Wednesday, 23 April 2008

doctors without border

Unique guided study tour in the West Bank looking at health issues
11th-18th June 2008, 7 nights for £655

Many medical and health care jobs involve high levels of stress. But the pressures and stresses of UK hospitals pale in comparison to the working conditions faced by medics in Palestine.

Olive Cooperative are offering a unique tour of Palestine and Israel focusing on medicine and healthcare. While designed with medics in mind, the tour is open to anyone with an interest in health care in the region, and anyone looking for a general introduction to the situation. The tour will be guided by a UK medical student with extensive experience as a long term volunteer in the West Bank.

Visiting a broad range of medical settings and meeting with medical professionals in Palestine and Israel, this tour aims to offer an understanding of the challenges facing medics.

The tour will visit emergency services who face Israeli army searches and gunfire in the 'normal' course of their work; and meet the organisations planning long term health care provision in this unstable situation. Tour participants will also meet with medical students who have to cross military checkpoints to get from their lectures to the teaching clinic.

The tour will offer an insight into access to medical care in the West Bank, visiting a clinic in Hebron fenced in by settlers. Participants will meet key Israeli groups working for better access to health care in the West Bank. The group will also visit an unrecognised village in Israel, denied access to healthcare, electricity or even sufficient clean water.

And in the light of the discussion in the BMJ of a proposed boycott of the Israeli Medical Association, the tour will ask what medics could, or should, do to change the current situation.

i got this in my uni email inbox just now..sounds soo cool, interesting n exciting!to be frank, i feel like it is some kind of obligation for me to go...n how wonderful it wud be if i can go..u know, like to see by muself how it's like the env in the West see by my self the life n suffers of our muslim brothers n sisters i wish i cud hav the strength n courage to challenge my self to face the "war" env there help as much as i cud to improve the healthcare accessibility there...erghh!duno if this sounds like an excuse or not, i hav OSCE xm on 11th june n hav booked my ticket back to msia on the 13th :) unfortunately, ive missed the chance this time..who knows next time?

Saturday, 19 April 2008

girl vs lady

how do you know when u a girl, slightly becoming a lady??

1. When u go shopping, the "home&bed" and "kitchen" sections also draws ur attention never like before when u only focus on "clothes"
2. When u're soo in love with flowers...its scent n colours~~
3. When u dress like one, n working hard on it
4. When u're soo cautious about ur appearance not because of people around or guyz but becoz of ur self.
5. When jewelery comes first before a thirst of water
6. When u suddenly feel like u're belonged to the kitchen or microwave at least.
7. When u feel pity to all those petty skul girls who wear thick make up in the mall

that's all i can think of :)
it just popped out of my idea why

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

girls' talk

just now while having our lunch at the qmc cafe, my fren anis suddenly came up with a quite "random" statement..not quite random kot coz before that we were talking something bout postnatal care(bout how fussy n particular our mom wud be when caring us during the postnatal period), then sex during pregnancy (wutda??i knw but it jst came up coz anis said a gynae of someone she knows advised that sex near the due date is believed to be good for easing the giving birth process...
so our response was:

Anis : But how? With the big stomach heavy n all????
Me : Owh i watched this one Indonesian celebrity talk show when i was in Bandung, they talked bout sex during pregnancy jugak n they said women on top??
Aisyah : Yea n i watched this one muvie they said, "I was this big n he was keep poking"

ok no comment..mayb we're a bunch of medical student with an unstable yet inquiring mind??or just tryinna entertain ourselves as well mayb???
then this one( the one i wanted to emphasize on in the first place):

(A simplified version)

Anis : Eh, orang kate kan lepas kite grad before nk buat houseman, ada 3 bulan gap. So better kawin time tu sbb diorg cakap kawin mase housemanship x bahagia.
Aisyah : Owh ye la kn, baru2 je kawin x balik rumah ape semua.
Anis : Unless u kawin dengan doctor jugak. I kalao bukan 3 bulan tu pn, lepas abis housemen la kot.
(i still keep quiet)
Aisyah : Owh i pun, tp kalao i rase cam gatal dah kawin je la time 3 bulan tu.
Me : Hurmm..owh i tgk la kalao ade org nye i kawin je la bebile pn..hehe

Peer pressure bole tak? xx

Just how i hate checking my account...:(

Telling the truth, me n money nowadays just have no chemistry (it's been 3 months i think)..i've never been in a situation where i have to check my account EVERYDAY, and think THOUSANDS time before i spend on EVERY SINGLE's pathetic, tiring and challenging yes!i really am in a big's all becoz of MONEY!

the reason why i said i have no luck with money nowadays is firstly becoz i haven't receive my monthly allowance since march!n it's nearly may now..(it's becoz i closed my old account n set up a new one due to a more complicated matter, n apparently MARA KL still haven't updated the details when i've posted my bank statement as far as i remember in late february!) secondly, my reimbursement cheque was believed to be MIA on the post!it's MY CHEQUE of all the other notts MARA students' cheques.(now MARA London is working on doing a wire transfer of the arrears into my account..)

And now im sooo in a big trouble...honestly, i only left with GBP30++ in the account when:
1- I haven't paid April's flat rent i.e GBP459.28!it's due on last 1st april. (too scared to rely the accom officer's email)
2- I have to pay VAT charge for DHL cargo services costing GBP25..(i asked jan's help to get me some souvenirs from malaysia for our malaysian nite)..i've postponed the payment for wuite sometime already and if don't pay it immediately apparently i'll be reported to a solicitor and have to pay a fine!!**i dont want to go to jail because of this!!!**
3- my fridge is empty!im running out of foooood...i need to buy groceries, so i can cook then can eat and live like a normal human being!
4-I loaned some ppl some money n i dont like borrowing money for too long!
5-I have late library return fine like GBP 20++?wth?right i knw i knw..long story as well..u knw easter hols n all..
5-Nak shoppingg....(not relevant but yeah just being honest here). especially want to get some souvenirs to bring back home for family n frensssss.

wanna go back to malaysia n forget bout all these pleaseeee!!

last nite when i read the Quran, i encountered this one ayat that hit me right on my nose..the timing of me reading this ayat is just soo right..u knw like im in such a mess whenever thinking bout this thing but this ayat restored my confidence(atleast coz im still in trouble anyway) i tagged it (im into Quran tagging nowadays :p)
Surah Al-Baqarah 2:245
"Baragsiapa meminjam (menginfakkan) Allah dengan pinjaman yg baik maka Allah akan melipatgandakan ganti dengan banyak. Allah menahan dan melapangkan (rezki) dan kepada-Nya lah kamu dikembalikan"

Wallahua'alam.Maybe i neglect or forget about this fact before this coz mayb too cought up in enjoyable stuff or something..Thanks God for this realisation n i shall pray to u lapangkanlah rezki ku, permudahkanlah urusanku..Amenn

Sunday, 13 April 2008

who said paris is a romantic city?

Alrite, here we goes..

30th march 08 - Arrived in excited!headed straight to our hotel, a nice hotel indeed! i thought it's just a cikai2 one coz the rent was quite cheap though. it was almost evening at that time..we were soo agitated n excited to c the so called fascinating eiffel tower. we heard the night view was without waiting much longer, we rus
hed over to eiffer tower quarter. Gawd! first impression:just a besi buruk..why so much fuss?haha...that was when i looked at it from afar, when we took a closer look at it..Gawd! fascinating indeed! they got the lights on at the dusk all over the eiffel...Subhanallah marvellous! fallin in love with the eiffel!(not eiffel im in love!~)then they got this glittering lights on it for a lil while...damn gorgeous!that's when i wonder ppl said eiffel has witnessed lotsa love confession down underneath it :)
eiffel at the dusk

eiffel at nyte...

eiffel during the day

wondering why im so "obssesed" with eiffel?'s the center of attraction!without eiffel, paris is no more than just another europe city.other part of the city is not that romantic, even the scenery..i do agree that the buildings are quite an eye-catcher plus with the nude sculptures..but that's not romantic isn't it?the boulevards are full of high-end boutiques that i didn't even dare to go in..
another important remark is that Paris has halal KFC!of coz we wudn't hav missed having them!well since this is a budget student vacation,we ate instant noodle almost evry nite!oh yea there was one nite we ordered a take-out pizza..even ordering a pizza took ages cozz needed to find each n evry ingredients frm translation dictionary before deciding which one to buy.other places we went in paris includes arc de triomphe, trocadero, opera, mosque de paris, musee du louvre, notre dame etc

3rd april 08 - went to disneyland resort!what a place!feel like in a wonderland seriously...*suddenly missing my childhood* sob3..ahaks!back in notts the very next more vacation sweetness :(

every moment i experienced there are priceless!lovin it!

easter holsss

dear diary,
who doesn't love holiday?im not eccentric ^^ my first few days of the hols was quite boring,no money n home alone plus too lazy to start wut i did was just lepak-ing, korean-ing n jepun-ing my self..owh yea n got this "cooking fever"..the new side of me eh :p

28th March 08- flight to dublin..the "wet" city!wanie fetched us from the airport..then went out to Stphen garden park, RCSI, Grafton street (buying all the souvenirs) n a few more places i forgot the names..but wut im so certain with is that i saw falling water frm the sky more than i saw the sun!that's dublin.haha!

the one in trinity college..lovin the architecture

tryinna be animal frenly by feeding the birdies in stephen green park

29th march 08 - IMAM Medical this one as well. Inspiring talk by the speakers..wish one day i cud inspire ppl as well :) later in the evening we had class gathering since many of were there including the cute jeluk..been a while since i hear loghat kelate..hehe it was nice n enjoyable 2 meet n catch up with everybody frm kmb class again

Jeluk's face expression was hilarious one!

30th March 08 - 'ponteng' the med symposium coz wanie "influenced" me to go shopping in Kildare Village..we almost missed the coach!all diz becoz of the not-informative-at-all information counter guy!thank God, we managed to get there n back safely. bought a pair of nike sneakers for momook n Levi's jeans for factory outlet!if only i hav more money...

then me wani ati n syiq departed to france the very next most awaited vacation destination this be continued...(^_^)V