Saturday, 25 August 2012

Contemporary Abaya

Salam Lebaran everyone! Maaf zahir & batin :)

Di kesempatan ini, nak promote sikit a humble effort of mine and a friend. We're establishing a new label of abaya/jubah by the name of Ain Al-Sabaa which means; Treasure of the Eyes. The design is simple and most fabrics used are soft linen so it's very comfortable to wear casually or to work. The price for all of our abayas are considerably cheaper than what we already have in retail coz we're very new and at a 'trial' stage. So if you happen to read this, kindly help to promote the site as well =) 

Here is the facebook page: Ain Al-Sabaa
Here is the website:

Some of the abaya collection we have:


For more photos, do visit the links above kay! =D

" Modesty answers not the crude how of feminity but the beautiful why"