Tuesday, 16 October 2007

eid celebration in foreign land

ouh..it's been quite some time since my last entry..not dat i been busy,jst a lil bit lazy..:p
well,diz is my first time celebrating raya thousands miles away frm family..hurm..all of us here were wuite surprised when they announced dat raya falls on friday (12/10)..cz we xpected it to be on d next day..i was sooo not mentally n emotionally ready!! n worse, i got 1 hr basic emergency care practical class on that day..poor me..wtv..n i missed the sembahyang raya cz cha told me it wud be at 820am..n my clas ws at 9 so i thought i cudnt make it..but actually it started at 8!!arghh!frust!but it's ok..sabar..huhu

that night i went to my foster parent's house..not really a parent..brother n sister i wud say cz they're stil soo young..no kid even..helped them out in preparing the food for tomorrow's open house..then on saturday morning,we went to noel street leisure centre..there ws a get together with all d postgrad..so nice to see evrybody in their kurung with huge smiles put on their face..kids soo xcited playing around the hall..im soo touched actually..:)

then we proceed to a few postgrad's open house..during the day, i went to about 5 houses..n in the evening i (together with abg li n k.ija) went to a few other houses til 1am!!never been this worked up during hari raya!haha..

n on sunday i jst went to 3 seniors' open house in dunkirk i.e atiq's,cha's n k.fisya's..overall i wud say my first raya celebration was fab!!even though the first raya seemed a bit lonelier..hee

lecture n class now r going jst fine..of cz they r cz the prob is jst me self..gotta work harder..n smarter..lotsa things to revise already..chaiyok!!~