Monday, 28 December 2009

hari bertinju ke berkotak?

w'pun my boxing day diz yr sehari lmbt, tp tetap mantops..kuar frm sunrise smpai ke sunset!best jgk derby, relax je unlike london yg packed mcm sardine..mayb coz it's 27 less crowded..bole bernafas n shopping in our own sweet time..

nk tercabut kpale lutut rase..since arini sunday, kdai sume commence bisnes lmbt i.e 10/11am n tutop awl i.e 430pm...malas2 la org uk ni bekerja..

tp bagos juge, kalo x ntah bape ria lg melayang..hehe

Saturday, 26 December 2009

andalucia parte II - Malaga

We arrived at Malaga airport at around 7pm local hr..then went to pick up our car frm Auriga crown car rental company. They gav us a black volks wagen Polo edition. Initially ours ws something else (cudn't remember wut's the maker) but lps kitorg pujuk2 sket pakcik tuh die cair n bersempena dgn Krismas die pwn kasi r kete lawa tuh..hehehe Then we headed straight to hostel..tambah sesat2 dlm bandar 4 few hrs, Alhamdulillah we finally reached the desired destination. Sebernarnye plan nk tgk Flamenco dance tht night tp sesat lg dlm city so blk mkn maggi je laa^^

The only places we visited in Malaga were the Moorish Alcazaba, its beach, Malagueta and Picasso Museum. Picasso ni katenya was originally frm Spain tp stayed there until he ws 14 yrs old je kot pastu went abroad n never came back. Tp well, ada la jgk darah spain so they're still very proud of him. Under the Moors, Malaga ws considered to be one of the most important port. However King Fernando thoroughly ruined everything after his conquest, and after the full expulsion of the Moors, only very little of its ancient distinctions like gates remained. The terrace gardens we saw today ws frm the restoration done by the gov. Near the Alcazaba ade jgk the half-ruined Roman theatre tp tahla nmpk sign tp x nmpk pintu masok.

the fortress

garden in Alcazaba
a very fine view of Malaga city frm the top of Alcazaba

Picasso museum..utk org yg buta seni like me, agk bosan r
the man-made beach

When the Moors habitated Malaga, apart frm expanding territories, they also concentrated on expanding town on the existing Roman n Visigoth structures. Masa ni la Malaga improved their cultural, constructions n commercial activities. Tp in 11th century, adala rivalry between Moorish nobles families kat Andalusia ni...mcm2 kan? Then Malaga jatoh kpd one of the kingdom Taifas. Taifa ni means kawasan2 kecil coz masa tu Andalusia ni ws no longer under pemerintahan khalifah yg berpusat di Cordoba (ni citer nntilah) so they r divided into smaller taifas with local ruling.

Lps tu berlaku lg mcm2 kisah la which i'll elaborate more on later. The last taifa remained was Granada so Malaga stayed under different Moorish Caliphs in Malaga. Masa ni diorg bina 2 important monuments in Malaga iaitu Alcazaba n the palace, Gibralfaro.(tp kitorg x pegi pwn castle tu).

After Christians defeated the Moors, the Muslim town changed drastically into a Christian town. Mana2 Muslim families who participated on the defense were killed, exposed or sold as slaves.

Sedih kan.....=(

andalucia parte I

Modern Andalucia

jst got bck frm my winter holiday..adela jgk sket drama yg berlaku tp pape pwn tetap besttt!!we stayed in Andalusia for 8 days..2 nights in each stops i.e malaga, seville, cordoba and granada. A brief history of Andalusia;

The Andalusia name is referring to the Arabic Al-Andalus-center power of medieval Muslim-dominated peninsular Iberia. Muslims in Andalusia are referred as the Moors. Prior to this, which ws around the 4th century, Spain was under the Roman kingdom and had became a Christian country. There's quite a few architectural ruins with Roman influence tht we cn still see today like the famous Roman columns which ws also being re-used by the Moors later during their reign. After the collapse of the empire, Spain ws eventually fell under the Visigoth (Germanic). Well, there wasn't much progress in terms of civilization during the Visigothic yrs. They were said to be illiterate, selfish and bloody-minded.

Then aorund 711, Muslim troops under Tariq ibn Ziyad came to Spain through Gibraltar and with the assistance of Visigoths opposed to King Roderick, defeated the Visigoth kingdom in which King Roderic (the Visigothic ruler during tht time) ws killed. And it is said that the name of Gibraltar yg berbukit-bukau tu was given after his name i.e Jabbal al-Tariq. Certain sources also said tht Tariq who ws a Berber ws probably originally a Visigoth. The famous Tariq's address to his fellow armies which i quite like;

"Wahai saudara-saudaraku, lautan ada di belakang kalian, musuh ada di depan kalian, ke manakah kalian akan lari? Demi Allah, yang kalian miliki hanyalah kejujuran dan kesabaran. Ketahuilah bahawa di pulau ini kalian lebih terlantar dari pada anak yatim yang ada di lingkungan orang-orang hina. Musuh kalian telah menyambut dengan pasukan dan senjata mereka. Kekuatan mereka sangat besar, sementara kalian tanpa perlindungan selain pedang-pedang kalian, tanpa kekuatan selain dari barang-barang yang kalian rampas dari tangan musuh kalian. Seandainya pada hari-hari ini kalian masih tetap sengsara seperti ini, tanpa adanya perubahan yang berkesan, nescaya nama baik kalian akan hilang, rasa gentar yang ada pada hati musuh akan berganti menjadi berani kepada kalian. Oleh kerana itu, pertahankanlah jiwa kalian.”

The success of Tariq ibn Ziyad's troop in defeating the Visigoths marked the reign of Umayyad in Andalus. Umayyad dynasty based in Damascus sent in Governor to rule Andalus; the first one ws Musa ibn Nusayr (or 2nd after Tariq as said by some source) and the last one, Yusuf ibn Abd Rahman al-Fihri. Throughout, Muslim conquest had expanded to Cordova, Toledo etc. After Tariq was called back to Damascus by the Umayyad Caliph, Al-Walid b. Malik, he never had return bck to Europe n spent the rest of his life there in Damascus.

During the ruling under Umayyad Gavernor, so many interferences frm both internal n external factors had happened. Gangguan dalaman 4 example in between pembesar2 elite, the frictions were due to differences in opinion, ethnic n cultural background. Externally frm the remaining Muslims' enemy in Spain tht had never wnted to acknowledge Islamic ruling. Nonetheless, pemerintahan Islam terus utuh n berkembang in the entire Europe.

At around 750, Umayyad ws taken over by the Abbasids tht took control of the great Arab empire. Leaving Damascus, the capital of Abbasid empire was in Baghdad. Able to escape frm the Abbasid, Abd Rahman Ad-Dakhil travelled to Andalus and was self-proclaimed as the emir of Andalus continuing the reign of Umayyad independent of Abbasid influence in Bagdad. Abd Rahman I kingdom yg berpusat di Cordoba continued the caliphate system in governing Andalus. be continued ^^

Thursday, 19 November 2009

HoW beautifuL!!

"Most things in life are a double-edged sword"...while they are in favour at one dose or under one condition, they may be disfavour at another dose or under another condition. Sounds very familiar kan??

And this is analogous to what Alexander Fleming (discoverer of penicillin) once said -
if the soil causes the disease; the cure to the disease also lies in it. For example, while Tumour Necrosis Factor (TNF) mediates rheumatoid arthritis, the soluble form of its receptor is used for its treatment. And similarly, while Helper T cell 1 (Th-1) secreted cytokines tht mediate inflammation, Th-2 produces cytokines that supress it. Vice versa, Th-2 secreted cytokines tht leads to allergy, Th-1 produced cytokines tht supress it.

Isn't this perfect arrangement just soo beautiful Subhanallah!Macam org bercinta, dialah racun dialah penawar!heheh!Setiap yg berlaku ada hikmah nya, tak gitu. Sesungguhnya bersama kesusahan ada kesenangan(Al-Insyirah).

Still on the same double-edged sword principle;
acute inflammation is protective to our body but once it lasts too long or becomes chronic, it may lead to diseases like cancer for instance. So on tht note, don't u think that is why we're strongly advised to live in moderation? For example; at one end, salt is needed to maintain the electrolytes balance in our body but if we consume too much salty stuff, there comes hypertension etc. Likewise, gastric acid is needed to help maintains the environment in our stomach suitable for digestion and protective against bacterial infection but kalau kita x jaga like makan x tentu masa n all, tht same acid jugak cn cause gastritis, hakis our stomach lining causing ulceration and in long term may lead to cancer.

Cantik dah susunan Tuhan tu kan!(^_^)

Tu je nk share!=p

Sunday, 11 October 2009

how to enjoy labwork for dummies

like me..eheh =p

n i dnt hav the answer either. so those who hav the manual pls do let me knw.

hurm..labwork 4 me is not tht bad..only if i dnt hav to do it all yr round la kn..coz kt lab, ppl jst do their own job..not talking to each othr pn..n wht more, im quite lampi when it comes to numbers. ..hence i neeeed that huge GDC of mine. owh yes the dilution calculation first time doing the 'real' situation calculation, i was like..blank. completely. i wonder wut ive been doing with my 7 IB chem n A1 spm chem.cikgu mintak maaf..^^

labwork=cooking kah?i dont think so..w'pun u hav the recipe for cooking n protocol manual for labwork, it's jst not the same kot. sbb when cooking, we cn campak2 stuff n jst make it edible. tp labwork, if we miss one thing or put the wrong solution, the cells die n project pn entah ke mana. so mayb baking suits better la.haha.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

cambodia siri 1 - phnom penh

lagi about my cambodia relief mission 09. jst some pics utk sum up our activities there.

sessi memunggah brg kat Phnom Penh airport..kotak2 yg berlambak2..

at LCCT..thnx to AirAsia for giving us an extra baggage allowance

1. Had a meeting with IMAC ppl..i salute org2 besar sana yg sanggup turun pandang n aktif with this kind of program mcm their under secretary of state (eg mamanda menteri :p) n even the secretary of state.. they do mobile clinics almost every week k!n we're really grateful for their first class hospitality..kitorg je yg berlemak :p n wut's more interesting, they cn join imac no matter course ape pn diorg amek kt long as they're a muslim student. bayangkn, on weekdays, they study engineering, agriculture or wutever n in the weekend, they perform circumcision n do dispensary!

2. We got to also visit an orphanage centre tht's fully funded by UAE. We had lunch there, played some games with the children and also did a dental care demonstration. First time buat activity guna translator..susah jugak rupenya..n coz of the language barrier, we didn't get to interact tht much with the kids. Even so, hand signals mmg sgtlah membantu cam "piece", "good", "yay*clap clap*" etc

colouring contest

distributing ubat dan berus gigi. thanks to ubt gigi Mu'min for sponsoring us. excited btol!

3. apart frm the above 2, of coz keje kitorg melancong la kt phnom penh tu.. jalan2..mkn2..hehe

naek tuktuk! =p

cruising kat sg mekong =)

a short yet insightful session with Mufti Cambodia

melawat penjara regim Polpot

not to forget, buying medicines at the Olympic market be continued

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

never do that, chepal..

i think ive lost interest in blogging..actually there's alot tht i wanted to share about my stay in cambodia but typing nowadays has became so impossible for me..too lazy for tht u see. maybe later la when the weather is clear.(slang kedah sket) yg ni i hav to write jugaklah..i jst cnt contain it anymore tht i wnt 2 shout it out loud if i may. saje nk over je..haha

k jst dnt let anything 2 disturb my train of thoughts for a while..

leaving, walk away n disappear, are these wut legs r for? if u have never been left behind, jst dnt do tht to others. please i beg u. someone u sincerely treasure for years suddenly being invisible and so out of reach..they r around but u cnt reach them..u jst cnt. they jst dnt wnt u anymore.
n u wonder..
"have i said/done something wrong or hurtful?"
"am i tht despicable to be forgotten jst like this?"
"am i tht insignificant?"
wut even more confusing..u jst dnt knw how u're feeling..angry?upset?betrayed?jst which one already?

well people do change. but walking away by leaving others in agony, is tht even comprehensible n sensible?or mayb it's too selfish to ask others to befriend/stay with u..or mayb it's jst one's greed to keep the old memories intact. who knows.

but still, whoever wasting their time reading this, pls..never do that. coz whichever way i see it, my conscience still think tht it jst isn't a right thing to do. no matter how much u've fallen out of love with the person or hate them..jst dnt abandon. there must be a better way. n i personally think, it's ok or less hurtful to let the time decides rather thn we ourselves purposely walk on tht person. eh chop, but isn't tht wut ppl do to avoid someone they dnt like i.e slowly distancing themselves frm the othr end n jst let the time passes in the hope tht they never were to cross each other's path ever again?i dnt knw coz i've never done tht to anyone b4.insyaAllah la.

Allah lebih mengetahui.
one last piece of advise:
treasure those who treasure u. do good to the person nxt to u..coz u never knw when they'll leave u. (haha.isnt tht a bit scary in some ways?) but if tht person really gonna leave u in an inappropriate way, will u regret being good to them then?i dnt think i wud. coz sincerity never change.

anggaplah cerita jiran sy ini stu pengajaran berguna. haha.
selamat menjalani ibadah puasa..change to the better, Ramadhan is the gateway.

btw chepal is means please (like an i-beg-u kind of please)hehehee..^^

Friday, 14 August 2009

combo 3+1

Elok je kenyang2 dinner, dikejutkn pulak with the shocking combo news by my mom.
1- My cousin got into an accident so now hospitalised with fractures on both arms.
2- Another cousin got hospitalised due 2 heart prob - arrythmia katenya. The angiogram showed a blockage in some of the coronary arteries.
3- My youngest bro kena simen pulak kaki...close fracture kat left ankle.
Then we jst knew tht my atuk's sistr is also hospitalised..


There's always some kind of ujian for my family n relatives when it's close to Ramadhan..this is wut i observed frm the previous yrs lah..coincidence?

Thursday, 6 August 2009

mengai pidong, maedong makroup

translation: ambil 2 kali sehari, 2 biji setiap kali.

hehe..that's Khmer language. the longest sentence ive learnt during my 2 weeks stay in Cambodia. sorry if the meaning lari sket or the spelling isnt right.

Throughout the relief mission, there wasn't any moment tht i regret my decision to join the team. the new things ive learnt, the people i got to know there..everything is precious n priceless! i'll write more on the mission once i receive the pics frm the boss. but wht i wanna share now is about this one cambodian fren we know. seeing him, i would never have imagined he's the person tht needs to go against his family will for his idea to change the lives of his village hence pursuing medicine in USS in Phnom Penh and now in his 5th yr.(or is it 6th?cudnt remember)..btw medical course in Cambodia is 8 yrs.

He came from a rural village in one of the provinces in Cambodia where the main source of living is fishing. For the people around him, helping their parents to earn a living was considered to be more "useful" than studying. Most of the kids settled only til elementary. So when no one in the village likes to study, when the school is 20 km away, when parents and grandparents oppose, and when living is hard, he, Ghazali (or Rosaly) Yakop determined. (or in Khmer, Kop Roly). Even when he had to cycle 20 km to high skool, and also helped his father go fishing in the weekend, he never waver from his idea of the importance of education. He was then awarded a scholarship by the gov and became the first from his village to further in university. Hesitantly, he chose to become a doctor over a teacher.

The scholarship however only covered the tuition fee. Poor kampung boy needed to survive on his own feet in Phnom Penh city with estimated expenses of approximately 150$ p/month for food, books, accomd etc. His parents could only support around $50/60 p/month. And the rest was on him. So he did part time jobs. One at a local restaurant and the other one was distributing newspapers. Uni during the day, and work from 5 til night.
(can we possibly manage tht?) He also once worked with nurses in the hospital at night. he was so exhausted tht his lecturer once asked him why he often dozes off in class. (we also doze off in class but with a different reason kn?)

Once in a while, the thought of giving up came across his mind. But then he keeps reminding himself tht if he give it all up and go home now, he would still be the same guy who have nothing and the villagers would jst blame him for being stubborn n not following the common. And so he preserve res.

Then Alhamdulillah he got another scholarship from IDB (Islamic dev. bank) tht lessen a bit the burden off his shoulder. In 2nd yr, he got to know IMAC, Islamic Medical Assoc. Cambodia. They do mobile clinics in rural areas almost every week!
(IMAC is another story..later ye). Even with the scholarships he got, getting original new medical books is still beyond his reach. He only uses photostated books. In uni library, they have a very limited number of reference books. They can only read the books there in the library. Using only black and white photocopied books, whenever he needs diagrams or figures to refer (remember in medicine we really need pictures?!), he would go to the library, look at it there and read about the details at home. (Yes, let's count how MANY untouched/used reference books we have on our shelf).

Now he still do part time job since he needs more books and stuffs as he progresses. The smart n brilliant Roly now works as a tutor at a private college teaching biology. So every night, he needs to prepare for his lesson as well as his study. Being the stubborn n the rebellious one in his family, he decided not to go against his family in this one matter: marriage. He accepts with an open heart his match-make arranged by his mother and now engaged.

He has no time to think tht medicine is hard, coz to be able to study n live itself are hard enough for him.

-the end-

So now, are we in the position the complain n whine?? Ya Allah, place us among those who're grateful to You...ameen.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

i luv holidayyyy

whoaaa...poor blog i abandoned u for quite some time..but im still alive though. touched dwn at klia on 22nd june..quarantined my self at home for about a week(as if!)haha..

then went on a trip with my girlss last weekend. tikamad, jan, dian, ainarus, wani, chepah, iffah, n ainabak..some r still missing but it was a blast nonetheless! luv u guys lots! we had soooo much fun k! thanks for the great time..may we'll still be in touch with each othr no matter wut we do in the future. u guys will never be forgotten!

the reunion surely gave a different feeling frm our highskul time..but not tht much..haha think we've all grown up? well, in a way, yess..but at some point, not even by an inch! at least datin is still all crazy. =p n most importantly, met jannatun aftr 2yrs!ker 3 yrs tah?!tenkiu sbb blk msiaaa yer jenny yer.. (^_^) activity kitorg tak byk..coz it ws raining quite heavily on our 2nd day there..n also coz we enjoy talk, talk, n talk so much we dnt mind to be confined anywhere as long as we hav each othr n fooood!hehe..reminiscing was a must la kan! laughing at our own silly past surely brought back the sweet memories. here's the talking pics to sum up our wonderful trip; (it goes frm bottom to top)
n this marked the end of our trip..til we meet again!
early celebration of tikamad's 21st!
the must-have multipurpose bag
family pic =)
off we go!
eating time!BBQ
Getting cheap stuffs for the bbq..

there's still few ppl i miss tht i haven't met..hope to get the chance b4 whom it may concern, pls make some time.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Mari berbasikal!

CRM 2009 presents...

Nottingham's own trio set on a 35km cycling trip to Derby. They have voluntarily come up to the CRM team to help raise enough funds to buy medical supplies and other humanitarian needs of the poor in Cambodia.

As eager as they are to help the cause, we, the CRM team will do our best to visit house-to-house around Nottingham's student housing area to drop a sponsorship form, for each household's convenience. These sponsorship forms (hopefully,together with your contribution) will then be collected in roughly a week's time Insha Allah.

For households that wish to sponsor but the CRM team aren't able to reach due to various unfortunate reasons, please be happy to transfer the money to the account stated in the poster.

Take-home message:

Sponsor them, and make their cause your cause too.

"Enlightening the hopes of Cambodia"

Theme song: BASIKAL TUA oleh Sudirman

Friday, 5 June 2009

mr Brain!!

A japanese drama with Kimura Takuya yg kacak as the lead actor!!i highly recommend u this drama!ala2 CSI but focusing more on neuroscience aspect of solving criminal cases. it's funny, informative n cute!! =) brain..brain..brain..i lyke!!

here's the synopsis.
Tsukumo Ryusuke is neuroscientist working for the National Research Institute of Police Science (part of the National Police Agency). He is generally incapable of reading the atmosphere of a situation, but when it comes to science, he is well respected. Whenever something catches his interest, he thoroughly sticks to it and never gives up, chasing down the criminals with certainty.

Friday, 22 May 2009

bila berdoa..

"Ayah mana tak doakan anaknya.."


and mak2 or ibu2 kita selalu bangun malam..buat semayang hajat utk kita kan..with or without us knowing it..but how often us, the anak2 nie bangun malam n berdoa for our parents?? sense of the give n they also need our prayers as much as we need theirs kan..hurmm..

same goes to our atok2 or nenek2..or family members lah kn, no matter how much care we show them, like buy this or tht for them with this or that..always be there for them..don't u think it's rather not so worthy for them if we dnt pray for them? bukan ke tu semua very superficial..?coz the true way to show our unconditional love is not only frm wut we do on the outside which will be of no help for them in the hereafter. coz the one yg dpt pahala if we care for them now is none other than kita jugak. but how bout them? lagi2 la kalao yg dah pulang ke Rahmatullah..x kire how close we were with them mase di dunia nie..wut they need most is our prayer jugak in the end..apa guna mase hidupnya mcm belangkas, pemergiannya nanges bagai nk rak pulak tp once they're gone, wut's left is jst some traces of memories. the useless one kat 7 kaki dalam tu.

-just making sense of wut suddenly popped out of my mind-

n i really admire those who care bout others more than they care bout themselves..sifat empathy yg melimpah-ruah skali tuh..
tu the extent, bukn ank sendiri pn..bkn kawan2 mkn maggi semangkuk tetap pray for their very best..bila bangun malam pn still pray for the very best for that othr persons.

tahap kemanisan iman tu is when we love our bros n sisters more than we love our own selves. kan? hope i get tht right..

bile kita leh jd camtu?

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

it's the climb, friends..

dapat frm my fren..such a lovely n meaningful song..!bertepatan sgt lah nk exam2 ni kn! =)

THE CLIMB - Miley Crus

I can almost see it
That dream I’m dreaming but
There’s a voice inside my head sayin,
You’ll never reach it,
Every step I’m taking,
Every move I make feels
Lost with no direction
My faith is shaking
But I got to keep trying
Got to keep my head held high

** There’s always going to be another mountain
I’m always going to want to make it move
Always going to be an uphill battle,
Sometimes you going to have to lose,
Ain’t about how fast I get there,
Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side
It’s the climb

The struggles I’m facing,
The chances I’m taking
Sometimes might knock me down but
No I’m not breaking
I may not know it
But these are the moments that
I’m going to remember most yeah
Just got to keep going

Repeat chorus**

Keep on moving
Keep climbing
Keep the faith baby
It’s all about
It’s all about
The climb
Keep the faith
Keep your faith

Saturday, 9 May 2009


ya Allah besar sungguh ujianmu..

10 mins bus..15 mins walking..2 hrs of waiting..finally i got called in..

"there's nothing much we cn prescribe here.." sheesh!
still, i got a list of possibly 'useful' OTC meds frm her n a piece of advice too. at least im a bit relieved even though i still need an appointment at cripps.

btw, that ws less than 5 mins..!
then another 10 mins of walking..dropped by boots for the meds..then back home on leather... haha

half day is gone.


p.s; im not whining, jst letting it out!

owh yes n one more thing, i found this frm blog hopping..

" Whenever we encounter a big problem,never say "Oh God, I have a big problem!"Instead say, "Hey problem, Ive got a BIG God!"...

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

learning & memory

(1) sensory memory ---> (2) short term memory ---> (3) long term memory

Any thing we encounter in our daily life, any info traces from our surroundings, or whatever our lecturer said in class is first considered as (1). Can only be encoded into (2) through ATTENTION. (so pay attention!) Without it, (1) can only lasts for 0.3-0.5 secs. And ability to sustain attention can be achieved by making an EFFORT. What's more, (2) also doesn't last long, which is only for 10-15 secs. The consolidation process by the brain to shift (2) to (3) is via REHEARSAL. (so, rehearse wut we've learnt in class i.e recall!) And Atkinson 1968 says, items can only enter (3) via (2) we cn only remember things in longer term if we rehearse them often. kan? n as expected, our long term memory has UNLIMITED STORAGE CAPACITY.

n some says sleep improves memory? well it's more evident in procedural memory rather than factual type of memory so i guess whoever uses their buku sejarah spm as bedtime story book (like me) last time was in fact a bit pointless..(unless ur point of doing so ws to help u fall asleep faster).

on the other hand, the 2 amines norepinephrine and dopamine are highly correlated to attentional or motivational state at the time of learning. (i think i shud consider searching for those 2 in tablets nw..ada ke eyh?haha) And cholinergic activity eg ACh in hippocampus is also very importnt in learning. it's already proven that Cholinesterase inhibitor (physostigmine) gives above-normal result in memory retrieval experiment. (ada jual dipasarankah? :p)

To wrap-up, doa, usaha, ikhtiar and tawakkal lah.
Sungguh, Allah mencintai org2 yg bertawakkal.

Selamat ber-exam!~ (^_^)

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

cambodia relief mission 09


It's a relief mission project to Cambodia organized by 14 medical students from UK&Eire under the Islamic Medical Association Msia (IMAM). The core mission is to provide Medical and Social relief for the Cambodians. And our main target group is Muslim populated villages in the rural Cambodia, even so, the non-Muslims population in the area will not be disadvantaged.

The proposed activities include:
-Mobile clinic
-Health hygiene awareness & education programme
-Provide basic medical & daily supplies
-Community project

Therefore, regardless of our political differences, religion, race, and regardless of who we are, there are people in need out there and it is our duty to help.

So, please do join us and give us your support! DONATE today!

For more info on the project and instructions on donation, kindly visit:

And join us on facebook!! Click--> CRM 09 Facebook Group

" Who is he that will lend to Allah a goodly loan so that He may multiply it to him many times? And it is Allah that decreases or increases (your provisions), and to Him you shall return, "
(Al-Baqarah, 245)

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


"Not just a year older, but a year better"
InsyaAllah.. =)

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

cuti2 easter...

hurmm it's been a while haa since my last post..n i only hav 1 more week b4 the school opens..n then a month to go b4 my finals..scary mary dongg..!ok set those aside kejap..speaking of easter hols, i went to czech republic on the first week of the how ws czech eyh?erm it was alrite actually....haha not so convincing kn..well frankly speaking..prague ws many interesting places to visit or shall i say, so many buildings to stare at?(right up: charles bridge)

we also went to olomouc n hradec kralove..well the trip as a whole ws more like visiting frens rather than a real sightseeing in olomouc n hradec which is not quite of a big city, not so much of sightseeing boel buat pwn..i spent most of my time in hradec in ila's n che nad's place..goofing around n makan!adela sikit2 jln2..n met the long lost classmate in olomouc..thanks to all czech ppl 4 the superb hospitality..!~

then on the 3rd weekend of the hols, 12 of us went on a trip to cornwall! it's in the southern part of england..sungguh best!!thankss korang!!we stayed in a very english-like cottage atas bukit by the sea shore at sennen cove. betape jakonnye rase tgk pantai di bumi england ni..cantek Subhanallah!! the weather..the scenery...perfecto!!

Eden Project

Senen Cove


backyard ;p

kek sedap! (^_^)

simba n frens~

Saturday, 4 April 2009

randomised control

err tittle pn sungguh random..maafler kalao ade yg tertipu..the brain dah penat bace biodata diri seniri so that's y it goes a bit random..erm not too long ago, my jr frm highskul tagged me..sori ler syiqin lembap sket nk buat..hehe
so here's the 6th pic from the 6th folder of the 6th folder of my 6th folder..(yes i hav lots of photo folders)
owh tht ws from our trip to acha's place in klang. not her wedding but her sister's. well perhaps the nxt/2nd trip would be hers i guess..hehee miss the gud old days! miss them! lame rasa x get in touch with some of them..hope they're doing great. im sure they are.

owh yes, dear's the first few days with the new pm?i knw some give their consent n some resent..but like it or not,be strong k msia..ya Allah kurniakanlah yg terbaik utk negarakuuu..aminnnnn.


Thursday, 26 March 2009

the little things

nothing in particular sbenarnyer..
jst something i came across with when i was at a Gaza talk organised by nottingham stop war.
actually i was kinda sleepy during the talk coz i ws quite exhausted..yela jst got bck frm Prague then membaking-baking tart 4 cardiff games so the talk pn became so-so jugakla..
but wut fascinates me was the fact tht all sorts of ppl came for the talk. yes all sorts. muslim, of course. n the non-muslims, from old grandma to children. from weird-looking chaps to the hey-im-cool youths. seriously i think it's amazing. we might bump into these kind of ppl who look rather 'weird' or 'scary' to be near with on the street. but hey these ppl might also be the one who have something in common with u..they also CARE. we tend to judge ppl by their looks. but deep in their heart, we dnt know a thing! they cud be much better than those who look proper on the outside but actually ignorance in the inside.
n i cn even hear the granma behind me struggling to breathe properly! n she still come..if we were at tht age, will we still CARE as much as she does??

Sunday, 15 March 2009


tegami - Angela Aki

such a sweet song...

Haikei kono tegami yondeiru anata wa
Doko de nani wo shiteiru no darou

Juugo no boku ni wa dare ni mo hanasenai
Nayami no kanae ga aru no desu

Mirai no jibun ni atete kaku tegami nara
Kitto sunao ni uchiake rareru darou

Ima makesou de nakisou de
Kieteshimaisou na boku wa
Dare no kotoba wo
Shinji arukeba ii no?
Hitotsu shika nai kono mune ga nando mo barabara ni warete
Kurushii naka de ima wo ikiteiru
Ima wo ikiteiru

Haikei arigatou juugo no anata ni
Tsutaetai koto ga aru no desu
Jibun to wa nani de doko e mukau beki ka
Toitsu dzukereeba mietekuru

Areta seishun no umi wa kibishii keredo
Asu no kishibe e to yume no fune yo susume

Ima makenai de nakanai de
Kieteshimaisou na toki wa
Jibun no koe wo shinjiaru keba ii no?
Otona no boku mo kizutsuite
Nemurenai yoru wa aru kedo
Nigakute amai ima ikiteiru

Jinsei no subete ni imi ga aru kara
Osorezu ni anata no yume wo sodatete
La la la, la la la, la la la
Keep on believing
La la la, la la la, la la la
Keep on believing, keep on believing, keep on believing

Makesou de nakisou de
Kieteshimaisou boku wa
Dare no kotoba wo shinji arukeba ii no?
Aa Makenai de nakanai de
Kieteshimaisou na toki wa
Jibun no koe wo shinjiarukeba ii no
Itsu no jidai mo kanashimi mo
Sakete wa torenai keredo
Egao wo misete ima wo ikite yukou
Ima wo ikite yukou

Haikei kono tegami yondeiru anata ga
Shiawase na koto wo negaimasu...

Friday, 13 March 2009





the deadline for all 3 coursework is nxt week...........i cn do this!!cnt wait to get this over with..
erghh mayb notts medics r jst not used to having lots of coursework..that's y im like this..hehe

owh yes the may exam schedule is out. *hypoxia*!!
no gap at all for all 4 papers...revision week pn xde...camne nie..wuaaa!!feel like locking my self in my room the whole easter..!but hav bought the flight tickt to prague already..guess i wont hav a 'serene' trip this time around.


Wednesday, 4 March 2009

not gud enough?

u knw wut makes ppl feel so low? or the feeling tht some ppl hate the most? i think it's the thought or feeling of not good in anything we do. well yea in fact, i do feel it sometime. must say, it's an awful feeling. it really is. frm tht little feeling, ppl will feel, not worthless but mayb less worthy. but yea if we bring ourselves close to Allah and Quran, tht evil thoughts will jst go away and we'll soon realize how we're needed in the ummah. but the worse case, is when "individualism" is so much all around us, the eagerness of becoming the winner. are we not good enough if we lost? why wanna be the first so much? wut r we trying to prove? and to whom?but, does tht mean it's ok to be the lagging one?

u knw there are ppl who're really good at everything they do? some even hav almost evrythng in life..frm looks, to wealth, capabilities and perfect partners. they must be jack of all traits and master of everything too. but is tht really considered as evrything in life?or is it more to life?isn't tht jst too gud to be true? is it justifiable? did those ppl who excel in every single thing they lay their finger on work very hard diligently?or are they gifted? coz i too, wonder why cn't i excel in everything i do? did i not do my best and try hard enough?mayb yes.haha. but i believe, evryone has a different story of their lives. God is All Knowing. He gives more to those who're grateful. wut shud keep us going i think is faith. coz if we wanna reason evrything in life n question evrybody's fate..bole commit suicide kot! and the desire to excel will also keep us too, jst like u, hav tht desire. n it's very strong too. at least in one thing, oh no actually two. mayb we cnt be narrow-minded n see "excellency" in a smaller scope or limited area. see it in a bigger picture, tht serves our purpose of life, then i tink there'll be lights at the end of the tunnel for us. may we work hard for it and may God makes it easy for us. Ameen.

p.s; i hav no idea frm where in the world did all these suddenly popped out of my head. but it's something useful to ponder upon tho.i think.

Monday, 2 March 2009

a busy week ke?

x busy pwn..saje mengade eventful week is more like it..erm, ive been very lazy to update my blog these days xtau la nape, mayb running out of idea on wut to write already. owh n apart frm that, i hav plenty of courseworks diz sem so between courseworks n blog...i tink something else wins!haha.

jst got bck frm paintballing yesterday, omak aii sakit2 badan den~ n for the first time ever, the team i ws in won the game!haha!p.s; sesape tau mengurut meh2 ler tolong haa..^^

looking weary aftr the game yet still putting on the winning smile^^

then the night before, our Thai course-mate invited us to a Thai Night event in trent. Lov the atmosphere, the performances and the food too esp Som Tum! **suddenly feels like going to bangkok or phuket for holiday** I jst knew tht they eat sticky how come the beras siam we hav in msia x sticky pwn?Towards the end of the night, it became a bit draggy already. full, bloated and we went home.

the medics on thai nyte

the night before the thai nyte was IAW grand dinner...the whole IAW this yr was such a great success, job well done isoc ppl!gotta help out with the flyering on my day off. it's very rewarding when ppl spent a few mins of their busy time to listen to wut u has gotta say esp bout ur own religion but when ppl avoid u, giving those ure-annoying-dnt-come-near-me kind of look, yea it kinda upsetting but i enjoyed it tho. we also opened up a booth on the cultural fair day but we ended up selling food instead =) thanks 2 those who helped out!May our good deeds be blessed by Him insyaAllah. we made some new frens too :p it moved the heart u knw to hear how ppl suddenly found out that they're 'lost' in the world greed n how they work so hard to find "the right path" for a peace of mind. and us, how ironic we cn sometime forget the value of this greatest gift of all and take it for granted when the others r working so hard at it.

malaysia booth..agk serabut i knw..ala lst minit..haha

us with cute lil pakistani sisters n khaleel, a palestinian boy.