Tuesday, 17 July 2007


hah!my btn is tommorow...and i caught a cold today!!arghh!!very uncomfortable laa with this selsema...wuaaa!!hurm...hopefully i'get well soon :(

Sunday, 15 July 2007

shud i quit or shud i stay??

you know what,working is really tiring!expecially at a cafe or restaurant where u have to serve, clear the tables up, greet and so on. well, im not that desperate to work right now so mayb that's why i have a room to feel this way. and that's why i think it's really2 important for us to find a job in a field that we like most..if working is all about money,then the working hours will be seen as just as a burden in exchange to get the pay. im so glad i chose medicine line, hopefully i'll be into my work in the future and enjoy it as part of my life.
following that, im thinking of quitting the job as a barista end of this month. well, my very first point of working is killing time, then comes money and experience. i guess now i've realized how valuable my free time now before the departure so staying home, enjoying the free time with no study on my top priority list is the best thing i think i shud do now. then for money, one month salary is enough i think for me to enjoy shopping. becuz later i'll get the reimburse money for ukcat and ucas application from mara together with the pocket money for departure. well, that's uncertain i know but never mind..i just assumed i'll get it somewhere in august. then for experience, i think i already know how to serve, how to prepare certain breakfast meal, and to make some ice blended..haha that's not enough fo sure but it's OKay la as for the time being. meeting new people everyday from different country speaking of various different languages connected by coffee,tea, latte, mocha and broken english is also very invaluable experience i seek working in klcc. i was once happy working, tired all the time, and feel irritated sometimes..so wut im trying to convey here is, my mission accomplished!it's about time to quit..wish me luck in telling k.yati bout my intentio to quit okay!
well then,jaa~

Friday, 6 July 2007


whoaaaa!!!alhamdulillah...i didn't expect my result to be 43..7 for all subjects except math n bisnes..n full mark 3 for tok n ee!!!that is sooo great!omigod...im so relieved..thankful..n grateful...so here i come nottingham!!!can't wait to fly off to uk!im so excited...hurm..entering medical school is tough n im so very aware that surviving in medical school is a lot more tougher...gotta really preapre myself..whuteva it is, i know when God has brought me to it, He will surely guide me through it..insyaAllah...ameen

Thursday, 5 July 2007

the sore of waiting..

arghh...the time will definitely come..so why im so nervous n anxious???owh this is almost killing my sweet time!fine..im not usually feel agitated when waiting for my exam result to come out but this time around,it's different!!way different!this is for my dear damn future!!well, all the previous exams were determining my future but....hoh,still a 'but' there!!i just can't xplain!!so...4get it..:(

hah,im so tired tht i think i can't even stand properly now..always wanna slouch coz just imagine, i hav to stand for about 6-7 hrs..heh,congrats to my sylphlike leg..huhu nothing weird nor wicked things happened 2day in the workplace..just bumped into mubin who's also working there but in petrosains..suhana in chilli's,n pia in parkson..well,i guess we used to do cas during holidays so now when there's no more cas, everybody is like hey,i need to at least do sumthing!!can't stand goyang kaki only..hahaha
erghh...so sleepy already, got stomach upset i think..my meal time has gone haywire lately..wut a dedicated barista i am!haha..

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

momentum from working as a barista

wah,it's been a really long time since my last entry...i was too lazy too write yet got so many things around that i wanted to at least 'save' the moment by writing sumthing in here..well, yeah i went to bandung..n it was such a wondrous experience..n im thinking of travelling as my new hobby as well..like i hav sooo much money n could travel to anywhere i want!!! hurm..i guess i hav to put it on hold for a while, years probably..hurm..

i just started working as a barista in a coffee shop in klcc..the pay is rm4 per hour..is it gud or is it not worth it?i clean, i wash dishes, i serve, and i greet and above all...i hav to always standing..hurm..it's pretty normal that way..but for me,i want money n the experience..working in a coffee shop right, i can learn quite a lot about how coffee is served..how to prepare mocha,copuccino n all..so it's pretty gud what..hah!thanx to ib,im so rational n reflective now..hahaha

i still can't get over japanese n korean dramas..crazee as ever!!god,wut has happened 2 me??
hahaha!takuya kimura especially,hurm...where on earth can i find a guy like him??i mean, not just the gud look..but also the charismatic personality he got in almost all of his muvies..well, patience is a virtue right???maybe...must be!:) but the thing is, im just the normal ordinary commoner girls who has the stupid cinderella dream kind of thingy..so how can i be 'different', 'unique' and 'special' to at least one guy in this universe??..like the heroines staring in kimura's muvie???haisyh..this is so ridiculous! but still, i want to at least be the heroine in my own life story!!hurm...so daiyo ne...ok,enough with that silly and absurd thoughts..:p
well,currently watching hero n long vacation by takuya kimura..hehe!told u im crazy over him now~