Sunday, 10 February 2008

Wanna know why

At times
I don’t know why
Embracing the present
Basking the ambience
Seems hollow

At times
I don’t know why
The divine endeavour
Full of joie de vivre
Adrift elsewhere
Gone astray, lacklustre

At times
I don’t know why
The jaunty me
Trying hard to swallow
The every bright and breezy
Often fails, go bananas

At times
I don’t know why
Inclination of amity
Becomes a zealous desire
Hankering my other half
Becomes a fervent hope

That’s what I want to know why
Every times..

Friday, 8 February 2008

coOl dissecTion!!

ngahaha..i love today's dissection session!actually today is our first dissection assessment kinda nervous..but it was so darn fun! we enjoyed it soo much!wut's displayed in text book are totally diferent from the REAL one!first, the textbook is colourful n in cadaver, everything is pretty much the same i.e pale looking..but some r quite distinguishable..liek vein vs nerve.

during the last few minutes before we're assessed..we were like sooo agitated + nervous + scared + excited at the same time!we still hav lots that we cudn't identify in our cadaver like the thoracic duct..the bifurcation of trachea..right recurrent larryngeal nerve..almost everybody got their hand inside Emily's thoracic cavity!hah!but the instructor understood somehow the problem we're facing..they also admitted that it's hard to find the thoracic duct..our grup managed to get mostly A n B..pretty good actually for this first session but im sure the nxt session r more difficult..and wut's more relieving for me is that, i managed to answer the question given for's jst psycho..thank God i got a quite easy question..anyhow,i tink im getting into the rythm of human anatomy..:)

lovin it!

Monday, 4 February 2008

fraught :(

well lately,ive been overwhelmed by soo many catastrophic event..such a mental turmoil! here r the list..

1.falling into a scam??how stupid cud that be?? too dismayed to detail out everything but the situation now is i had to close both of my step n first reserved account and open the new ones. erghh..very messy!but thank God im still here n not in cell!

2.broke!currently i only hav 60pd in my account..loaned 159pd frm k.fisya n 21pd frm atie..pathetic isn't it?when will mara bank in my allowance plus the arrears???shoot!do they think we have our parents here for us to ask for an advance????!!!n i still have 260pd to pay for my house deposit...wuaaa!! bike seat was stolen!!!

4.first seme xm result..well it's not yet out but i tink i can foresee the darkness of my result..sooo scary..ya Allah..aku tawakal padamu..n pasrah n am ready for anything dat u've set for me...wholeheartedly..


p/s;well..hormonal imbalance has got to do with halves of this emotional disturbance..cheers!