Tuesday, 22 July 2008


After ages of procrastination,I finally got the chance to go n see ENT doc..So just now i went to Dato Harnam ENT Hospital at jalan Ipoh near Pusrawi..Consultation macam biasa laa, he asked n i answered..i told him my biggest concern is the congestion, and that i dnt think it's due to me allergic to pollen(sbb i still hav probs bile bukan pollination season pun)..and bla..bla..bla Here's the treatment plan dat he prepared for me:
2.Allergy test
4.Immunisation (He said diz is rather unnecessary n expensive)
5.Surgery (Last resort-removing the inferior turbinate)

X-ray result

As shown above, the inferior turbinate is rather swollen..normal one shud be seen as black shadows meaning it's clear. im quite lucky die x spread so much to maxillary sinus..n nothing kat eyes n ears..The allergy test result will be out in one week time.And ubat2 nyer, i got an anti-histamine nasal spray with nil side effects (yeay!)..and other 2 tablets i cnt bring myself 2 remember it's weird name.Now about the price..isyh3 mahal nk mamfusss!allergy test oredi cost like RM395(padahal lab die sniri!)..consultation fee RM60 (wut daa??)n medicine i 4got how much but the total if im not mistaken is around RM500++...

Reminder 4 myself: Nnti jadi doctor jgn laa letak harga mahal2 sgt yer..sian kat org2 x mampu..esp consultation fee..gune air liur n a bit of knowledge je pun..hehehe

Friday, 18 July 2008

aussie bessssst!

Yes it took me for a while b4 i cn write bout my aussie vacation..was waiting for the pics actually :) now dat ive got them...im so hepi!!hehe :p
me and my 8 other frens went to aussie for our "summer holiday" but it was winter in oz though. Temeng as Bapak, Bil as Bapak's gay partner so practically he's the uncle, Wani as our Org Gaji, and us - me, intan, nisya, ummi, nina, and aimi as the anak-anak :p This is the most dramatic vacation i ever had so far..hehe

Stayed in Msia Hall for 3 days then in Pau's flat for 1 nite..Nothing much in Melb really, it's quite a vibrant city,no prob finding nice halal restaurant at all..it's all price that matters :p We dined at Msia restaurant 2 times ( Lazzat Rest.), then Indonesian n Italian. Went to Phillip Island on the first day, a very suitable place for a nature lover..we gotta also see a penguin parade!sgt cute!!On the 2nd day, we planned to go to Yarra Valley, it's one of the tourist attractions in Melb..but unfortunately, we got lost!n it was raining!Wut's more to getting stuck in d middle of nowhere, we happened to have a such expensive fish n chips!Not a g'day mate :( Then we jst spent the remaining days wandering around the city..n shopping in Queens Victoria market.
Frm left: wani,temeng, nisya, bil, me, Intan n umi

We just stayed over at our KMB frens' place. It's not so big of a city..a very quiet n tranquil place to live in. We spent a day at the beach..very nice!love it!(Strolling along the beach has always been my fav romantic thing to do..^^)We also went for sand-surfing..it was sooo much fun!!was my first time being in a desert..a chilly desert plak tu..marvelous xperience! :p
Sand-surfing rawks!

Again, we stayed at Msia Hall..one thing coz it's cheap!(only 4$ p/nite)n comfortable too! here we had Aiman (Wani's fren in Beseri) as our tour guide..n since he has slr cam, so merangkap our photographer jgak laa :p I LOVE SIDNEY!the nyte view was charmingly captivating!esp around the harbour..sgt romantic laa senang citer..^^ (No wonder it's called Darling Harbour i suppose..)Actually jst buildings with lampu2 colourful plus a river with kapal2 n all..but yes i luv buildings with colourful lighting so wut to do..hehe The other interesting part we did in Sidney was dining!We intentionally put aside the scary thoughts of its price..cz dat's the only way we cn njoy dining lavish food at a cozy place...We had an xtravagant choc dish at Max Brener choc bar..n some fancy pancakes at The Rocks pancakes..n an extremely mouth-watering fresh seafood at Fish Market..also not 2 forget the tasty Thai dish.. luving 'em all!

Ok enuf bout eating, speaking of wut we do in Sidney pulak..we went to the Aquarium. Im not so into animal..but it was enjoyable still..we also went to Chinese Garden where we had the chance to wear Chinese costume in the time of Dinasty ruling. i love it!!Of course we went to the Opera house..isn't dat a must?:p We also went cruising around the harbor..luvly!We also went to Blue Mountain..a panoramic view Subhanallah..apart frm dat, we only walk around the city n do some shopping at Paddys.
Everybody luves goldcoast for sure!The 1st nyte we stayed in YHA at Coolangata..a rather secluded area i wud say..:p dat's coz we wanted to go to Kurumbin Wildlife which was nearby. After day we stayed in YHA at Surfers Paradise. The Wildlife was great eventhough i dnt fancy animal..seeing kangaroo n koala was my only aim actually :p We also went through the obstacle course there..it wasnt even in the plan..very impulsive!It was challenging, fun n nerve-wracking!i even got into accident with Aimi!isk3..sob3..In surfers paradise, we went for a flying coaster in Adrenaline Park.I sure had an adrenaline rush there!great xperience..once in a lifetime for sure!hehe..Then we went to Dreamworld..a theme park basically.soo much fun!the rides are soo cool!best2!!We bumped into AC Mizal, n the 3 AF winners : Riz, Nubhan n Stacy when we're walking around the city at nyte. Goldcoast is really3 a perfect holiday destination esp to those who love beaches:)

This is our last destination in oz..nothing much to be done here actually but it's quite a big city..we just wandering aroudn d city, n hang-out at the man-made beach..

A video of our flying coaster..

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

all-time fav-->cheesecake!

I just got back frm aussie!!such a wonderful vacation!!will write the detail later after wani's done with the photo compiling.
Since i hav lots of free time,i force myself to be a bit more useful laa at home.My mom got a cheesecake n an orange cake order, so i helped her with the cheesecake while she preparing the orange one.Reason?of course coz i luv the earlier!
Here's a simple cheesecake recipe.easy peasy je!

1. 8/more digestive biscuits (murahje kat tesco^^)
2.500g cream cheese (naik harga dah :( )
3.500ml whipping cream
4.1/2 lemon or 2 tablespoon lemon juice
5.120g butter
6.5 eggs
7.1 teaspoon vanilla extract
8. 1/2 tablespoon corn flour
9. 1 tablespoon wheat flour
10. 4 tablespoon sugar
the ingredients : cream, cheese, biscuits crumbs n lemon ^^

1.Crumble the digestive biscuits.
2.Melt the 120g butter until it becomes slightly brownish.
3.Combine the digestive biscuits crumbs with the melted butter. In a medium sized springform pan, firmly press mixture evenly onto bottom. Refrigerate for a few minutes.
4.In a large bowl, beat cream cheese until smooth. Gradually mix in lemon juice, whipping cream, vanilla extract, wheat flour, corn flour and sugar. Beat in eggs, one at a time, beating after each addition.
5.Pour the batter onto the base prepared earlier. Bake at 160 degrees C for 1 hr,then 150 degrees C for 15 mins then 130/120 degrees C for another 15 mins.
6.Remove about 1/2-1 hr before serving and refrigerate until serving time. Remove ring from springform pan, decorate to your choice and get out ur fork!