Saturday, 29 September 2007

omg!i made it!

don't be hoaxed by the title..but however,today is kinda achievement for me cz i jst cooked my dinner jst now..hehe no need for me to tell wut did i cook cz it's kinda embarassing cz it was jst a real simple dish but i make a big fuss out of it cz it ws my first time cooking all by myself..somehow need LOTSA improvement..:p practice makes perfect isn't it?hehe..

went to city centre earlier on d day..then frm the old market square me n put went to hyson green market asda..bought a lot of things for sure..thank God k.fisya was around n lent me a bag so i can put my overweight plastique bags with oil,whole grain etc darn heavy man!then to make it worse,the bus '50' dat we're supposed to get in wasn't around...might be bcoz if the heavy unfortunately without wanting to put more burden on our foot + shoulder,me n put decided jst to take a cab..guess hw much was the fare????it was 9 pound!!but we got 1pound discount..doesnt make any different,does it?hoh..rugi besaaaar guee!!

orait..sleeping time..gotta wake up early 2morrow cz i plan 2 go to the carboot sale at 9..:)

Friday, 28 September 2007

alot more 2 xpect...

nothing much we had in lectures today..just an introduction about the early clinical development programme..surealot to expect frm me in d future..gambare!!i'l do my best!!
my GP tutor is Dr H Patel..sounds like a not sure when will i hav my first GP attachment but sure it'l be so much fun..ive been luking forward for this kind of thing since ages!

well im not fasting today.but stil i'l join anis at her place during break-fast hour today..she's lucky living with a bunch of medics senior..alot can she learn frm them..hurm nvm..i'l survive on my way..insyaAllah..

Thursday, 27 September 2007

strucked by loneliness...erkk

in the spur of the night...i was all of a sudden strucked by the loneliness..nothing wrong with the day..the sky's perfect..full of gleaming stars..the wheather's perfect..offering a refreshing breeze..but something's wrong with it the mood swing from pms?hahhh..

the class started off today with just a simple revision lecture "concept of the cell"..while waiting for the lecture to begin,someting about this lonelier thing came to my thought..ahh..homesick i guess..i hate this lonesome!frens r there..but true frens?bf perhaps?hoh..i think i just think tooo much that makes all those weird stuff popped into my mind..n strucked me like it's all crucial..but somehow it does make a significant impact on ones life right?companion,company,frens,partner n all...:(

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

heRe i aM..tHe englisH land..:)

wow it feels so good to be here!!but one nasty thing i hav to bear is jst the unbelievably dry cold weather with strong wind..but i'l get used to it..nvm actually it has been a week since i arrived..but just got the chance to start writing sumthing in here..

the univ is has kinda huge compound but everybody here just luv to walk down..hah, im so letih walking everyday..thank God there's this punctual hopper bus..but at times it's not so punctual though..

well,i've went to the city centre..quite far frm my place in beeston actually but there's always a no prob at all!i got so tempted to shop!!in PRIMARK..omg the things r cheap man! then this SPORTS WORLD selling all those branded sports attire like nike adidas n all..n the price r all affordable!!well at least i need not to convert the GBP to RM or else..i wont get a thing!it's times 7!wut do u expect!and another one that i luv soo damn much is the carboot sale!!omg..i bought tones of stuff!!2 cute teddies r only 50p..this one pink jacket is only for 80p..owh cant wait to go there again..hehe

my flatmates r all from england..4 of them..megan,jess,jenn,n sarah..they've invited me to go to pub for 3 times!haha..dunno how to xplain so i jst sort of make few excuses n said dat i hav sumthing else..haha funny though..but they're nice..friendly..chic!n it's fun to hav a chat with's a remarkable xperience for me 4 sure to be able to mix up with them n share a flat 2gether this year..

met my tutor yesterday..he's a pediatrician..a great man..n the other person under him 2gether with me is Daniel or i call him Dan..a gud-luking english guy..hehe he's nice n im so pleased to meet n get 2 knw him...:)

Monday, 17 September 2007

23 kg!~

i LOVE my purpink(purple+pink) luggage!...hehe the current weight of my luggage is 23 kg!

hopefully they can tolerate n permit the 23 kgs..

i tink i've placed inside everything urgent..hopefully nothing's missing..

from rempah ratus even!

so i'l be at klia at about 700..gather at C17 after break-fast..check-in n all then take-off at about 1140pm..then after 13 hrs flight,reaches heathrow journey insyaAllah..amin:)

Sunday, 16 September 2007

the leaving speech...:(

honestly speaking..i dont really quite understand my own current supposed to be so hepi n xcited but yet im sad..n kind of reluctant to leave..but mayb this is just for now(hopefully..)

when im gone..
i wont be able to tease momooks..'gomol' him,hug him,kiss his belly n bumpy even..
i wont be able to tease dodo..
i wont be able to holler out abang..
i wont be able to be kissed by ayah..
i wont be able to cat fight with ibu..

when im gone..
who's gonna help ibu with making kuih raya..
who's gonna company her shopping til drop..
who's gonna make fuss to ibu..

when im gone..
momooks can always get into my room without being chew out..
ibu wont have to always ask me to tidy up my room..
ayah wont have to flatten his pocket..
abg wont have to relinquish..

i thought im strong..but im im no toughie!!

how can they be replaced!
how can i be sure that i'l be as happy!

im going with a big heart..huge hopes..mounted dreams..
with love in my heart..hello uk,gubye msia!!

Thursday, 13 September 2007


suddenly i feel like writing bout conotation of LOVE lies thousands of meanings and related adjectives ..sayang,cinta,suka sangat..those r malay words that describe love...scandal, hook up, fling, fonds, lust, admire, like..those r the things that people always get confused with and r often being associated with love..

i do believe in true love..yes true love does exist..and am still waiting for my turn..coz i believe everybody wil find one..ok,i'll tell bout my xperience with this kind of 'love' related problems..*sounds funny* i dunno wut does it mean by puppy love but i sure did xperience it without even noticing it..several times infact!ok,i knew nothing bout this whole coupling thingy when i was in elemantary...during form 1,i liked this one good-japanese-looking boy..funny,kind,clever,tall..gud in martial art even!he was my class teacher's son..haha he treated me so nicely so i guess he felt the same way as i did..(prasan!!!huahaha) this was one of my remarkable unforgetable memories..:) i think i will still fond of him if we meet again now or in the future..hehehe then i moved to a boarding skul..suprisingly there was no one i admired or like more than jst frens..immature?dunno lah..i jst love the frenship in this skul, so relationship was way the least of my list..huhu but there was a few la yg kind of try me u know..he stood up for me for 5 yrs..(since form 1!!)..i felt sorry but well, wut can i do..i jst saw him as a mere fren..i hav this trouble of switching frm a fren to a lover bad mayb..but he found himself a gul now aready..gud 4 him..but we kind of not-so keeping in touch lately..kinda sad on that part actually..:p and there was one whom i told him not to call me anymore when he called my home numba 4 the first time..i knw i was acting so bitchy..but jst cudn't help it u was so sudden n impulsive!eloborate so much on that mayb..k move on to d next one..hohoho

then i met this one kinda-handsome guy during ns..he really caught my attention! yeps i dated him but it only last for a was complicated with him towards the end of our relationship..he's sweet doubt on that..but i kind of found out that he's kinda jerk! i tink it's better 4 me not to talk more bout this,cz it really burns me the matter of fact,im quite upset with my first true relationship..then 2 yrs in kmb..i found myself nobody..for 2 yrs FGS!but i did admire this one guy,not so good looking..most people in his class didnt like him much becz of his "mulut lepas"..but i stil liked him!i saw sumthing pure in him...but unfortunately,he liked someone else who is his gf now..but im comfortable n satisfied 2 befren with him...

so in these 2 yrs..i tink ive made lotsa thinking bout l.o.v.e..kinda more mature just made me keener of finding true love..i hav this perceptual thinking of people being a denial..acting like they dont wnt to couple now(at the age of 20) yet so flirtatious inside!

hurm..long entry this time..nvm,njoy writing it tho(",)

i actually planned ti upload a song entitles "the rose" by bettle's a very nice song for this so touched by the lyrics..not jiwang eheh!:)jsta bit sentimental..hahaha! but unfortunately,some probs occured..too bad

Wednesday, 12 September 2007


u know why i write a blog??i hav always wanted to keep a diary..when i was 13/14 yrs old (tink so:P)..i kept this one lovely diary..coz i tink it's sweet to hav every single things jotted down so that when we're older ( old???)..we can simply flip through the so called diary to recall all the ups n downs we've been through..but the bad habit bout me is QUITE keeping n writing one..n im rather a secretive person u kinda freak out if somebody finds out bout the diary...(never happened though) the diary lasted only for half a year..eyh i tink less than half a year!:(

so that's y i blog..but up to now,i just keep writing anonymously..told ya im that i won't feel restricted to pour out anything "nasty"...(??)hehehe..n so nobody'll feel offended after reading my blog..coz i really treat this as my own personal diary...


arghh!!i just went back from mom's paksu passed away yesterday..imagine we travelled about 4-5 hours to kulim..n overnite there for just 1 nite..pity u my father..:p well, speaking of my realtives in kedah, that's from my mom's big family tree is quite complicated and so i dont knw much bout it..i only know n recognise the close one..3 of my aunts are in uk,so i guess i'l hav no prob of finding free open house during diz coming raya...(is there such paid open house btw??)..2 in kent, n 1 in london..hopefully they'l accept me as their guest of "honour"!hehe..

intan n mun r leaving today..hurm..nervous counting down til my turn!huhu..still lotsa things to settle beforehand..gotta be quick just in case anyhting unexpected appears on last minute preapration..

hurm..ok,i'l update on later..jaaa~

Monday, 10 September 2007

nothing much

well,as the title implies..nothing much happened today..just another normal day..n again, i live today normally..:) went to klcc to return nadz's dvds..n together with her was her "gay" fren..haha kinda funny, n nice xperience as well u knoe to hav such a fren..:p

umm,im not in a writing mood today coz nothing really came to my mind..i jst hav this joy feeling of the excitement of starting a new chapter of life in a week time u know..but i guess this excitement has jst drifted mt mind frm thinking bout ramadhan..which is the bad part coz as a muslim im supposed to be soo joy n soo xcited to welcoming ramadhan..although i knw im not dat so gud of a worshipper..but stil u knw..well,ok i'l try to be better this ramadhan ok..with all my heart n soul!!!

Sunday, 9 September 2007

new laptop!!hoyeea~

hah im sooo in a gud mood today!course i am!got new laptop maa!hehe..
well it's not my dreamed laptop though..but nvm,the specs r great!so of course im satisfied!
it has everything i need!except 4 the design i guess..hehe

hurm..there's one thing bothering me since yesterday..i haven't been able to hang out with mi sad,haven't met her for so long ok!dunno wut she's thinking,well people change don't they?perhaps i can no longer assume that things now r still the same as before.well, too bad then!