Thursday, 19 November 2009

HoW beautifuL!!

"Most things in life are a double-edged sword"...while they are in favour at one dose or under one condition, they may be disfavour at another dose or under another condition. Sounds very familiar kan??

And this is analogous to what Alexander Fleming (discoverer of penicillin) once said -
if the soil causes the disease; the cure to the disease also lies in it. For example, while Tumour Necrosis Factor (TNF) mediates rheumatoid arthritis, the soluble form of its receptor is used for its treatment. And similarly, while Helper T cell 1 (Th-1) secreted cytokines tht mediate inflammation, Th-2 produces cytokines that supress it. Vice versa, Th-2 secreted cytokines tht leads to allergy, Th-1 produced cytokines tht supress it.

Isn't this perfect arrangement just soo beautiful Subhanallah!Macam org bercinta, dialah racun dialah penawar!heheh!Setiap yg berlaku ada hikmah nya, tak gitu. Sesungguhnya bersama kesusahan ada kesenangan(Al-Insyirah).

Still on the same double-edged sword principle;
acute inflammation is protective to our body but once it lasts too long or becomes chronic, it may lead to diseases like cancer for instance. So on tht note, don't u think that is why we're strongly advised to live in moderation? For example; at one end, salt is needed to maintain the electrolytes balance in our body but if we consume too much salty stuff, there comes hypertension etc. Likewise, gastric acid is needed to help maintains the environment in our stomach suitable for digestion and protective against bacterial infection but kalau kita x jaga like makan x tentu masa n all, tht same acid jugak cn cause gastritis, hakis our stomach lining causing ulceration and in long term may lead to cancer.

Cantik dah susunan Tuhan tu kan!(^_^)

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