Wednesday, 28 May 2008

of a student...

Don’t claim you’re bold,

If you don’t aim

Don’t claim you’ve aimed the star

If you don’t have the gut

Don’t claim you’re brave enough

If you don’t try

Don’t claim you’ve tried the best

If you don’t struggle

Don’t claim you’ve struggled hard

If you don’t seek out

Don’t claim you’ve seek as much

If you don’t excel

Don’t claim you’re excellent

If you don’t have wisdom

Don’t claim you’re wisdom rich

If you don’t do good deeds

That's just how we are, tones of knowledge doesn't do us any good if we don't use it wisely for the benefit of the society as a whole..the word "perfect" is just not meant for us human, when we're good at certain things, we surely lack at another..that's just how it with it, deal with it and make the best out of it. (^_^)

Sunday, 25 May 2008

nothing in particular..

Well, someone said ive been "tagged" i hav to write this tagging-kind-of-thing which i hav no idea wut it is about..luks fun to wind me up at times of cerebral nerve palsy due to too much anatomical facts..(^_^)honestly speaking, im not gud at writing about my self..dat's y i had trouble writing my personal statement (for uni enrollment) last time..xpe cube je,tgk ler ape jd :p

7 facts about me
1. The only daughter in the family..loving the evry bits of it!no second hand toys, clothes etc..ngahaha but im NOT a spoil brat at that ok..

2. QUITE keprempuanan kesompanan gitu..wah!reason: luv make-up(!!),luv jewellery, luv pink (??) mom always said "Cube laa jd lebih keprempuanan sikit.."Hoh, Im not girly enough kot?But mayb tu kat rumah je over sket, behave well outside..wuahaha

3.Snacking alot during exam period..the soo not healthy side of me..(choc, choc n choc + yougart + snack + croissant) get real lazy to prepare my own meal during xm period as well..maafla any potential mak mertua out there..haha

4.Love making desserts..just discovered i actually got the very little composition of the gene of the phenotype like to cook frm my mom..the difference is that(which is BIG), the expression of that gene in my mom is much more prominent which makes the cooking taste alot alot alot (probably 1000x) better..^^

5.Suke bersukan juge..I play almost all sport a girl can play coz i lov to try varities kind of hate JOGGING..prefer the sports yg main woo, jerit2(well u knw how girls play sports) dpt release stress tu yg priceless tu..hehe

6.Im a future doctor (insyaAllah..)but i still have problem with veges..wish me luck!:)

7.Again, im a future doctor..yet i hate taking medicine (ubat air lg xkn disentuh!!), n i hate injections..atau takot sbenarnye?wutever~

7 things im afraid of in diz world
1. LEBAH!!fobia ok..
2. Losing the person i loved most
3. People hating me like mad
4. Takot masuk balai polis?
5. Takot sakit..wutever kind of sakit coz basically i think i cnt bear the pain (dnt want ppl to feel dat way, one of the reasons y i chose medicine)
6. Takot things turn upside down
7. Importantly, takot that God turns away from me

7 songs i listen to at d mo
1. Gemuruh -Faizal Tahir
2. Sampai syurga - Faizal Tahir
3. Aku punya kamu - Faizal Tahir
4. Our song - Taylor Swift
5. Kalimatan - Talib al-habib
6. Gemuruh - Faizal Tahir
7. Ketulusan hati - Anuar Zain

7 things i always say
1. K..
2. insyaAllah
3. Owh yeke
4. Ha?
5. Baeklahh
6. Haiysh
7. Kot

# 7 precious things in my life abaikan lah yerr...same je 4 most ppl kot

The 7 first times in my life
1. 1st time fall in luv with paru n siput sedut kat semashur..tenkiu la semashur..sedap gile k! adeh..terliur dahhh
2.1st time slapping a boy (n baling gunting kat gluteal region org) when i was in form 1..brutal x??haha..mess with me never!huahuahua..
3.1st time ehem2 darjah 6..haha (x relevan, abaikan) haha :p
(ok tu je as far i can remember..sori the anatomy is all over my brain overshadowing all the old sweet memories..hahaha)

Hehe..ituje lah yerr..sekian trime kasih^^

Friday, 23 May 2008

follow up story on terrorist caught in No-ing'em Uni

Student was 'studying terrorism'

University of Nottingham staff have said the right to study freely is being upheld after a politics student was arrested under terrorism legislation.

On 14 May, two men, aged 30 and 22 were arrested on the university campus.

The alert was sparked when politics student Rizwaan Sabir, 22, sent a terror training manual, part of his research, to a clerk at the university.

Police have defended the arrests of the two men, who were held until 20 May but later released without charge.

A spokeswoman said the case was handled "in an extremely professional way" and was "kept low key".

It is really it could happen to anybody
Bettina Renz, University tutor

Students at the university are circulating a petition asking for the university to guarantee that the freedom of academics and students will be protected.

It asks the university to acknowledge its "disproportionate response" to the possession of legitimate research materials.

But University of Nottingham spokesman Jonathan Ray said: "It is in the character of this university to have a real divergence of debate, all kinds of views and all study is legitimate.

"The difference here is that the university and police were concerned by material, an al-Qaeda training manual, that was in the possession of someone who wasn't a student or member of the academic faculty and it was that anxiety that led to the chain of events which followed.

"We are reassured by the police investigation and know that the young man, who is articulate and intelligent, has demonstrated to the police that he had an academic interest in the material."

'Absolutely shocked'

But the student's personal tutor, Bettina Renz, a lecturer in politics and international security, said the police action was a threat to academic freedom.

"I was absolutely shocked at the severity of the reaction. I would never have thought that, by downloading something that's available on a public, official government website, it would lead to a response like this.

"It is really very worrying because I conduct research into terrorism myself and this could happen to anybody and that's very difficult for us in terms of academic freedom to do our jobs."

Mr Sabir sent the 1,500-page document, which he had downloaded from a US government website, to the 30-year-old member of staff for printing.

After his release under the Terrorism Act, the 30-year-old man was subsequently re-arrested and has been charged with a criminal offence under immigration legislation.

He remains in custody.

I have no idea if we should call this crazy, funny or soo wutever!Im so agree with the was just one of his assignment for God's sake!poor him..I think the one that had an issue in the first place was the printing staff..haha ^^ owh i did my printing with him once, dahla charge mahal!haha x pasal2..Pengajaran: Beli printer sendiri, so no one wud ever be suspicious of wut u're printing..:p

Thursday, 22 May 2008


Nanti miss 2 theatres!!P Ramlee the Musical only until 14 june!!i'll be arriving at KLIA on th 14th at 5++pm...surely cant make it in time to Istana Budaya!!erghh!!

The next one, teater Maharaja..frm 21-22 june..wth???i'll be in aussie on that date..!!mengapakah???like there's no other suitable date!sdeyhh2...:(

Luckily before heading back to Msia on the 13th, I'll be watching LOTR the Musical in London Royal Theatre on the 12th..owh tak sabarnye!!

ok2,get my head back on the exam mode!!
"strive hard now to reap the promising future.."

i think i hav a rhinitis :(

Well as the title says, i think i have rhinitis. i haven't been able to see my GP yet but i kind of strongly think i have rhinitis..bad bad bad!! i never had any upper respiratory prob in msia, in fact i hardly get a flu! but dont know y all of a sudden i can get this over here!

Rhinitis is present if sneezing attack, nasal discharge or blockage occur for more than an hour on most days..but i dont know if my case is the seasonal rhinitis or perennial rhinitis coz i got this here in not sure since when but quite some time ago..i believe it is triggered by the cold weather perhaps?But pretty sure it is a perennial rhinitis coz pollen season starts in april but ive got this since before april if im not mistaken..yeap so it's a perennial rhinitis!could be perennial allergic (due to moulds, domestic pet, pollen grain or house-dust mite) or vasomotor rhinitis (triggered by cold air, smoke, perfumes becoz of an imbalance of ANS) not so sure between the two. It's a self-diagnosis though, need to confirm it with my GP later..kang tetibe memandai je..haha

The thing is, im kind of in a trouble. I took this decongestants medication to relief the congestion of course. I wasn't aware of it's side effects before but now i surely do! it's a drug with sympathomimetic activity (selective alpha-adrenagic agents..local vasoconstrictor basically) containing active ingredient oxymetazoline. Some say this active ingredient does not cause tachyphylaxis..but some say it does and i think it really does. Prolonged vasoconstriciton using the nasal decongestants has made the mucosa in my nose to become less responsive to the drug hence a reversal vasodilatation occurs. So there'll be a rebound effect and if i continue taking increasing quatities of the local drug( which i probably did, sometime..not anymore..), rhinitis medicamentosa can be developed. It's basically a condition of rebound nasal congestion brought on by overuse of intranasal vasoconstrictive medication.

Luckily no mortality reported on this kind of condition..phewhh!Im not sure if i've developed a nasal polyps..people with polyps rarely sneezing since the mucosa of the polyp is largely denervated but i often sneezing..the allergen receptor in my nose is just soo sensitive these days!The only way to remove polyp is by surgery..Semoga dijauhkan...aminn

The only way to recover is by withdrawing from the decongestant drug..yes!But the obstruction is soo bothersome!!Ive tried the weaning type of withdrawal but it doesn't work coz as i said, can't stand with not breathing through the nares! Gosh, i really need to see the GP to get advice on this but too lazy to make an appointment especially in this exam period..

Friday, 16 May 2008


Two men in campus terror arrest

Trent building, at University of Nottingham
Police are searching parts of the university campus

Two men have been arrested at the University of Nottingham campus under the Terrorism Act, police have said.

Police said the men, aged 30 and 22, were arrested on Wednesday morning. One is reported to be a student and the other a former student.

They are being questioned while premises connected to them, including campus property, are searched.

Police said it was a joint operation between Nottinghamshire Police and the Midlands counter-terrorist unit.

Supt Simon Nickless from Nottinghamshire Police said officers had been working alongside community representatives to "offer support and reassurance".

He said the operation has been "low-key" and the community's response to it had been "calm and rational".

Full co-operation

"Feedback is that people accept that this is the sort of operation that is necessary and reasonable for the welfare of communities," he said.

A uniformed presence is in place at the main Trent building, which houses the schools of English, modern languages and philosophy as well as management offices.

Jonathan Ray, a spokesman for the university, said the institution "has been co-operating fully from the outset throughout this inquiry".

"Nottinghamshire Police have stressed that there is no risk to the university community or to the wider public," he said.

"Here, at the institution, we fully accept that this sort of police operation is necessary and reasonable for the welfare of our communities."

NO COMMENT okay....owh my beloved university...pls be a safe place 4 us all to finish our degree..or it might just be a misunderstanding u knw.."suspicious looking" kind of thing only mayb..i dunno..lets jst wait 4 the next news bout it..hopefully there'll be no over-restriction over any activity hold by any societies..cheers!~

Tuesday, 13 May 2008


erghh benci laaa gini weyhh!

i never felt this way in any other exam before tired as i am now..wuaaa!!mayb the question 2morrow wont be as crap as the self assessment one..aminnnn..GOD, guide me through..make it easy for me..

Monday, 12 May 2008

lovely song..

i initially thought this is just another rap junk that worshiping HOT chicks, but im so totally wrong...this song is lovely, especially the lyrics..beautiful! wish someone cud sing diz 4 me acoustically?ahaks!

Sunday, 11 May 2008


Yeaa..mummy's day..

Without our mother, we won't be here in this world, that's the everybody-knows-rule..
Mom's soul is unique. Sometime when she cries, we wouldn't know if she's actually upset, disappointed, touched or happy. Mom can be unbearable at times..or "PMS" time like we always call it, yet it won't be long til she's our best friend again. When we're not talking to her for a certain period of time, something inside us just doesn't feel right like something is missing. Yes we absolutely miss her, the voice, the smile, the touch, the nagging, the anger..n sooo much more. When we're not feeling very well..they'll feel so much worse than we actually know. When we're suddenly think of her, she has been thinking about us like for ever!

Despite of all great things mom does, she does have flaws..after all, she's a normal human being. But with the name of unconditional love, we accept all those it's not exist coz wut's more important to us is her presence. That's already enough to put our heart at ease at the very least. When mom says don't it means a big no-no, which another thing that makes her why on earth sometimes they're so totally against wut we're doing that at times, it makes no sense at all but the rule is, if we dont't go by her "don't"..almost definitely something bad will come out of the thing..she has this "read through" soul and a "see through" eyes, a gift from God.

Moms can be different outside, some are soft spoken and some are a big time nagger..some are rather laid back and some a strict..but in the inside, they share something in common i.e deep love and care towards their children. What we have to do is just to put up with the way they portray their love towards us..after all, they've been putting up with our nonsense and outrages manner since we're in her womb!
I don't have to read tones of text books to know that, coz mom has brought me up to naturally understand those. Just for raising me up, thanks a million times ibu..(like she'll read this!haha..)

Hope my mom's hepi with a bouquet of pink roses i secretly sent her!Aww..i know im sweet!! (^_^)

Saturday, 10 May 2008


we're born to be tested, in every angle!and school exam is like a very tiny portion of it that we always think like it's everything..but this doesnt mean we have the green light to neglect skul with it!okay, that's not actually wut i wanna write here now..since im in an exam mode, well u knw how ppl r like when it's exam period especially medical student!like serabutness, headache, rushing n etc

like any other student, im in a mess..not like a real big mess but messy still..trying my best to keep on trying my very best, get wut i mean?it's kind of a battle within me, i feel an urge to prove something to myself...(do i have to?)im not genius, no prodigy either..i have a normal commoners' strive hard is a must..i dont have any secret strategy up my sleeve, but i do have a big weapon like everyone else does that is supplication, invocation, and dependence on God..

talking about dependence on God with an utter trust or tawakkal..I dunno why just now(actually since yesterday) i really feel like i need a direct word from God about tawakkal from the Quran, probably to help me getting rid of all my worries.I usually read 2 pages of Quran,but just now i kind of not satisfied when i still haven't encountered a verse about tawakkal so i continued reading the next page. and by God's will, there u are!See how Allah knows wut's in our heart, our desire and our need!!

Surah Al-Imran, ayat 160
"Jika Allah menolong kamu, maka tidak ada yang dapat mengalahkanmu, tetapi jika Allah membiarkanmu (tidak memberi pertolongan), maka siapa akan dapat menolongmu setelah itu? Kerana itu, hendaklah kepada Allah sahaja orang-orang mukmin bertawakkal"

Till then(",)

touch the soul to master the brain


I’m no zombie

I have brain, I have soul

A melancholic rhythm they play

Nurture the composure within me


I’m no genius

Still, I’m gifted

I can wonder, I can ponder

The top inquirer


I’m no utterly divine

Tainted with world’s dye

Still, I cry and I smile

The authentic portrayer

When the soul winks, the brain thinks

When the soul sinks, the brain clings

So feed the soul, nourishes the soul

So the brain can think, you will win

Here are some songs as food for soul..really touching k the song..bliss!