Thursday, 20 September 2012

Get crafty!

I have quite a lot of spare time that I'm still unemployed now. So i can basically do everything that I've always wanted to do before (although I'm just lazing around most of the time) as long as it doesn't involve money coz obviously I ain't have any monayy. I put a pause on sewing laces n ribbons for Ain Al-Sabaa for a bit coz there's no fun in keep repeating doing the same thing and resuming my simple sewing project. Well it does involve some money since I've fallen into this fabric craze now that i managed to find some cool blogs and shops around Klang Valley that sell decent cotton linen fabrics that i love soo much. They're definitely much cheaper than what i bought back in UK. So, that is my problem now :( (bittersweet!)

Mini wrislet

                Make-up pouch

                Coin purse                                  Pleated make-up pouch
             Pencil case

Blackberry case
Clasp Purse

Boxy pouch (bought the oil cloth from Cath Kidston)

I usually get the pdf tutorials from U-Handbag and FreeNeedle. I've tried making bigger bags before but i don't really have a big workstation at home so will probably stick to little stuffs at the moment. It's quite evident from my projects that i am an amateur and I am not a very detailed person either. hehe. But will try to be more neat and careful next time =)

Happy Sewing!~