiet atmosphere..but if im in a bad mood or dislike the environment im in or hav some grudges towards anyone, i'll jst keep quiet..not getting myself involved with anything happening around or wut that person does. i'll be around but switching to "invisible" mode..somethng like that..hahahaha

2. Some says sy tidak berperasaan..i get that alot..hehehe n sometimes i do agree with that too..hehe meaning to say, im not that sensitive in certain things. but im quite sensitive of wut i do to others coz i tink heavily of others' perception. But one thing even if im terasa or anything, i always to keep it to myself..coz im not gud at handling "drama"..hahaha but u wont like it if i burst. huhu..

3. ive always wanted to become a doctor i hav no idea why. but kept it low it at the back of my mind until im in form 3 kot. some of my dreamed occupations are office girl/businesswoman (coz get to wear glamour or fancy outfit to work), wartawan or tv host (coz i luv to talk..), lawyer(again somethng to do with talking..), cikgu tadika like owning my own playskul (i luv cute kids..x cute pn suke jgak..haha), working at an advertising company like designing advertisement n all(coz rase cm cool to get the chance designing n stuff)..hurm tp x penah lak berangan jd suri rumah sepenuh masa kann?haha..

4. im very bad at drawing.......even the bunga bodoh i draw oso luks so seriouslyy!the only thing i proudly draw is copying the drawings frm my anatomy books..i mean im quite satisfied la of my anatomy drawing..or copying if u lyke..(even though some might still muntah with its keburuk-kn)

5. owh at times i can be quite pemalu..hehehehee

6. i dont drink coffee, tea, nescafe or of any sort yg sewaktu dengannye..hardly drink carbonated drinks as well..coz rase cm gas keluar through my nose n ears or any othr opn cavities..but still tolerable.

7. now i luv travelling. so to those with some extra cash n feel like sponsoring someone, dont hesitate to sponsor me traveling ok..? peace!

Tag yg kedua x payah la,sogan den nk take pic of kebusukn n kehuduhan ketika ini..and..the lucky ppl im tagging now are...
-aimi nas
-asma aini
-farah bushy2


Friday, 14 November 2008

conGraTs gEmoOoOkS...^^

The younger bro momoook got 5As in his UPSR!!Congrates2!!
As a present, he urged my dad to get him a PSP console.It's mint green!
Sy sungguh jeless....:( Wutever!

Ayah just got him a form to MRSM n he already submitted the form to SBP..i dnt think he really wants to go 2 boarding skul..And ibu won't be very keen bout it too i tink. O' common, he's a mommy's boy after all!hahaha!


Thursday, 13 November 2008

haRi yG aGk pRoduCtive...!i lyKe...haha

ive got a day off today..xdela productive sgt sbenanye...but im quite satisfied la with how i spent my day today..hehehe
woke up quite late jugak...hehe ( i tried to stay up aftr subuh but to no avail..haha!)
then at 11ish went to library..stayed there with anis til 6pm!had lunch in hosp cafe..n my aim for the day achieved!i rarely do u knw..hehe of coz we had some breaks here n there for snacks, a lil bit of gossips..nyanyi2 sket..smyg n all kan..but overall..okla not bad

then at 6 we went to aerobic class in QMC. ive always loved aerobics!tiring yet so much fun! But wud be even better be if we can hav dancerobics like those back then in kmb..
Habis stretched segala muscle yg ada..!And most importantly
, berpeluh!
Then after the class which ended at 7, we went back to the library 2 continue the 'unfinished' business..haha
Then i went home like at 9ish, did nothing but having my dinner then surfing the nett a bit then sleep!i shud have continued studying i know!but cannot tahan laa..sleepy2 head me

semoga iman dikuatkn pada lain2 hari utk tabah berdepan dgn buku..hehehe

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

nOtTs gaMe 08...a lOnggg daY wiTh miXed feElinG

Notts Game is a phenomenon in UK& joke, it's not a mere sporting event where u win, other ppl lose and the other got injured. Last year i participated as a netball player, and this year i was in the organizing committee. So what's happening throughout the show and what's behind the scene, i witnessed them all. (Well not all but most of them laa)And im loving it!

We've started NMG preparation since May in Msia. That was when we struggled seeking 4 sponsorship, printing volunteers shirt, medal, banners etc. Frankly speaking, i didnt feel the heat of NMG just yet. It just felt like organizing another get together event.That's it. Then school started. We continued the preparation, even more vigorously nearer to the date. The nite b4, i slept at 3ish. Some slept at 4ish doing sepanduk etc! Then the D-day arrived, it was the show time! I didn't hear my alarm clock beeping, and woke up 550ish in the morning! hahaha..!Alhamdulillah it went well with no major complaint or unpleasant situation..wut's more, ppl are very satisfied with it and enjoyed the day!Alhamdulillah sangat2..Then it ended gloriously with the dinner with Deputy of High Commissioner, MSD officers, players, volunteers and the coms. Then i was like, "Is that it?Well, need to get my daily life in place back then"

For this year's NMG, the whole Portland Building was my 'baby'. Yes it was indeed. I was in charged for every single thing in Portland. If it's a mess then im all screwed up. if it's collapsed due to overcrowded then i'll be dead first. hahaha..There's quite a no. of probs in realizing the Msian Food Fest this year, but Alhamdulillah with the supportive coms and co-operative food stalls operators, we managed to overcome it all. For the helping hands from MSD, thanks so much!!And i'm also so thankful everything went smoothly the other day. A MILLION THANKS TO ALL VOLUNTEERS(without u guys, there's no way this event cud be a huge success)AND POSTGRADS!! Also Kevin the Porter, and Mark the Chef. They're very helpful n nice!!And the Runners, we've troubled u guys so much on that day..sori n thank you!!Not to forget, the crowd for making the event merrier!I was so surprised to see Msian queuing to buy Nasi Lemak, drinks frm NMS stall etc!!i really didn't expect this but hey look, we're goooood!! There surely be a few things i missed or overlooked on that day. For any wrongdoings, ill feelings and misunderstandings..I DO APOLOGIZE.

Mixed Feeling
Being part of this NMG, i really learnt alot! i especially learnt that not everyone is the same. Some are easily pissed off and some are easily pleased. To cross path with lots of ppl, i really am feel lucky and grateful. I was so nervous the whole day, hoping and praying nothing would go wrong to the extend i missed my breakfast n lunch. I didnt even knw how the volunteers lunch that i ordered myself tasted like. Thanks to Kak Tim n Kak Fida 4 giving me Nasi Lemak, some choc cakes, goreng pisang n rojak buah. By the end of the day, i was so exhausted i cud barely think straight n keep my eyes open. But most importantly, i was very..very..very happy. That made me forget all the tiredness and hunger!But there's also a few things i regret, i didn't get to exclusively entertain my frens who came ovr frm Ireland, Iqa n Mizah..Sorry!And Nab n Farah frm Bristol, sorry weh laen kali dtg lg sure layanan first class!And other few frens oso..sorry!Then i also met my long lost classmate when we're in standard 6, Melissa for like 5 seconds..isk3..sob3..I said to her later, gimme a sec coz i had to run an errand. Then i just lost her!very sad...

There was twice during the day that i almost fainted hearing some news...1st: When i called Dessi Express asking 4 food 4 volunteers, the owner Ayoob said,"Was it today?I thought the Msian Game is tomorrow" With the nearly shouting voice, jaw dropped and wide-opened eyes i replied "No, it's today!8th of Nov?" After exchanging a few more lines, then he said,"Im joking, they're on their way..will be there in 5-10mins" WTH rite?Lawak yg sungguh tak kena pada masanya.
Then another one, Kevin the porter. I said, "Is everything alright, Kevin?"Then he said,"We need to shut everything down.Just no more, that's it for the day." Again, with the same tone and reaction as earlier i replied,"What?Why??"
"Haha, easy girl..jokin. Everything's alright really. It's good"
Gosh, terima kasihlah sbb kasi lawak selingan pada hari2 seperti ini yerr..!!

Evryone has their own "history" or "story" with Notts Game brings tears to sme ppl, it brings anger n hatred to some othr ppl, it also connects ppl together in every way. And for some reasons, NMG 08 is special to me..i hope it is to u too. Im proud to be part of it, an am honoured to to be working with great Nottinghamians in fruitfully realizing this event. What a great Msian community we are!

With that, let's re-organize our daily life..n STUDY!hehehe :)

Left: NMS drink stall with the hardworking volunteers. Right: With my fellow frens in the com.

Monday, 3 November 2008

yes it's autumn in my heart...:P

Kehkehkeh..pls don't be affected much by the misleading jst suddenly popped outta my mind..n i luv the pic up there. taken when i was on my way to netball practise on sat in highfield. felt so gud to walk dwn the lane on that afternoon. the falling leaves seemed soo beautiful. Luckily there are still some leftover greeny leavy to freshen me up. And the weather was just nice for an outdoor activity esp strolling along some lakesides or something.

But not anymore i's a bit colder now..but the leaves keep falling and a lot more trees are now "naked". The weather gets more n more depressing each day towards the winter. God i dnt like winter. People wrapped in black n grey..From top to toes! Colourful n flowery outfit will just look weird and doesn't seem to blend into the whole picture. No ones on the field n even on the streets sometime. It gets dark frm 4. For Muslims, Zuhur prayer gets really short and no Isha'(or Was it Magrib?cudn't recall laa..) Extremities got numb like almost every time they're exposed. And the gloomy lil cloudy accompanied by mrs windy makes everybody moody. (it rhymes!)..n most importantly...we'll prone to snacking n hibernating with almost a 100% guarantee of weight gain!hahaha..

But...looking 4wd to the winter hols..Plan to go to Barcelona n Madrid..haven't booked the plane ticket though..but insyaAllah la..main attraction there is definitely la....Zara!haha..(wut,u think im gonna say real madrid n barcelona stadium???)if only beckham is still in real madrid..huhu
After that...gotta get my heads down fully geared for the exam! Terus seram sjuk pk psl exam..haha

K till then,wslm.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

6 decades of catastrophe we care?

I went to Palestine Conference held in my uni just now. The talk was great with the astounding speakers like Dr Azim Tamimi and a local MP Ms Bronnes Jenny Tonge. My initial intention going for the talk was to gain more knowledge about the long lasting Palestine issue. Then i began to realize that it's no longer the time to just 'gain knowledge''s time for 'action'!Dnt get me wrong, the knowledge about what's really happening there in Palestine, Ghaza, Syrria, Jurusalem and all the other refugee camps around there are crucial to spark awareness.

One of the speakers, Dr Ghada Ageel..a Palestinian who grew up in a refugee camp in Ghaza. The story of her experience is really full of sorrow. The camp is very crowded, without proper clean water supply, and access to proper education. Her grandma now lives only 15mins from her own village in Palestine. Imagine, u can see ur homeland yet u're denied to be there and live there. But even from the very old generation of Palestinian, their hope to be back in their homeland is still high despite of how bad the current situation is. Quoting her dialog with her grandma (80++ yrs old)..:
SHE: You know how America controls the international law, do you? Then why still have high hopes of coming back?
GRANDMA: The one who'll make us return to Palestine is not America, not Israel, not the Jews or whatsoever
SHE: Then?
GRANDMA: But we will return. There'll definitely be an end to this. Last time, the turk in Europe..where are they now?Then the British Mandate, where are they now?So there must be an end to this as well i believe. If not now, tomorrow, or the day after, and if i don't have the chance, you will and if not, your children will..but i believe WE WILL RETURN.

That's how determined they are. It's been 60 yrs, and the Palestinian still hanging on there hoping and fighting with their very best ability for their rights to live, right to education, right to be buried in dignity etc.

Well, it's even stated in the Quran kan that God has promised us Muslims a winning. So, we're already at the winning side. It's just the matter of time and most

Felt so ashamed jst now. Coz at the conference, the British MP came as one of the panels. She actively involved in fighting for the rights for Palestine land. And there's this one lady from Leicester who have actively fought for this issue for over 30years!Imagine. They're not even Muslims..Yet they also understnd the urgent need of putting this racist discrimination into an end. Well that should be the case actually coz this issue is purely a secular colonial mind setting issue initiated by a Frenchman who wasn't even a Jew! (can learn more bout diz if follow the history behind it). But it's more to it for us since it's our Holy land. It's where our first Qiblat was i.e Al-Aqsa. So it makes sense dat we should care more bout it.

The British speaker mainly talked about "Why nothing's done about it" even though this massacre and invasion are totally against international law. Some points she made includes:
  1. Due to cultural sentiments.
  2. Holocaust. If the west fight against what Israel's doing to Palestine, then the the Jews will argue like "Why can't we do it when you already did it to us?"
  3. Invasion of Iraq. Again, the world will say, " Why America can invade Iraq and not Israel?" or something like that.
  4. The strong, mighty and totally legal Pro-Israel lobby. Strongest one is in America which is the America's Pro-Israel Lobby (AIPAC). they do enormous campaign for politician. And politician who goes against them will be dead meat. And in Britain, the Friends of Isreal (FOI) which is considered as the backbone of MP in Britain political world.
Then she moved into "What can WE do about it?"
She stressed the importance of writing letters to local MP, do appointments discussing what the politicians should do about it. (Well, no comment on my part but i do totally agree with her)

Then they're (someone frm FOSIS) planning to set a massive Palestine issue organization to vigorously do campaign, pressurize local MPs etc. So we joined and hope some good news will come out of it. However, in term of boycotting Israeli products, I don't knw how far it will get us to. Seeing the current economy situation, our daily life revolves around their products. So, kena byk tanye pendapat org2 pakar and up to our stand really jugak kot..dnt knw.

Of course for us who're so used to live in cozy lifestyle and being pampered all the time, it's hard to imagine and to put ourselves in their shoes. But try to, coz we have to.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

kE-busY-aN mElaNda...


I attended Dublin game and Kelab UMNO open hse in RCSI last weekend. But will write bout it later when ive got the pics.

Yes, am very BUSY now...dont get me wrong,i dnt intend to whine..coz i seek this "busyness" my self's bearable and i love it indeed!i know myself very well to the extent of tryinna avoid having too much free time coz i'll end up wasting it to some stupid silly stuff..hehe

It's 10 days to Nottingham Malaysian Game 08!! Im so excited! im in charged of the Msian Food Fest which will be held in portland Ballroom. It's where we have food stalls selling Msian cuisines. Erghh very pening to sort that out. now we've got like 15 stalls..let alone managing the stalls, now i hav to deal with uni's new stupid regulations on bringing own cooked food into uni. Their main concern is; not favoring bad press if anyone ever got food poisoning frm buying food in uni area. Erghh this 'prestigious' uni really knows how to avoid unpleasant public relations. i have no idea whereabout is the care for their students(worrying over wut if they get food poisoning or something frm the stall) in the rank of their concern. Wutever it is, it's almost been sorted out. Just left with sending out my drafted email and wait for being bombarded with questions :)

It's a huge event!Most awaited one in the whole UK& if u happen to be around uk diz nov, do make sure u come to NMG08 yea..Minister of Higher Edu has confirmed his attendance. Sure he'll bring his rombongan. So as Your Excellency, the Msia High Commisioner. Therefore, i wonder which tv station will tag along diz time around..hehe..perlu la mencapap kn diri nampaknyer..haha

Here's the website:
And enjoy the video promo :)

Tuesday, 21 October 2008


Once a week, we girls in my uni will have a sister circle with Sister Fullah (an Algerian) in the prayer room. It's a sitting discussing Quran interpretation. I can guarantee u'll never get bored listening to her advise n tazkirah...the way she convey it is just sooo attention grabbing.
Here I just wanted to share some of the amazing points she made just now. I elaborate the points myself according to my understanding so do apologize if it's not being put together very well.

The very one point that really awakened me was knowing the fact that this one verse in Quran sounds;
"Ya Aiyuhallazi Na'Amanu Wa'amilu Solihat..."
- O' those who believe, and who do good deeds..

Allah didn't leave the verse hanging only til those who believe but continue with the one who do good deeds as well was mainly because IF WE BELIEF, WE OUGHT TO ALSO DO GOOD DEEDS.

Strong belief alone won't do us any good be it now or in the must be coupled with ACTION which is of course good deeds. If we're a true believer, we definitely will potray it in our action meaning to say, in our daily lives. And all the good deeds we do are for our own good, not anyone else. Well, we do do good for others but wut i meant is wut we give, we get back. Same goes to wrong doing, if we do bad things, we'll get the punishment in return or something unpleasant will come out of it. If it's not now and then, maybe later. Hukum Karma or Law of Nature. No one made that up, it's mentioned in the Quran;

Surah Al-Isra' verse 7;
"Jika kamu berbuat baik bererti kamu berbuat baik untuk dirimu sendiri. Dan jika kamu berbuat jahat, maka (kerugian kejahatan)itu untuk dirimu sendiri...."

So, if we learn Quran, read Quran, and uphold Quran as our main reference, we shall also practise Quran, do as we're told in the Quran. Coz we know the best akhlak is our prophet Muhammad's. And Rasulullah SAW's akhlak is the Quran.

A piece of ayat regarding Quran;
Surah Al-Isra' verse 9;
Sungguh, Al-Quran ini memberi petunjuk kejalan yg lurus dan memberi kabar gembira kpd org mukmin yg mengerjekan kebajikan bahawa mereka akan mendapat pahala yg besar"

BUT, world of course has a lot to offer in term of pleasure..and earth's "colloid osmotic pressure" seems to be so strong it sucked us to live in it's fantasy full of pleasure. Because sometimes, when we're healthy, wealthy, and happy we tend to forget things especially doing good deeds. Fitrah. And more to it, Syaitan.
But shall we not worry at all about it, coz once we're doesn't mean we're bound to be drowned for ever..coz door towards taubah is always open so wide welcoming us. Just seek for God's forgiveness..and repent. InsyaAllah we'll be forgiven, coz in Islam there's always a chance..not only second but thousands n even more..providing, we really do feel remorse for the wrong doings we've done.

However must we bear in mind, From Al-Isra' ayat 8;
"Mudah-mudahan Tuhan kamu melimpahkan rahmat kepada kamu, tetapi jika kamu kembali (melakukan kejahatan) nescaya Kami kembali (mengazabmu)...."

And sometime at some point, bad things happen with hikmah. The worse event in our life can turn out to be the turning point for us to be a better person. I remember a saying; "When the world pushes u to the ground, u're in the best position to pray" (sujud)..Given that we have patience. (And of coz, it's not easy) No doubt that's the principle. As mentioned in the Quran;

Surah Al-Baqarah verse 153,
"Wahai org-org yg beriman!Mohonlah pertolongan (kpd Allah) dgn sabar dan solat. Sungguh, Allah beserta dgn org-org yg sabar"

Indeed, Quran got everything we need :)
Quite a few verse frm surah Al-Isra' is becoz today's circle was mainly ofcusing on the interpretation of that surah.
This is for my reminder. Just sharing.
"Sampaikanlah walaupun satu ayat.."

Friday, 17 October 2008

sCreW lonGgaR keRana yOga...

It's not like im into yoga now..but yesterday was my very first experience doing proper yoga with proper (pregnant!) hear me out.

Well, I suddenly felt like trying to do yoga, so i joined my 2 othr frens to yoga class hosted by Q-Active for an hour. Of course i was excited at first! But after the class thing im so sure about was, Yoga wasn't my thing. It was the slowest exercise ive ever done. No sweating wutsoever. Of course, it tested the flexibility of our vertebrae as well as the stretching degree of our muscle fibers..n i also luv the part when it demands our full concentration on our current being. Sort of freeing our mind frm anything else.Nice. But i jst don't hav the patience to bear all super-slow movements.

The instructor kept saying frm time to time...move slowly, without slackening..i did it. But i didn't get the refreshing feeling frm it which is wut i seek in every exercise i do. Of course full cardiac workout like aerobics or any othr sports are tiring. But they're all refreshing. Well, each human is different. As of for me, i prefer something that requires agility, alertness and quick movements. Also not to forget, fun!

The theme for our yoga class yesterday was strength with ease..
Yoga poses or asanas stress on breathing techniques as well. To begin with, we were first asked to relate the root of breathing with it's depth(deep or shallow) n pattern(fast or slow). So to relax and concentrate, we're asked to breathe from the centre of abdominal area i.e belly button/umnbilical in an anatomical supine position i.e lying down flat facing up.
Then we slowly moved from one asana to another. The few asanas we managed to complete yesterday includes:

1.Adho Mukha Svanasana--> Downward facing dog which involve standing, mild flexion of the trunk with bums up and the palm pressing the earth.
2.Ustrasana--> Camel pose which is beckbend.
3.Ardha Chandrasana-->Half moon pose involving standing and balancing.
4.Urdhva Hastasana--> Raised hands while standing pose.
5.Uttasana-->Standing forward bend to stretch and lengthen the hamstrings.
6.Virabhadrasana 1-->It's called a warrior 1 pose, i have no idea why. Basically bending our right knee over the ankle forming right angle, bringing arms up then slightly backbend.

Those are not all, there's a lot more but cudn't bring my self to look 'em all up.
For those who enjoyed Yoga, i respect u!(^_^)

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

tHe goOd oLd daYs..

From left: Me,ainarus,wani, and jan

I was browsing through my photo collection..planning to hang some on the wall..then i came across of this very recognizable pic ..n so it dragged me to recall back the time frame when the pic was taken..

It was our very last day at school...the night after bio paper(final paper) if im not mistaken..kind of our very own raya celebration..only US, the pioneer were around at that time (cz it was spm period, othr students were on holiday) it brought back the memory of being the only batch present which was when we first came in yr 2000..hehe ok2 get bck 2 the raya celeb after bio ppr,the hall was full of joyous laughter n sparkling smile!it definitely was coz we jst finished our SPM!Hurm..i dont wish to turn back time..but i jst wish i can be as carefree as before..come to think of it,mayb coz back in skul, i lived 4 the present,nvr think soo much bout any othr thing..i studied happily, i mingled happily..and etc..not to say im not happy now but it's jst that..erghh very difficult to describe lah..i wonder how i stayed up late at night last time to revise for spm HAPPILY without complaining..coz i complaint a lot now!i hate myself for that..but sometime it jst cnt be helped..mayb cz the environment has changed.
oops ive deviated way off the main topic here..hehe

owh yes speaking of staying up late for revision, i miss studying ramai2 at the study room after lights off..then went upstairs either continue studying with limited amount of light coming frm the corridor or gossiping!..i remember there ws one time during Ramadhan, i stayed up all nyte!(diz one was after i moved to the tiny lil room at the end of the corridor with nadia)...i wasn't panning to, i think but it ws becoz there were 2 othr creatures sleeping on my bed!..Jan n Aimi kot x silap..or was it Nadia n Aimi..haha they were sleeping so soundly i cudnt bear to wake them up..but after sahur n subuh i remember i didnt feel sleepy was only mid morning i cud get to bed..very zombie!it was the first n last time i ever stayed up all nyte revising!n up til now i dare to say that it was also the most peaceful study time i ever had..(i wonder how come i didnt afraid of staying up alone?!)so thnx to them both actually..hehe

ok,im so sleepy already..till then.

Monday, 13 October 2008

ape-ape la labu...

i think twice b4 i wrote this entry..whether it's appropriate to hav it in here but after giving some thoughts, i tink i shud pour it out in here since this is my site..i cn write wutever i deem suitable to write..or wutever i feel like writing here it goes!

im in my uni's msian society committee..jst now he had a meeting discussing bout our upcoming event i.e Deeparaya(i knw Diwali is like 3 weeks away) celebration n notts game..apparently the meeting time was kept changing b4 diz n has only been decided like last 2 days(or ws it yesterday i cudnt recall) a loyal n flexible member of the team(haha!) didn't even occur to me that that such trivial matter cud be a reason for an immediate resignation notice!
The main reason given were;
1. She cnt stand the way all of us keep changing time for meeting (!!) -->she said we shud hav given a 3-4 days notice b4 changing meeting time(wut the H wey?)
2.Felt unvalued as a com members coz it has been twice dat she ws uninformed about some meetings n changing of time...(grrr..)
3. We hav meeting like sometime twice a week--->apparently she cnt giv her everything to diz soc since she's also the head of some othr BIG societies..(wuteverrrr)

Lame la weyy..!
1.The meeting time ws kept changing becoz 2 accomodate the other com member as well..we need everybody to be present for certain meetings..esp 4 NMG,dat's keep changing the time so everybody cud attend..wut 3-4 days notice??!it's emergency n urgent FGS!not evrything goes as planned...furthermore, jst nw ws the very first time she brought this up..if she ever felt uncomfortable with the way all of us plan or run our meeting..cudnt she jst let us knw earlier so we cud do something about it rather than jst walk(or run if dat's better) away!!The way i look at it..dat's sooo unprofessional n irresponsible!She cnt get it why the othr 6 of us cn get along with that style of handling things...gosh!it's her prob dat she cnt cope with that..eventhough she has othr big socs to run,but she has promised to commit during the election manifesto!if the othrs cn be flexible despite of all othr engagements..why cnt she??? pls3 dnt ever expect thingss 2 always go all as planned!
2.Why hav to expect special treatment of getting txt invitation to all meetings??we hav the YG..dat's where we discuss everything!it took forever to get her join the group n then why so quiet in there??never a single word frm her!It's a loss to the president n secretary then that they hav to always txt everybody to confirm attendance for evry single meeting..why wasting othr ppl's credit!(dat's so unprofessional??but dat's the fact sorry)it's in the constitution that unis email add is the official one to be used as means of communication??(Ppl,is that even relevant to be an excuse??!)all of us have agreed to set up the YG,n she said she read all of our emails in there but why still complaint bout not getting the meeting details when we've posted up evry single thing on the YG???And most importantly why bring it up just now n then resign!where goes the so called professionalism??Immediate notice of resignation u c...but still wut?participate in organising the NMG thank u partyn deeparaya?THANK U so much laa!! cn't attend nmg coz it falls on her birthday!let alone her contribution for the game!
3.This part really pissed me off..why cnt jst frankly tell us that she cnt giv 100% to nms?we're having meeting more than once in a week jst when there's a need for it..not becoz we love to meet each othr an talk bout nms!she think we like it so much??we definitely got othr work to do..but being in the com,dat's also mean giving our full commitment of getting the job done no matter how much time we ought to spend for it..we'll be meeting each othr more regularly when it's nearer to nmg..but why cnt she get it???it's not like every week we hav to hav meeting anyway..if we dnt hav any event in any particular month then there's no need to hav a meeting..but now,things r quite deal with it,why blame us when she herself cnt cope with loads..

in the end, we jst said..."we respect ur decision"...wut else cn we do?in my opinion, a true, sincere n committed member won't mind soo much ovr the time they spent for the soc,n won't be very calculative ovr the wut's matter is happiness, joy n experience of contributing something for our own ppl..when we dnt put our heart in doing something,we'll jst kill our time with nothing in return..

ok i hav way tooo much drama for today...n that's it!im off!

Sunday, 12 October 2008


**last summer..**
lucky im in luv with my bestfrens
lucky to have been where i hav been
lucky to be coming home again..

lucky we're in luv in every way
lucky to have stayed where we hav stayed
lucky to be coming home someday..

courtesy: jason mraz ft colbie caliot - lucky

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

hisTory taKinG..riGiD,no?

Well, I just got back from my hosp ws the first for this term n we were practising abdominal usual, we finished early..kinda dull today..but on the othr hand, learned lots of stuff as well..

History taking is said to contribute about 80-90% of the here, i jst wanna share how we're taught in taking patients' medical history n how they do it here in uk..coz im not sure how it's done back home..assuming it's pretty much similar though(universal??)

Basic framework of medical interview

1. Greetings & consent ---> building rapport with the patient
2. Demographic info ----> name, age, job
3. Presenting problem ----> symptoms
- E.g Pain : severity, onset( sudden/acute/chronic), character(sharp shooting/dull), radiation, frequency/pattern, duration, relieving & exacerbating factors, associated features
4. Associated symptoms
5. Background info/Risk factor ---> family history (FH), social history (SH-smoking n drinking), drug & allergy history (DH), Past medical history (PMH)
6. Effect on patients ( in daily routine etc)
7. Patients' belief & expectation ---> Ideas, Concerns, and Expectation

Well that's it..sometimes i do feel it kinda rigid, u knw like hav 2 follow the framework every time. But then i realise, it's not the matter of getting it in order, but it's the matter of getting it right..coz in reality it might not go that way coz patient cn sometime deviate us to their personal story or some of the info might have already in the record..still, it's gud to have the framework n it's order in mind so the interview will be more organised and won't be confusing the patient of us keep coming back n forth..but to as a new comer like me..we cn sometime be too 'tied up' with the question hence making the history taking looks like a "job interview" or something..esp during the osce!!it's like we're rushing the patient to fill up the checklist we hav in mind...well it's only 5mins though in definitely we need to rush things dwn..but in real interview..really need more practise so i won't be missing anything..

Friday, 3 October 2008

faTteninG ur self?

Here's the highway to it..

Wut's more fattening can u do than having the whole lot a bucket (or is it a pile?) of choc for urself??

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

saLam aiDilfitRi~

Dear Muslims,

With Hearty Greetings and All Good Wishes on the Auspicious Day of
Eid, I would like to wish all of you HAPPY EID UL FITR. May this happy occasion brings us more blessings, joy and tranquility in life.

"Minal 'Aidin Wal Faizin" -Semoga kita semua tergolong dalam mereka yang kembali (ke fitrah) dan berhasil (dalam latihan menahan diri)

29th Sept 08 - Me n my frens were break-fasting at Kak Ayu's place..then after a series of filling up our tiny lil tummy, we got a text frm ISOC president saying that Eid falls on 30th Sept..TOMORROW!!(or today dat im writing diz)..we're quite surprised, coz it's rather unexpected n so sudden..most of us hoped it wud fall on 1st Oct..simply to put, we weren't mentally prepared jst yet..then,pasrah. fine, class at 11 2morrow. so wut.

Wutever it is, i ws soo hepi coz we're beramai-ramai having our last iftar 4 diz yr..sgt meriah, didnt feel alone la sng citer..hehe then we went home, preparing some juadah utk pagi raya esoknya..seronok2!

30th Sept 08 - Like the previous yr, Eid prayer was held at sports centre..there ws a sea of Muslims...all over the world!How unique Islam is..festival is not merely a day of fest, but it's also about matter wut u wear, wut language u speak, frm where u come from, who ur fren is, n wut u do..everybody becomes one..SUJUD kpd Ilahi..If this is how it's like in Nottingham on Eid day, i wonder how marvelous it is in Makkah during hajj period..

As usual after the prayer, it wud definitely be a photo session..best2!then, went to boring,i know!but we jst syaed until like 1..then skipped the histology lab n CLS class..(im soo sorry)..but wut to raya mood meyn..hehe

Us frm Notts Uni wishing Salam Aidilfitri to all our family in Msia..sob3 ^^

Sunday, 28 September 2008

thE taSte Of fiRst weEk of teRm

God, Im already in Notts..wut's more,in 2nd yr!still can't believe feels like yesterday i went to medical interview,worrying over offer n all...hurmm...that's how fast time flies..hope ive made the most out of last yr..did i?

We medics already had lectures on our FIRST DAY of term!yes, that was when everybody else in other courses still celebrating their arrival etc...but wut to do...i dnt mind either..coz i knw this course too well to complaint:p
My first week of term is unexpectedly busy..apart frm lectures,DR etc, i got some nms stuff to see through as well..n helping juniors where necessary n duty rota at the freshers fayre..sttling down in a new house also is taking time..but it was enjoyable indeed i figured..looking forward to the rest of my 2nd yr..courseworks seem quite a number...modules also seem tougher..but yeah,im in it so im up to it..

3 days more to aidilfitri!!:)

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

sO lonG, and gOodbyE

My sweetheart,

You shower me warmth when I feel detached

You keep it cool when we’re in stifling mood

You know what I need.. You always do..

Whenever I came to you feeling down

You’ll embrace me tight, locking me from the outer world

See, you’re always there!

But sayang,

What did I give you in return?

My tantrum, my bad habits, my laziness, my nagging

You witnessed it all!

But hey!

I still love you

Does that count?

Owh yes,

I bought sweet present for you too, remember?

Unless some irresponsible fella snatch it from you,

You’ll wear it all the time!..very proudly

I know sometime I neglect you

Letting others to take care of you

But baby trust me,

I never disregard you!

What’s more abandoning you!

The moment has once again arrived

It's the time to bid farewell,

So long, and goodbye..

But I’ll return to you for sure

I swear!

Wherever I go,

How far we parted,

You can never be replaced


The one and only..

My dearly lovely room..(^_^)

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

iT's sTill abOut vaCaTion..

Enough to describe the trip isn't it? :p

**meynn the picture turns out blurr plak**

wHen the meRcy of bEing hEalthy is teSted

I hav sooo many thingss i wanted to write coz it's been a few days since i last wrote in here..but one step at a time,no? :p (currently got hooked by dat song).

I caught a cold last sat n was feeling sooo awful-head like spinning gasing, skull like bursting out, limbs like being screwed n both sides of my nose congested like traffic jam kat KL!Only God knows!And i ws supposed to break-fast with che pah n tikamad on dat day :( but no harm. After a whole day of resting(or sleeping?) only cud i be 'alive' again the nxt day. Alhamdulillah im all better now, except 4 the stuffy nose.

Owh yeah, i just returned from my appointment with ENT doc again jst now to get the allergy test result. Here is wut they got:
1.Total serum IgE level is very low thus indicates a very low probability of an IgE-mediated allergy reaction.
2.And the spesific test for aeroallergens (house dust) shows a very mild positive reaction.
Apart frm that, im free frm any allergy!One thing im so relieved: yeay sume makanan leh tibai!hehee :p

So back to this house dust n mites thingy..erghh, where got a dust-free house?? then gotta live in a bubble la??something i hav to reluctantly accept with an open mind. Things happen with reasons..**trying 2 think positive**
The recommendations given to me includes encasing pillow n mattress with an anti-mite control barrier which is medically designed to prevent mites or other allergens to pass through it to reach one's body..n i was like..WOW!And the price?RM220..again i was like...WOWWOW! seeking gud health 4 a gud cause, we r asked to diligently make an i bought it. Hope it helps. See how it goes 4 a year, if worse come to not sure if im considering surgery??Hurmm..

P.S; Owh yer, i wnted to write bout my vacation in Perhentian Island as well but nxt entry lah kot

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Berbuka lebih 'uumph' dgn SeRunDing DaGing :)

Wut's there with candy floss???it'll only giv us cavity! we Malaysian got our very own special meat floss!but not so gud 4 those with high blood pressure n heart probs..hehe

Serunding daging has always been my favorite dish 4 buka puasa n raya..the dining table'll look "empty" without it..hehe So this time, my mom has decided to make our own homemade serunding..I said to myself "Why trouble?Jln TAR jst buy loh,easy!"That was jst becoz im a lazy bumpy u see :p But my mom insisted n i was like..ok2 fine, it'll be fun though..hehe Here's the super-duper easy recipe:

2.5kg of beef (cut into small pieces)
2kg shallots (cut into thin slices)
coconut milk (about 3 biji kelapa)
chillies (blended)
salt to taste

Err..not to forget, u also need 2 prepare urself a taste of endurance n patience(^_^)

1)Boil the meat until
tender. Recommended duration is about 5hrs.

2) Shred the meat into fine thin slices and set aside. NB:If u unfeignedly shred them with ur fingers like i did, with that amount of''ll probably take 3 weeks. Wut my dad did was smash/knock/whack the meat using this hammer-like kind of thing til it's flat n it'll be much3 easier to shred.

3) Heat up the wok. Combine the coconut milk n all the other ingredients.

4) Bring it to boil and then add in the shredded meat and some salt to taste.

5) Leave it boils until dry. NB:
Stir the mixture well every now and then. ( Esp at the base of the wok so it won't stick or get burnt)

6) Serve n eat well!! :p