Saturday, 6 June 2009

Mari berbasikal!

CRM 2009 presents...

Nottingham's own trio set on a 35km cycling trip to Derby. They have voluntarily come up to the CRM team to help raise enough funds to buy medical supplies and other humanitarian needs of the poor in Cambodia.

As eager as they are to help the cause, we, the CRM team will do our best to visit house-to-house around Nottingham's student housing area to drop a sponsorship form, for each household's convenience. These sponsorship forms (hopefully,together with your contribution) will then be collected in roughly a week's time Insha Allah.

For households that wish to sponsor but the CRM team aren't able to reach due to various unfortunate reasons, please be happy to transfer the money to the account stated in the poster.

Take-home message:

Sponsor them, and make their cause your cause too.

"Enlightening the hopes of Cambodia"

Theme song: BASIKAL TUA oleh Sudirman

Friday, 5 June 2009

mr Brain!!

A japanese drama with Kimura Takuya yg kacak as the lead actor!!i highly recommend u this drama!ala2 CSI but focusing more on neuroscience aspect of solving criminal cases. it's funny, informative n cute!! =) brain..brain..brain..i lyke!!

here's the synopsis.
Tsukumo Ryusuke is neuroscientist working for the National Research Institute of Police Science (part of the National Police Agency). He is generally incapable of reading the atmosphere of a situation, but when it comes to science, he is well respected. Whenever something catches his interest, he thoroughly sticks to it and never gives up, chasing down the criminals with certainty.