Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Long day at work, really.

was in post natal wards for screening yesterday. came in to work around 7.20am after buying some kuih for breakfast. was too tired to wake up in the morning as i was still exhausted from 7am-10pm shift the day before.

whilst preparing to read cases in 5A in the doctors room, got called by a SN frm outside tht they're looking for paeds doctor. was informed by a SN all the way frm 11B tht they have a hypoglycaemic baby with a dxt of 0.7!!! WHAT?!
hospital phones not working tht morning, tht's why she had to come all the way down. fine. so i went upstairs with the super shitty lift. not wanting to delay the Tx, i asked the nurse to call her colleague up there to give a bolus of D10% first. got there, the D2 OL baby looked really lethargic. pity him. dxt went up yo 1.4 after the bolus. 2nd one also given. in the meantime, managed to call my on call MO to attend the case. the child seemed to be in resp distress as well, so we intubated him and quickly transported him to NICU. 

phewh, all in all i came back down to 5A at around 9am. my MO is already there to do rounds but i havent read a single cases. lol. so we just ran through them together quickly. only 2 of us taking care of 4 postnatal wards today. so 5B is on me as well. in the middle of the rounds, my MO had to attend a call in LR. so in between, managed to read some cases frm 5B. rounds resumed around 10:30 and finished nearly 12 kot in 5B. then i continued my screening back in 5A. got branula insertions lah, bloods lah in between. then quickly went to 5B for screening, t'was around 2 something at that time. had to discharge baby really late that day. also, few more issues came up in 5A delaying my charting and discharge - vomiting baby lah, suctioning baby, a child needing eecho and pathological jaundice. phewh!! finished charintg everything around 7.15pm!! didnt even get to finish my breakfast kuih, what's more of having lunch!! had to come back at 9pm for on call! how's that?!

came for night call around 930pm feeling so exhausted already! wasnt that peaceful of a night either! managed to get a nap for abt 2hrs - OK la..had a last minute EMLSCS at 6.45am and reached home at 8am. long long day indeed. 

so tired i dont even know how to describe it. babies are cute. i like it, but i'm mentally, physically and mentally drained.