Sunday, 13 September 2009

cambodia siri 1 - phnom penh

lagi about my cambodia relief mission 09. jst some pics utk sum up our activities there.

sessi memunggah brg kat Phnom Penh airport..kotak2 yg berlambak2..

at LCCT..thnx to AirAsia for giving us an extra baggage allowance

1. Had a meeting with IMAC ppl..i salute org2 besar sana yg sanggup turun pandang n aktif with this kind of program mcm their under secretary of state (eg mamanda menteri :p) n even the secretary of state.. they do mobile clinics almost every week k!n we're really grateful for their first class hospitality..kitorg je yg berlemak :p n wut's more interesting, they cn join imac no matter course ape pn diorg amek kt long as they're a muslim student. bayangkn, on weekdays, they study engineering, agriculture or wutever n in the weekend, they perform circumcision n do dispensary!

2. We got to also visit an orphanage centre tht's fully funded by UAE. We had lunch there, played some games with the children and also did a dental care demonstration. First time buat activity guna translator..susah jugak rupenya..n coz of the language barrier, we didn't get to interact tht much with the kids. Even so, hand signals mmg sgtlah membantu cam "piece", "good", "yay*clap clap*" etc

colouring contest

distributing ubat dan berus gigi. thanks to ubt gigi Mu'min for sponsoring us. excited btol!

3. apart frm the above 2, of coz keje kitorg melancong la kt phnom penh tu.. jalan2..mkn2..hehe

naek tuktuk! =p

cruising kat sg mekong =)

a short yet insightful session with Mufti Cambodia

melawat penjara regim Polpot

not to forget, buying medicines at the Olympic market be continued

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

never do that, chepal..

i think ive lost interest in blogging..actually there's alot tht i wanted to share about my stay in cambodia but typing nowadays has became so impossible for me..too lazy for tht u see. maybe later la when the weather is clear.(slang kedah sket) yg ni i hav to write jugaklah..i jst cnt contain it anymore tht i wnt 2 shout it out loud if i may. saje nk over je..haha

k jst dnt let anything 2 disturb my train of thoughts for a while..

leaving, walk away n disappear, are these wut legs r for? if u have never been left behind, jst dnt do tht to others. please i beg u. someone u sincerely treasure for years suddenly being invisible and so out of reach..they r around but u cnt reach them..u jst cnt. they jst dnt wnt u anymore.
n u wonder..
"have i said/done something wrong or hurtful?"
"am i tht despicable to be forgotten jst like this?"
"am i tht insignificant?"
wut even more confusing..u jst dnt knw how u're feeling..angry?upset?betrayed?jst which one already?

well people do change. but walking away by leaving others in agony, is tht even comprehensible n sensible?or mayb it's too selfish to ask others to befriend/stay with u..or mayb it's jst one's greed to keep the old memories intact. who knows.

but still, whoever wasting their time reading this, pls..never do that. coz whichever way i see it, my conscience still think tht it jst isn't a right thing to do. no matter how much u've fallen out of love with the person or hate them..jst dnt abandon. there must be a better way. n i personally think, it's ok or less hurtful to let the time decides rather thn we ourselves purposely walk on tht person. eh chop, but isn't tht wut ppl do to avoid someone they dnt like i.e slowly distancing themselves frm the othr end n jst let the time passes in the hope tht they never were to cross each other's path ever again?i dnt knw coz i've never done tht to anyone b4.insyaAllah la.

Allah lebih mengetahui.
one last piece of advise:
treasure those who treasure u. do good to the person nxt to u..coz u never knw when they'll leave u. (haha.isnt tht a bit scary in some ways?) but if tht person really gonna leave u in an inappropriate way, will u regret being good to them then?i dnt think i wud. coz sincerity never change.

anggaplah cerita jiran sy ini stu pengajaran berguna. haha.
selamat menjalani ibadah puasa..change to the better, Ramadhan is the gateway.

btw chepal is means please (like an i-beg-u kind of please)hehehee..^^