Thursday, 1 November 2007

life as med student so far....^ ^

it's been more than a month since im a medical student which i've been really wanted not so long time ago.well so far i wud say,it's pretty spice.^^ most of my classes r lecture n so to say,STUDY. well of course!wut i really mean is, it's quite boring n tiring u see to be stucked in a lecture theater for 2 hrs..n being human, i can only fully concentrate on the first 40 mins of the where goes the remaining 20mins?A.Blankly staring on the slides or the lecturer itself B.Daydreaming(which most of the time)C.Blurrrrrrrr D.Shift my mind to think bout something else (it's different frm daydreaming ok cz a bit of thinking is being put there)^^

the quite exciting part so far is jst the role playing class (in which i quite screwed up mine-->y did SHE sooo irritating!!!) n the GP visit..looking forward to my turn to interviewing patient next week..hopes everything'll go smoothly n i won't sound like a know-nothing medical student.

my study is quite OFF the rythm now..i dnt know y which actually i do knw im sooo too lazy now..since when i've become like this???huh!i jst feel like there's no pushing factor.(hope u knw wut i mean)im not the type who needs reason to study like yea i must study to please my parent n so on..but it's jst u knw,cnt get the beat jst soo yet n im afraid it'l get tooo late til i catch up the pace.

hurm...i tink i need to figure out something that can push me down to my study desk..
having GOAL in mind is NOT enough..i hav to WRITE it down!!!!!WTH didn't i realize that before..hurm..hope it'll work