Tuesday, 30 September 2008

saLam aiDilfitRi~

Dear Muslims,

With Hearty Greetings and All Good Wishes on the Auspicious Day of
Eid, I would like to wish all of you HAPPY EID UL FITR. May this happy occasion brings us more blessings, joy and tranquility in life.

"Minal 'Aidin Wal Faizin" -Semoga kita semua tergolong dalam mereka yang kembali (ke fitrah) dan berhasil (dalam latihan menahan diri)

29th Sept 08 - Me n my frens were break-fasting at Kak Ayu's place..then after a series of filling up our tiny lil tummy, we got a text frm ISOC president saying that Eid falls on 30th Sept..TOMORROW!!(or today dat im writing diz)..we're quite surprised, coz it's rather unexpected n so sudden..most of us hoped it wud fall on 1st Oct..simply to put, we weren't mentally prepared jst yet..then,pasrah. fine, class at 11 2morrow. so wut.

Wutever it is, i ws soo hepi coz we're beramai-ramai having our last iftar 4 diz yr..sgt meriah, didnt feel alone la sng citer..hehe then we went home, preparing some juadah utk pagi raya esoknya..seronok2!

30th Sept 08 - Like the previous yr, Eid prayer was held at sports centre..there ws a sea of Muslims...all over the world!How precious..how unique Islam is..festival is not merely a day of fest, but it's also about togetherness..no matter wut u wear, wut language u speak, frm where u come from, who ur fren is, n wut u do..everybody becomes one..SUJUD kpd Ilahi..If this is how it's like in Nottingham on Eid day, i wonder how marvelous it is in Makkah during hajj period..

As usual after the prayer, it wud definitely be a photo session..best2!then, went to class..how boring,i know!but we jst syaed until like 1..then skipped the histology lab n CLS class..(im soo sorry)..but wut to do..in raya mood meyn..hehe

Us frm Notts Uni wishing Salam Aidilfitri to all our family in Msia..sob3 ^^

Sunday, 28 September 2008

thE taSte Of fiRst weEk of teRm

God, Im already in Notts..wut's more,in 2nd yr!still can't believe it...it feels like yesterday i went to medical interview,worrying over offer n all...hurmm...that's how fast time flies..hope ive made the most out of last yr..did i?

We medics already had lectures on our FIRST DAY of term!yes, that was when everybody else in other courses still celebrating their arrival etc...but wut to do...i dnt mind either..coz i knw this course too well to complaint:p
My first week of term is unexpectedly busy..apart frm lectures,DR etc, i got some nms stuff to see through as well..n helping juniors where necessary n duty rota at the freshers fayre..sttling down in a new house also is taking time..but it was enjoyable indeed i figured..looking forward to the rest of my 2nd yr..courseworks seem quite a number...modules also seem tougher..but yeah,im in it so im up to it..

3 days more to aidilfitri!!:)

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

sO lonG, and gOodbyE

My sweetheart,

You shower me warmth when I feel detached

You keep it cool when we’re in stifling mood

You know what I need.. You always do..

Whenever I came to you feeling down

You’ll embrace me tight, locking me from the outer world

See, you’re always there!

But sayang,

What did I give you in return?

My tantrum, my bad habits, my laziness, my nagging

You witnessed it all!

But hey!

I still love you

Does that count?

Owh yes,

I bought sweet present for you too, remember?

Unless some irresponsible fella snatch it from you,

You’ll wear it all the time!..very proudly

I know sometime I neglect you

Letting others to take care of you

But baby trust me,

I never disregard you!

What’s more abandoning you!

The moment has once again arrived

It's the time to bid farewell,

So long, and goodbye..

But I’ll return to you for sure

I swear!

Wherever I go,

How far we parted,

You can never be replaced


The one and only..

My dearly lovely room..(^_^)

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

iT's sTill abOut vaCaTion..

Enough to describe the trip isn't it? :p

**meynn the picture turns out blurr plak**

wHen the meRcy of bEing hEalthy is teSted

I hav sooo many thingss i wanted to write coz it's been a few days since i last wrote in here..but one step at a time,no? :p (currently got hooked by dat song).

I caught a cold last sat n was feeling sooo awful-head like spinning gasing, skull like bursting out, limbs like being screwed n both sides of my nose congested like traffic jam kat KL!Only God knows!And i ws supposed to break-fast with che pah n tikamad on dat day :( but no harm. After a whole day of resting(or sleeping?) only cud i be 'alive' again the nxt day. Alhamdulillah im all better now, except 4 the stuffy nose.

Owh yeah, i just returned from my appointment with ENT doc again jst now to get the allergy test result. Here is wut they got:
1.Total serum IgE level is very low thus indicates a very low probability of an IgE-mediated allergy reaction.
2.And the spesific test for aeroallergens (house dust) shows a very mild positive reaction.
Apart frm that, im free frm any allergy!One thing im so relieved: yeay sume makanan leh tibai!hehee :p

So back to this house dust n mites thingy..erghh, where got a dust-free house?? then gotta live in a bubble la??something i hav to reluctantly accept with an open mind. Things happen with reasons..**trying 2 think positive**
The recommendations given to me includes encasing pillow n mattress with an anti-mite control barrier which is medically designed to prevent mites or other allergens to pass through it to reach one's body..n i was like..WOW!And the price?RM220..again i was like...WOWWOW! Fine..in seeking gud health 4 a gud cause, we r asked to diligently make an effort..so i bought it. Hope it helps. See how it goes 4 a year, if worse come to worse..im not sure if im considering surgery??Hurmm..

P.S; Owh yer, i wnted to write bout my vacation in Perhentian Island as well but nxt entry lah kot

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Berbuka lebih 'uumph' dgn SeRunDing DaGing :)

Wut's there with candy floss???it'll only giv us cavity! we Malaysian got our very own special meat floss!but not so gud 4 those with high blood pressure n heart probs..hehe

Serunding daging has always been my favorite dish 4 buka puasa n raya..the dining table'll look "empty" without it..hehe So this time, my mom has decided to make our own homemade serunding..I said to myself "Why trouble?Jln TAR bersepah..cn jst buy loh,easy!"That was jst becoz im a lazy bumpy u see :p But my mom insisted n i was like..ok2 fine, it'll be fun though..hehe Here's the super-duper easy recipe:

2.5kg of beef (cut into small pieces)
2kg shallots (cut into thin slices)
coconut milk (about 3 biji kelapa)
chillies (blended)
salt to taste

Err..not to forget, u also need 2 prepare urself a taste of endurance n patience(^_^)

1)Boil the meat until
tender. Recommended duration is about 5hrs.

2) Shred the meat into fine thin slices and set aside. NB:If u unfeignedly shred them with ur fingers like i did, with that amount of meat..it''ll probably take 3 weeks. Wut my dad did was smash/knock/whack the meat using this hammer-like kind of thing til it's flat n it'll be much3 easier to shred.

3) Heat up the wok. Combine the coconut milk n all the other ingredients.

4) Bring it to boil and then add in the shredded meat and some salt to taste.

5) Leave it boils until dry. NB:
Stir the mixture well every now and then. ( Esp at the base of the wok so it won't stick or get burnt)

6) Serve n eat well!! :p

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Natural hot springs or onsen

Last August, me n my family went to Sungai Klah Hot Springs Park in Perak..Aunty Radiah n family were also coming with us..it's just a weekend-out..the place is very new and really far in the FELDA area. Generally, the place was quite impressive. But the first impression given by the staff wasn't that satisfactory i wud say.Why?Here it goes, we arrived at about 1100am, n it's understandable that we cudnt yet check-in. They said check-in starts at 2. So we went to this Pusat Pemuliharaan Haiwan (Seladang, burung, and xingt lagi satu binatang pe) to kill time. We went back at 2pm. But unfortunately, the room still wasn't ready coz the previous customer hadn't check-out yet. Other rooms are full..So fine, we waited. But it's been dragging on til 330pm...wth rite?They said they're still doing the room service.(Wut, so now not enuf staff?) My dad n aunty Radiah got real mad. Apalagi, kasi "advise" sikit la kat the staff at the check-in counter. Then finally near 4pm, we got our room keys.And guess wut now?It's a wrong key...we're so unfortunate or they're jst not efficient?Wuteverrrla..
Despite the not-so-fine services, the stay was enjoyable. Especially to the kids. They got this 2 big pools, 1-hot springs 2-springs water pool..the public hot spring pool is quite big with different depth..Wut a gud way of body n mind relaxation..some says it also helps to detoxify n gud 4 diabetics.We also rented a private jacuzzi. I love it!The park also have egg boiling area but have to bring our own eggs la. Apart from that, they also hav spa&massage, water reflexology etc. Seriously i wud recommend this place to all the urban peeps out there. Sometimes shifting our faculty of vision frm blocks n concretes to greenery feels very refreshing.

Map to Sg Klah Hot Spring Park. More info, jst google the place!

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

kegiatan x berfaedah

In 3 weeks time, i'll be going back 2 notts...erghh!n now, im bored! got nothing in particular to write really..enjoying berpuasa in here, at home..n kegiatan paling x berfaedah in Ramadhan is doingg nothing which is wut im literally doing now..actually i got stuff to see through like sponsor 4 notts game etc...but still,boringg loh..nk keluar mls sungguh maka terdampar lah sy di rumah ini..well at least im enjoying my own company in my very own precious room b4 i fly off back 2 uk..kan3?!

the first day of puasa, i buke puasa in selayang..with the whole relatives present. very meriah, i like it very much.since it's the first yr of celebrating eid without my grandma, they plan 2 have it there and masak lemang together2 on the raya eve!how great!unfortunately, i'll be celebrating my 2nd eid in uk...how sad!even thinking bout it makes me wanna throw a fit!da naseb badan...isk3..sob3
yes, im pretty annoyed..cnt help it but to bottle up