Friday, 29 October 2010


No matter how smart/clever we are, we still have got no right to judge others.

Each and every one of us is different. In our own way. We're different because of different background, n different upbringing...everything is different! Do not think that the world must revolve around us just because we get a good education and come from a decent background. Even if we think someone does not conform to our idea of being a 'good' person, we still have got no right to judge him/her.

Don't let all of our (few) good deeds all this while go to waste just because we cannot control the little evil in our head. Yes we may have the advantage of looking 'good' in the eyes of many. And some might have few shortcomings that are like 'taboo' in our little world. But NO ONE is superior than the other. Making a change is part of our responsibility but in the process, do not judge. When we judge others, it means we're looking down on them, showing arrogance and superiority. And it can translate in our attitude and conversation. Seriously, it's not a nice sight. Coz it hurts.

Just a thought..because we might not realize it.

Allah knows best.