Wednesday, 27 August 2008


Sedekahkan Al-Fathihah buat nenek saye, Allahyarhamah Ramlah bt Ujang yang baru sahaja pulang ke pangkuan Ilahi pada malam Isnin lalu di wad CCU Hospital Selayang...


Last Sunday after my family n i jst got back from a weekend trip, at around 10pm or so, my dad got a call from Kak Ija (my aunty) asking him to rush coming to Selayang n get Uwe(my nenek) to the hosp saying that Uwe cudn't breathe. By the time we arrived kat Slayang, it was already about 1030pm..Uwe ws unconscious with her face n lips were all so pale already. i tried to feel her pulse but there ws none..!i was so horrified!She was in the midst of having her dialysis when she fainted. So my dad took her to hosp Selayang right byk traffic lights la pulak..kacao btul..

10 mins later, we arrived at Slyg Hosp n she ws rushed to resuscitation area right away. It took 25 mins to regain her pulse. N it took them 3 times to resuscitate Uwe coz they kept losing her!:( after the 3rd time, the doc askd us if we still wnt them 2 resuscitate her if the pulse wsnt there again. wut the all 3 anaks agreed on : 1 last one..
Then after a few hours, the pulse was gone...again!and so, they resuscitated her..again..Alhamdulillah, they got her back..Lepas tu she ws transfered to CCU ward in a very critical condition, she was intubated n the heart was supported with drugs : dopamine, noradrenaline n one more i dnt remember..the chance of surviving was less than 50-50..n she already suffered a brain damage so she'll only be in coma even though the pulse is present.

I went home the next morning at 7 after having some breakfast kat cafe hosp. me n my dad planned to go back at around 12, but at 10 something..Kak Ija called ayah nangis2 n everything saying Uwe has gone.As panic as it is, dgn x mandi lg tu..we rushed pegi hosp, smpai2 they're alredi crying at the ward waiting area. Hanya Tuhan je yg tahu how it felt! i tried to gather some strength n went in..kissed her on the face..

The silly-and-not-funny-at-all part was when the hosp ppl said Uwe hadn't gone yet. Her pulse was still there. But Kak Ija n Pak Uda (my uncle) said this one Chinese girl doc told them Uwe has already gone..n we knew this only after all the jiran tetangga n sedara mara had been informed!Adoii laa...miscom di situuu...

Lepas bincang2, the family agreed on stopping her drug..n let her go lepas stopped the ubat2, we jst wait n see..baca apa2 yg patut untuk memudahkn pemergiannya, definitely we all x nk Uwe pergi tp seeing her condition..x mau menyeksa lagi, menunggu saat bertemu ajal..

948pm, Innalillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Raaji'un..

Death Cert

Top: ECG with 0 pulse rate

Actually i planned to spend the first few days of Ramadhan in Slayang with Uwe..but God loves her more than i do..Watching her left this world right in front of me leaves me a big blow of course, coz i spent most of my childhood in Slayang with her, i grew up under her care!followed by a big regret as well..for not spending more time with her lately..The last time was 2 weeks ago..But thnk you Allah for not having me 2 resit any paper so i cud be by Uwe's side at this crucial moment...I jst cnt imagine if i only hear her leaving me n the world frm afar..dat's even more heart breaking..

Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat Allah dan ditempatkn di kalangan org2 yang dikasihi dan diredhai-Nya..Aminn
The last pic together....

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

code blue

  • Genre: Drama, Medical
  • Film Date: July, 2008
  • Total Videos: 11
  • Japan Casts:
    Aragaki Yui, Asari Yosuke, Higa Manami , Hiwatashi Shinji, Katsumura Masanobu, Kodama Kiyoshi , Ryo, Sugimoto Tetta, Terajima Susumu, Toda Erika, Yamashita Tomohisa, Yanagiba Toshiro, Zeny Kwok
  • Description:

    The drama's full title is "Code Blue: Doctor Heli Kinkyu Kyumei." The concept is based on Japan's proposal for an emergency medical service using helicopters to quickly reach those in need. A special bill was passed in June 2007 that should foster widespread adoption of the system. Yamashita stars as a young doctor-in-training, working under the guidance of an experienced "flight doctor" (Toshiro Yanagiba). Some scenes will be filmed with a real helicopter, adding to the show's tension.

Ngehehee...seyes best citer nie..very inspiring..hero pwn ensem..^^

Monday, 18 August 2008

longgggG way 2 go..

As cn be seen in my calender up there, i went 4 a pre-dep organized by IMAM..last yr i joined as the participant but this yr, as a fast time flies great as ever, i njoyed joining the's gud when a bunch of med student cn meet up engaging our selves in our common interest..

........................................................................ to get there?and how euphoric it is to be there?
The line of work isn't a joke, n the pathway isn't a leisure be in a med skul, it's a bliss!but that's just the beginning..4get all the tip top previous score, be it SPM or skul is totally a DIFFERENT who's in this KNOWS very well wut im talking about..
So let's make our calculation:

Undergraduate studies = 5 yrs (minus 1-since im done with my 1st yr alhamdulillah)
Housemanship = 2 yrs
Waiting 4 masters = 2 yrs minimum (during this time, might be posted to rural areas)
Postgrad studies = 4 yrs (doing ur specialty)
Subspecialist = 2/3 yrs (depending on the field)
Total = 16/15 yrs

So, do we really think in 15/16 years time..we wont encounter any 'badluck' or failure? Say i get married now,my child will even be done with PMR by d time i get my subspecialty cert!(well that's jst a comparison of how long the journey 2 become a full subspecialist is) Anything can happen within that 15/16 yrs time..IF any unwanted things ever happen at any point within that 15/16 yrs, will we be able to look back and say.."Alaa, kalaola aku study btul2 n tak main2..."or will we be able to face the present and say.."Ergh..kalao amik course lain kan dah lepak2 je skang.."or will we be able to foresee our future ahead and say.."Wutever happen,i'll go for it jugak!"

It's too unpredictable isn't it??..we can study as hard as we cn ever bear, but how cn we be sure of the outcome?Say in our anatomy or any theory paper, God knows how a lot it is the facts we have 2 memorize..wut if we get ill during the revision period but recover on the exam day???And say in our clinical exam, yes we've memorize all the theories n has mastered all the skills required but who knws wut kind of patient we may get?wut if the patient refuse to co-operate?SEE?? very important point here this bumpy pathway, only to GOD we shud submit ourselves to..Only Him cn make us healthy, only Him cn giv us good luck, only Him cn make we feel like flipping through the topics that will come out in the exams d nxt day..only HIM..Doa, Usaha n Tawakkal...With pure intention, may Allah make it smooth for us all...=)
i write this cz im i i...i dnt knw