Wednesday, 16 January 2008

oficially broke!

Ken from Broadgate rang me just now bout my rent.
Thanks to MARA for bieng considerate over this and agreed to pay the first 4 months of my rent.I have no idea how MARA's going to deduct that from my monthly allowance..

So starting from 1st Feb, i have to pay GBP459.28..
here's some math..GBP 650 - 459.28 = GBP 190.72 (my effective allowance) great!NOT!

But the rent has to be paid up til 1st May only so i'll get full 650 fro june n july..ergh!

Monday, 14 January 2008

exam = dweeb + eccentricity

exam exam n exam..
since standard one til now..i've sat for more than 25 exams..excluding the normal quizzes n unofficial i must be "immuned" to examination already isn't it?but exam keeps giving me headache n mind blow everytime..well not really actually coz i used to enjoy exam..yes it's true!no joke!but lately i dnt knw why,exam seems to be weighting me down..

pls dont fail!
ive stived soo hard to get in here!
maximize this one in a million opportunity!
ergh..dont fail!again..pls!