Tuesday, 7 July 2009

i luv holidayyyy

whoaaa...poor blog i abandoned u for quite some time..but im still alive though. touched dwn at klia on 22nd june..quarantined my self at home for about a week(as if!)haha..

then went on a trip with my girlss last weekend. tikamad, jan, dian, ainarus, wani, chepah, iffah, n ainabak..some r still missing but it was a blast nonetheless! luv u guys lots! we had soooo much fun k! thanks for the great time..may we'll still be in touch with each othr no matter wut we do in the future. u guys will never be forgotten!

the reunion surely gave a different feeling frm our highskul time..but not tht much..haha think we've all grown up? well, in a way, yess..but at some point, not even by an inch! at least datin is still all crazy. =p n most importantly, met jannatun aftr 2yrs!ker 3 yrs tah?!tenkiu sbb blk msiaaa yer jenny yer.. (^_^) activity kitorg tak byk..coz it ws raining quite heavily on our 2nd day there..n also coz we enjoy talk, talk, n talk so much we dnt mind to be confined anywhere as long as we hav each othr n fooood!hehe..reminiscing was a must la kan! laughing at our own silly past surely brought back the sweet memories. here's the talking pics to sum up our wonderful trip; (it goes frm bottom to top)
n this marked the end of our trip..til we meet again!
early celebration of tikamad's 21st!
the must-have multipurpose bag
family pic =)
off we go!
eating time!BBQ
Getting cheap stuffs for the bbq..

there's still few ppl i miss tht i haven't met..hope to get the chance b4 sept..to whom it may concern, pls make some time.