Sunday, 30 November 2008


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Menate ni meme comel!

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

patience is a long can we last?

Well, patience is a virtue. Yes we should admit that. And me too are trying my best to keep the emotional side of me from conquering my mind and later, my action. But how long can we last? Patience sometime has its own limit jugak. We're human after all. Trying to live with it, ignore it and deny it. How long can our weak heart stands that? Sometimes we need a break. We do have a choice to choose things we like and dislike. But objectivity does not always work. How long do we have to play the card? How long do we have to put up with keeping our composure right? How long more do we have to pull the string? Tired it is.

Patience. Patience. always what keep us sane. Keep us balanced.
Easier said that done i know. Coz patience is always one-sided. Ignorance much. But to keep being as what we are now and to not spoiling the colour of the atmosphere, we BETTER be patient..

"....Sungguh Allah beserta dengan org2 yg sabar"

Hold back, and relax. Take a deep breath in...and out....then doze off!

p.s; Salahkan hormone.haha.

p.s.s; tiket air asia murah...nak balik msia skarang gak!!

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Reasons to cam-whoringgg =)

Err..why do u think ppl luv taking pics?Frm one pose to another with no clear's jst so difficult to get bored of taking pics!
Well, maybe because of these...

1. Used to have a dream to become Msia's next top model or something but then not physically qualified...haha
2. Therapy, kot?
3. Make full use of those super hi-tech cams on the market.
4. Upholding Nokia tagline "Connecting People"..hehe coz im sure many will agree in saying taking pics strengthens the bond between u n ur frens/whoever ure taking pic with.
5. Memorabilia..
6. Gud way to laugh at ur self
7. Erm sometimes it's just a habit that can't be helped anymore..=D

Hope it make sense? (",)
Here are some of thousands cam-whoring photos i hav in store..hehe

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

dOwN & uP! 8 lagi..!^^

When the whimsy wavered,

We lost. Conquered by the harsh reality.

The fervent hope we built, now shattered.

The garden of ardour we planted, now invaded.

Replaced by a bitter ambiguity.

But hey,

Despair will get nowhere,

Shrink back is not the way.

Dig the heels,

Colour the next steps. Beautifully.

Design the next lane. Pleasingly.

Live the next moment. Earnestly.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

kena tagged dan menge-tag

en haris nun di tokyo telah menge-tagged here it is..i knw i took ages to reply this tagging thing..but doesnt matter kan..

The first one..7 things about me:

1. I luv talking...i really do...n i luv ppl around me to be talkative too..dat's y sometimes cnt stand a too quiet atmosphere..but if im in a bad mood or dislike the environment im in or hav some grudges towards anyone, i'll jst keep quiet..not getting myself involved with anything happening around or wut that person does. i'll be around but switching to "invisible" mode..somethng like that..hahahaha

2. Some says sy tidak berperasaan..i get that alot..hehehe n sometimes i do agree with that too..hehe meaning to say, im not that sensitive in certain things. but im quite sensitive of wut i do to others coz i tink heavily of others' perception. But one thing even if im terasa or anything, i always to keep it to myself..coz im not gud at handling "drama"..hahaha but u wont like it if i burst. huhu..

3. ive always wanted to become a doctor i hav no idea why. but kept it low it at the back of my mind until im in form 3 kot. some of my dreamed occupations are office girl/businesswoman (coz get to wear glamour or fancy outfit to work), wartawan or tv host (coz i luv to talk..), lawyer(again somethng to do with talking..), cikgu tadika like owning my own playskul (i luv cute kids..x cute pn suke jgak..haha), working at an advertising company like designing advertisement n all(coz rase cm cool to get the chance designing n stuff)..hurm tp x penah lak berangan jd suri rumah sepenuh masa kann?haha..

4. im very bad at drawing.......even the bunga bodoh i draw oso luks so seriouslyy!the only thing i proudly draw is copying the drawings frm my anatomy books..i mean im quite satisfied la of my anatomy drawing..or copying if u lyke..(even though some might still muntah with its keburuk-kn)

5. owh at times i can be quite pemalu..hehehehee

6. i dont drink coffee, tea, nescafe or of any sort yg sewaktu dengannye..hardly drink carbonated drinks as well..coz rase cm gas keluar through my nose n ears or any othr opn cavities..but still tolerable.

7. now i luv travelling. so to those with some extra cash n feel like sponsoring someone, dont hesitate to sponsor me traveling ok..? peace!

Tag yg kedua x payah la,sogan den nk take pic of kebusukn n kehuduhan ketika ini..and..the lucky ppl im tagging now are...
-aimi nas
-asma aini
-farah bushy2


Friday, 14 November 2008

conGraTs gEmoOoOkS...^^

The younger bro momoook got 5As in his UPSR!!Congrates2!!
As a present, he urged my dad to get him a PSP console.It's mint green!
Sy sungguh jeless....:( Wutever!

Ayah just got him a form to MRSM n he already submitted the form to SBP..i dnt think he really wants to go 2 boarding skul..And ibu won't be very keen bout it too i tink. O' common, he's a mommy's boy after all!hahaha!


Thursday, 13 November 2008

haRi yG aGk pRoduCtive...!i lyKe...haha

ive got a day off today..xdela productive sgt sbenanye...but im quite satisfied la with how i spent my day today..hehehe
woke up quite late jugak...hehe ( i tried to stay up aftr subuh but to no avail..haha!)
then at 11ish went to library..stayed there with anis til 6pm!had lunch in hosp cafe..n my aim for the day achieved!i rarely do u knw..hehe of coz we had some breaks here n there for snacks, a lil bit of gossips..nyanyi2 sket..smyg n all kan..but overall..okla not bad

then at 6 we went to aerobic class in QMC. ive always loved aerobics!tiring yet so much fun! But wud be even better be if we can hav dancerobics like those back then in kmb..
Habis stretched segala muscle yg ada..!And most importantly
, berpeluh!
Then after the class which ended at 7, we went back to the library 2 continue the 'unfinished' business..haha
Then i went home like at 9ish, did nothing but having my dinner then surfing the nett a bit then sleep!i shud have continued studying i know!but cannot tahan laa..sleepy2 head me

semoga iman dikuatkn pada lain2 hari utk tabah berdepan dgn buku..hehehe

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

nOtTs gaMe 08...a lOnggg daY wiTh miXed feElinG

Notts Game is a phenomenon in UK& joke, it's not a mere sporting event where u win, other ppl lose and the other got injured. Last year i participated as a netball player, and this year i was in the organizing committee. So what's happening throughout the show and what's behind the scene, i witnessed them all. (Well not all but most of them laa)And im loving it!

We've started NMG preparation since May in Msia. That was when we struggled seeking 4 sponsorship, printing volunteers shirt, medal, banners etc. Frankly speaking, i didnt feel the heat of NMG just yet. It just felt like organizing another get together event.That's it. Then school started. We continued the preparation, even more vigorously nearer to the date. The nite b4, i slept at 3ish. Some slept at 4ish doing sepanduk etc! Then the D-day arrived, it was the show time! I didn't hear my alarm clock beeping, and woke up 550ish in the morning! hahaha..!Alhamdulillah it went well with no major complaint or unpleasant situation..wut's more, ppl are very satisfied with it and enjoyed the day!Alhamdulillah sangat2..Then it ended gloriously with the dinner with Deputy of High Commissioner, MSD officers, players, volunteers and the coms. Then i was like, "Is that it?Well, need to get my daily life in place back then"

For this year's NMG, the whole Portland Building was my 'baby'. Yes it was indeed. I was in charged for every single thing in Portland. If it's a mess then im all screwed up. if it's collapsed due to overcrowded then i'll be dead first. hahaha..There's quite a no. of probs in realizing the Msian Food Fest this year, but Alhamdulillah with the supportive coms and co-operative food stalls operators, we managed to overcome it all. For the helping hands from MSD, thanks so much!!And i'm also so thankful everything went smoothly the other day. A MILLION THANKS TO ALL VOLUNTEERS(without u guys, there's no way this event cud be a huge success)AND POSTGRADS!! Also Kevin the Porter, and Mark the Chef. They're very helpful n nice!!And the Runners, we've troubled u guys so much on that day..sori n thank you!!Not to forget, the crowd for making the event merrier!I was so surprised to see Msian queuing to buy Nasi Lemak, drinks frm NMS stall etc!!i really didn't expect this but hey look, we're goooood!! There surely be a few things i missed or overlooked on that day. For any wrongdoings, ill feelings and misunderstandings..I DO APOLOGIZE.

Mixed Feeling
Being part of this NMG, i really learnt alot! i especially learnt that not everyone is the same. Some are easily pissed off and some are easily pleased. To cross path with lots of ppl, i really am feel lucky and grateful. I was so nervous the whole day, hoping and praying nothing would go wrong to the extend i missed my breakfast n lunch. I didnt even knw how the volunteers lunch that i ordered myself tasted like. Thanks to Kak Tim n Kak Fida 4 giving me Nasi Lemak, some choc cakes, goreng pisang n rojak buah. By the end of the day, i was so exhausted i cud barely think straight n keep my eyes open. But most importantly, i was very..very..very happy. That made me forget all the tiredness and hunger!But there's also a few things i regret, i didn't get to exclusively entertain my frens who came ovr frm Ireland, Iqa n Mizah..Sorry!And Nab n Farah frm Bristol, sorry weh laen kali dtg lg sure layanan first class!And other few frens oso..sorry!Then i also met my long lost classmate when we're in standard 6, Melissa for like 5 seconds..isk3..sob3..I said to her later, gimme a sec coz i had to run an errand. Then i just lost her!very sad...

There was twice during the day that i almost fainted hearing some news...1st: When i called Dessi Express asking 4 food 4 volunteers, the owner Ayoob said,"Was it today?I thought the Msian Game is tomorrow" With the nearly shouting voice, jaw dropped and wide-opened eyes i replied "No, it's today!8th of Nov?" After exchanging a few more lines, then he said,"Im joking, they're on their way..will be there in 5-10mins" WTH rite?Lawak yg sungguh tak kena pada masanya.
Then another one, Kevin the porter. I said, "Is everything alright, Kevin?"Then he said,"We need to shut everything down.Just no more, that's it for the day." Again, with the same tone and reaction as earlier i replied,"What?Why??"
"Haha, easy girl..jokin. Everything's alright really. It's good"
Gosh, terima kasihlah sbb kasi lawak selingan pada hari2 seperti ini yerr..!!

Evryone has their own "history" or "story" with Notts Game brings tears to sme ppl, it brings anger n hatred to some othr ppl, it also connects ppl together in every way. And for some reasons, NMG 08 is special to me..i hope it is to u too. Im proud to be part of it, an am honoured to to be working with great Nottinghamians in fruitfully realizing this event. What a great Msian community we are!

With that, let's re-organize our daily life..n STUDY!hehehe :)

Left: NMS drink stall with the hardworking volunteers. Right: With my fellow frens in the com.

Monday, 3 November 2008

yes it's autumn in my heart...:P

Kehkehkeh..pls don't be affected much by the misleading jst suddenly popped outta my mind..n i luv the pic up there. taken when i was on my way to netball practise on sat in highfield. felt so gud to walk dwn the lane on that afternoon. the falling leaves seemed soo beautiful. Luckily there are still some leftover greeny leavy to freshen me up. And the weather was just nice for an outdoor activity esp strolling along some lakesides or something.

But not anymore i's a bit colder now..but the leaves keep falling and a lot more trees are now "naked". The weather gets more n more depressing each day towards the winter. God i dnt like winter. People wrapped in black n grey..From top to toes! Colourful n flowery outfit will just look weird and doesn't seem to blend into the whole picture. No ones on the field n even on the streets sometime. It gets dark frm 4. For Muslims, Zuhur prayer gets really short and no Isha'(or Was it Magrib?cudn't recall laa..) Extremities got numb like almost every time they're exposed. And the gloomy lil cloudy accompanied by mrs windy makes everybody moody. (it rhymes!)..n most importantly...we'll prone to snacking n hibernating with almost a 100% guarantee of weight gain!hahaha..

But...looking 4wd to the winter hols..Plan to go to Barcelona n Madrid..haven't booked the plane ticket though..but insyaAllah la..main attraction there is definitely la....Zara!haha..(wut,u think im gonna say real madrid n barcelona stadium???)if only beckham is still in real madrid..huhu
After that...gotta get my heads down fully geared for the exam! Terus seram sjuk pk psl exam..haha

K till then,wslm.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

6 decades of catastrophe we care?

I went to Palestine Conference held in my uni just now. The talk was great with the astounding speakers like Dr Azim Tamimi and a local MP Ms Bronnes Jenny Tonge. My initial intention going for the talk was to gain more knowledge about the long lasting Palestine issue. Then i began to realize that it's no longer the time to just 'gain knowledge''s time for 'action'!Dnt get me wrong, the knowledge about what's really happening there in Palestine, Ghaza, Syrria, Jurusalem and all the other refugee camps around there are crucial to spark awareness.

One of the speakers, Dr Ghada Ageel..a Palestinian who grew up in a refugee camp in Ghaza. The story of her experience is really full of sorrow. The camp is very crowded, without proper clean water supply, and access to proper education. Her grandma now lives only 15mins from her own village in Palestine. Imagine, u can see ur homeland yet u're denied to be there and live there. But even from the very old generation of Palestinian, their hope to be back in their homeland is still high despite of how bad the current situation is. Quoting her dialog with her grandma (80++ yrs old)..:
SHE: You know how America controls the international law, do you? Then why still have high hopes of coming back?
GRANDMA: The one who'll make us return to Palestine is not America, not Israel, not the Jews or whatsoever
SHE: Then?
GRANDMA: But we will return. There'll definitely be an end to this. Last time, the turk in Europe..where are they now?Then the British Mandate, where are they now?So there must be an end to this as well i believe. If not now, tomorrow, or the day after, and if i don't have the chance, you will and if not, your children will..but i believe WE WILL RETURN.

That's how determined they are. It's been 60 yrs, and the Palestinian still hanging on there hoping and fighting with their very best ability for their rights to live, right to education, right to be buried in dignity etc.

Well, it's even stated in the Quran kan that God has promised us Muslims a winning. So, we're already at the winning side. It's just the matter of time and most

Felt so ashamed jst now. Coz at the conference, the British MP came as one of the panels. She actively involved in fighting for the rights for Palestine land. And there's this one lady from Leicester who have actively fought for this issue for over 30years!Imagine. They're not even Muslims..Yet they also understnd the urgent need of putting this racist discrimination into an end. Well that should be the case actually coz this issue is purely a secular colonial mind setting issue initiated by a Frenchman who wasn't even a Jew! (can learn more bout diz if follow the history behind it). But it's more to it for us since it's our Holy land. It's where our first Qiblat was i.e Al-Aqsa. So it makes sense dat we should care more bout it.

The British speaker mainly talked about "Why nothing's done about it" even though this massacre and invasion are totally against international law. Some points she made includes:
  1. Due to cultural sentiments.
  2. Holocaust. If the west fight against what Israel's doing to Palestine, then the the Jews will argue like "Why can't we do it when you already did it to us?"
  3. Invasion of Iraq. Again, the world will say, " Why America can invade Iraq and not Israel?" or something like that.
  4. The strong, mighty and totally legal Pro-Israel lobby. Strongest one is in America which is the America's Pro-Israel Lobby (AIPAC). they do enormous campaign for politician. And politician who goes against them will be dead meat. And in Britain, the Friends of Isreal (FOI) which is considered as the backbone of MP in Britain political world.
Then she moved into "What can WE do about it?"
She stressed the importance of writing letters to local MP, do appointments discussing what the politicians should do about it. (Well, no comment on my part but i do totally agree with her)

Then they're (someone frm FOSIS) planning to set a massive Palestine issue organization to vigorously do campaign, pressurize local MPs etc. So we joined and hope some good news will come out of it. However, in term of boycotting Israeli products, I don't knw how far it will get us to. Seeing the current economy situation, our daily life revolves around their products. So, kena byk tanye pendapat org2 pakar and up to our stand really jugak kot..dnt knw.

Of course for us who're so used to live in cozy lifestyle and being pampered all the time, it's hard to imagine and to put ourselves in their shoes. But try to, coz we have to.