Thursday, 26 March 2009

the little things

nothing in particular sbenarnyer..
jst something i came across with when i was at a Gaza talk organised by nottingham stop war.
actually i was kinda sleepy during the talk coz i ws quite exhausted..yela jst got bck frm Prague then membaking-baking tart 4 cardiff games so the talk pn became so-so jugakla..
but wut fascinates me was the fact tht all sorts of ppl came for the talk. yes all sorts. muslim, of course. n the non-muslims, from old grandma to children. from weird-looking chaps to the hey-im-cool youths. seriously i think it's amazing. we might bump into these kind of ppl who look rather 'weird' or 'scary' to be near with on the street. but hey these ppl might also be the one who have something in common with u..they also CARE. we tend to judge ppl by their looks. but deep in their heart, we dnt know a thing! they cud be much better than those who look proper on the outside but actually ignorance in the inside.
n i cn even hear the granma behind me struggling to breathe properly! n she still come..if we were at tht age, will we still CARE as much as she does??

Sunday, 15 March 2009


tegami - Angela Aki

such a sweet song...

Haikei kono tegami yondeiru anata wa
Doko de nani wo shiteiru no darou

Juugo no boku ni wa dare ni mo hanasenai
Nayami no kanae ga aru no desu

Mirai no jibun ni atete kaku tegami nara
Kitto sunao ni uchiake rareru darou

Ima makesou de nakisou de
Kieteshimaisou na boku wa
Dare no kotoba wo
Shinji arukeba ii no?
Hitotsu shika nai kono mune ga nando mo barabara ni warete
Kurushii naka de ima wo ikiteiru
Ima wo ikiteiru

Haikei arigatou juugo no anata ni
Tsutaetai koto ga aru no desu
Jibun to wa nani de doko e mukau beki ka
Toitsu dzukereeba mietekuru

Areta seishun no umi wa kibishii keredo
Asu no kishibe e to yume no fune yo susume

Ima makenai de nakanai de
Kieteshimaisou na toki wa
Jibun no koe wo shinjiaru keba ii no?
Otona no boku mo kizutsuite
Nemurenai yoru wa aru kedo
Nigakute amai ima ikiteiru

Jinsei no subete ni imi ga aru kara
Osorezu ni anata no yume wo sodatete
La la la, la la la, la la la
Keep on believing
La la la, la la la, la la la
Keep on believing, keep on believing, keep on believing

Makesou de nakisou de
Kieteshimaisou boku wa
Dare no kotoba wo shinji arukeba ii no?
Aa Makenai de nakanai de
Kieteshimaisou na toki wa
Jibun no koe wo shinjiarukeba ii no
Itsu no jidai mo kanashimi mo
Sakete wa torenai keredo
Egao wo misete ima wo ikite yukou
Ima wo ikite yukou

Haikei kono tegami yondeiru anata ga
Shiawase na koto wo negaimasu...

Friday, 13 March 2009





the deadline for all 3 coursework is nxt week...........i cn do this!!cnt wait to get this over with..
erghh mayb notts medics r jst not used to having lots of coursework..that's y im like this..hehe

owh yes the may exam schedule is out. *hypoxia*!!
no gap at all for all 4 papers...revision week pn xde...camne nie..wuaaa!!feel like locking my self in my room the whole easter..!but hav bought the flight tickt to prague already..guess i wont hav a 'serene' trip this time around.


Wednesday, 4 March 2009

not gud enough?

u knw wut makes ppl feel so low? or the feeling tht some ppl hate the most? i think it's the thought or feeling of not good in anything we do. well yea in fact, i do feel it sometime. must say, it's an awful feeling. it really is. frm tht little feeling, ppl will feel, not worthless but mayb less worthy. but yea if we bring ourselves close to Allah and Quran, tht evil thoughts will jst go away and we'll soon realize how we're needed in the ummah. but the worse case, is when "individualism" is so much all around us, the eagerness of becoming the winner. are we not good enough if we lost? why wanna be the first so much? wut r we trying to prove? and to whom?but, does tht mean it's ok to be the lagging one?

u knw there are ppl who're really good at everything they do? some even hav almost evrythng in life..frm looks, to wealth, capabilities and perfect partners. they must be jack of all traits and master of everything too. but is tht really considered as evrything in life?or is it more to life?isn't tht jst too gud to be true? is it justifiable? did those ppl who excel in every single thing they lay their finger on work very hard diligently?or are they gifted? coz i too, wonder why cn't i excel in everything i do? did i not do my best and try hard enough?mayb yes.haha. but i believe, evryone has a different story of their lives. God is All Knowing. He gives more to those who're grateful. wut shud keep us going i think is faith. coz if we wanna reason evrything in life n question evrybody's fate..bole commit suicide kot! and the desire to excel will also keep us too, jst like u, hav tht desire. n it's very strong too. at least in one thing, oh no actually two. mayb we cnt be narrow-minded n see "excellency" in a smaller scope or limited area. see it in a bigger picture, tht serves our purpose of life, then i tink there'll be lights at the end of the tunnel for us. may we work hard for it and may God makes it easy for us. Ameen.

p.s; i hav no idea frm where in the world did all these suddenly popped out of my head. but it's something useful to ponder upon tho.i think.

Monday, 2 March 2009

a busy week ke?

x busy pwn..saje mengade eventful week is more like it..erm, ive been very lazy to update my blog these days xtau la nape, mayb running out of idea on wut to write already. owh n apart frm that, i hav plenty of courseworks diz sem so between courseworks n blog...i tink something else wins!haha.

jst got bck frm paintballing yesterday, omak aii sakit2 badan den~ n for the first time ever, the team i ws in won the game!haha!p.s; sesape tau mengurut meh2 ler tolong haa..^^

looking weary aftr the game yet still putting on the winning smile^^

then the night before, our Thai course-mate invited us to a Thai Night event in trent. Lov the atmosphere, the performances and the food too esp Som Tum! **suddenly feels like going to bangkok or phuket for holiday** I jst knew tht they eat sticky how come the beras siam we hav in msia x sticky pwn?Towards the end of the night, it became a bit draggy already. full, bloated and we went home.

the medics on thai nyte

the night before the thai nyte was IAW grand dinner...the whole IAW this yr was such a great success, job well done isoc ppl!gotta help out with the flyering on my day off. it's very rewarding when ppl spent a few mins of their busy time to listen to wut u has gotta say esp bout ur own religion but when ppl avoid u, giving those ure-annoying-dnt-come-near-me kind of look, yea it kinda upsetting but i enjoyed it tho. we also opened up a booth on the cultural fair day but we ended up selling food instead =) thanks 2 those who helped out!May our good deeds be blessed by Him insyaAllah. we made some new frens too :p it moved the heart u knw to hear how ppl suddenly found out that they're 'lost' in the world greed n how they work so hard to find "the right path" for a peace of mind. and us, how ironic we cn sometime forget the value of this greatest gift of all and take it for granted when the others r working so hard at it.

malaysia booth..agk serabut i knw..ala lst minit..haha

us with cute lil pakistani sisters n khaleel, a palestinian boy.