Saturday, 31 January 2009

thE saTurdaY

The "live from GAZA" event just now was splendid and totally unforgettable! Around 300 sisters came..and approx GBP 11,000 was raised on that day alone. Not only we're enlightened by powerful talks from the speakers, but we got to also know lots of new faces. Must say I really enjoyed it.

The event was for female only. Purpose being i suppose was to show how crucial women's role is in giving full support to the resistant. (dat's wut i understnd frm wut Sister Ageel said laa..[pardon me if i got her name wrong]) Cam lagu tu, tgn wanita yg menghayun buaian mampu menggoncang dunia..chewahhh..heh Owh n the event got a live coverage frm Al-Hiwar TV,a station viewed by most of the ppl in Palestine. And u knw wut, the CEO is Dr Azzam Tamimi!=p i jst knew it bebrape minggu yg lalu so dat's y a bit surprised n xcited with no particular reason.

Us counting the money collected

Talks were given by the very well-known speakers in this whole Palestine issues like;
1. Yvonne Ridley - I have always admire her, well at least eversince i knew her frm watching pressTV and that she reverted into Islam soon after she was caught by Ta*lib*an. Her spirit, her will, her words, her courage..Whenever she speaks, it's inspiring, n very influential. We dnt have such influential journalist in msia do we?

Me, with Yvonne.

2. Dr Jenny Tonge - She's frm House of Lords. Stressing more on the political ways of tackling the issue.

3. Ghada Ageel - She's a Palestinian. Ive listened to her talk b4 during the Palestine Conference not so long ago, but her stories jst now were much2 more touched the hearts of hundreds of us. And im quite sure most of the audiences cudn't contain their tears anymore when her voice cracked while telling bout how the ppl frm her village back in Khan Younis in Gaza lost their family members with no mercy to the war criminals we-all-knw-who.

4. Sister Rajnaara - A PHD student, also an activist in human rights. Cudnt really listen to her full talk coz needed to prepare packing the foods.

We also had a live phone call interview with a sister in Gaza. One of the things i remembered she said is something like, "Bout the electricity and heat, we can adapt on that but wut's more important is the seige, the blockade that need to be lifted...yada..yada" In my head i was thinking if it's us, can WE adapt living in darkness n cold?? Wut's
more fascinating bout her is, despite of all the sufferings they've been experiencing frm long ago in Gaza n with 3 kids around..she hold a BA in Econs n currently doing her MA in Accounting..

There're also bazaar selling foods, books, jeweleries and clothings. Gosh we went crazy seeing the scarves. Feel like buying dozens but thinking that "kita x boleh berlebih-lebihan even though it's for a gud cause" kann..lainla kalao kaya raya..heh

Thursday, 29 January 2009

how's 1st week of sem 4?

err...awal-awal minggu lagi dah NGANTUK!hisyh...such not a gud start aite! (still quite sleepy while writing this...) well sometime it's unavoidable but i'll get my normal sleeping pattern back soon..heh

new modules 4 this sem includes:
FBN- neuroanat n always, lots to memorize.
GBP- drugss...interesting jugakla, heard it's tough..n cudn't agree more kot..but nothing's easy-peasy in this world.
MOM- my optional module, very biochem in nature.

and some are continuation frm the previous yr/sem like:
PH- epidemiology...erghh i tink i hav to really struggle for this one.
CLS-everything that's end with -logy. jst add immuno/microb etc. n genetics too. berlambak wehh...
n biasalah the all yr round modules CS & PD- communication skill n professional development.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Of winter, exams and dormancy....oh n othr stuff too

ok it was cold outside, so going out wud definitely be the least thing i'd do during these past few weeks. wut's more, i was in a midst of an exam. So definitely-lah the gluteal had been very loyal sticking hard to the study carrel kan. so there goes the period of quiescence. Yet, the poor little brain had to be overloaded with all sorts of jargons..working overtime, of cos it demands for an extra pay. How? So F.O.O.D must be the best reward, rite? And have to admit, 'involuntary' hyperphagic also do occur 'once in a while'.

lnactive, defined as less than 30 mins of moderate physical activity, equivalent to brisk walking each day. Well that's certainly not wut i'd say but it's well-stated in my precious lecture note k.
Low physical activity + increase food uptake = (do the math ur self!)

But....NOT ANYMORE please i beg my self. I felt so unhealthy, but just cudn't help it. Even though it was a focused(quite la kot), productive and worthwhile episode of dormancy insyaAllah, ive liberated from it. Hehe..Alhamdulillah the exam is over. Tawakal jer lah. So now need to get myself 'organised' back, owh n the room too..kalao kat msia mungkin lipas dah bole beranak-pinak bwh katil kot..haha n most importantly, let's mencergaskan diri!hehe!

Will begin the new sem class the very next monday tho :(

How fast time half way through my 2nd yr!nnti blajar makin susah...:(


Ob*a*ma or Mr O just got inaugurated as the 44th p last few days in a most expensive inaugural ceremony in the American history. Im not the right person to comment on this new presidency, but even with a little knowledge and little interest on politics i have, i kind of pity him for having to inherit a "mess". It's like inheriting a company that's almost bankrupt frm a brother (if he ever think kebabush is like a brother to him). Or a "grave" rather than a "gift" frm kebabush to him. Yela mana taknye, big recession, highly opposed foreign policy, un, guantanamo (Alhamdulillah he has called for the gitmo to be shut dwn within a yr kalao x silap) , Gaza/Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistn n etc..Hurm..whatever it is, with his popularity now and his campaign of "change" yg berapi-api tu, the world certainly is waiting and watching for his next move. Of course his top agenda wud be the economic crisis, but i dnt mind about their recession. Those corrupt systems need to learn a lesson anyway (Say rise the true Islamic banking!). But the world peace matters more to me now. And to most others too i believe. He did address the Muslim world in his inaugural speech by saying something like "We'll seek a way forward with the Muslims, base on mutual interest and respect" I knw Ham*as think he's jst another kebabush. And frankly speaking i really don't know if we shud take his word or not, but no harm in hoping n keep praying kan?

But i remember Khalid Meshaal once said in one of his speech, "the enemy won't help us, won't open the Rafah border for us, we have to do it ourselves, the ummah have to stand side by side with each othr and do not ally with the enemy." (Not exactly but something like that) So kalau lah, all the muslim countries can unite and stand side by side..i think we dnt even need to wait for Am*eric*a foreign policy to change or wut ever Mr O decision is. Semoga hati para pemimpin Islam kita lembut utk bersatu against all odds.

And to Gaza, congratulations on the victory! May heaven be the place for all the martyrs. Ameen.

Erm i think ive wrote too much dy. hehe so here's a few pics frm the rally lst wik.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Semashur dlm novel...hoho

Ever heard of a novel Dekat Di Hati?? I jst knew bout it too anyway..frm my fren. i hav no ties wutsoever with the author n i hav no intention to promote the novel as well..saje nk berbangge seketika coz the settings of this novel is my beloved boarding school...Sekolah Menengah Sains Hulu Selangor...SEMASHUR!!Weeee~~(harusla berbangge kan?)

Here's a snippet of it;

JAM 11.55 malam. Suasana di 'aspuri' (asrama puteri) Sentosa 5, Sekolah Menengah Sains Hulu Selangor atau SEMASHUR agak sunyi. Para pelajar puteri di bilik itu sedang mentelaah pelajaran dengan gaya bebas. Ada yang tersandar di kepala katil berlapikkan bantal, ada yang meniarap dan ada yang tergolek di atas lantai beralaskan permaidani yang tentunya dibawa dari rumah. Masing-masing berulit dengan buku. Cuaca yang panas buat beberapa hari memang menjadikan suasana di dormitori itu membahang. Kerana itu kipas angin berputar laju seperti kipas helikopter. Meskipun begitu, para pelajar itu sudah biasa dengan keadaan berkuap sedemikian. Begitulah keadaan mereka hampir setiap malam setelah selesai menghadiri prep iaitu sesi ulang kaji pelajaran yang dilakukan setiap malam dari jam 8.30 hingga 10.30 di kelas masing-masing. Sesekali kesunyian diselang-seli dengan bunyi derupan kerepek yang dikunyah oleh dua tiga orang pelajar puteri. Amelya Izatti baru sahaja menyudahkan latihan Matematik Tambahannya. Dia pun bangun menuju ke almari untuk mengambil diari kesayangannya. Sebelum meletakkan kepalanya di bantal, pada diari itulah ditumpahkan apa yang terlintas di hatinya. Jika di rumah, dia boleh sahaja membuka laman blognya untuk mencurahkan apa sahaja. Tetapi bila di asrama dia tidak mampu lakukan itu kerana kemudahan melayari internet tidak dibenarkan kecuali di bawah pengawasan. Kerana itulah diari dijadikan sebagai ruang ganti. "Eh, gambar siapa yang jatuh tu?" tanya Amira yang kebetulan sedang membuka almari. Almarinya berada sebelah menyebelah dengan almari Izatti."Gambar abang..." jawab Izatti sambil tunduk untuk mengambil foto yang terjatuh dari diarinya."Tengok..."

Kisah cinta monyet yang memaparkan cinta zaman sekolah yang akhirnya membawa kepada satu konflik cinta yang pastinya akan membawa anda kembali ke zaman persekolahan anda. Karya hasil nurkilan Eyman Hykal ini bakal menggamit sanubari anda tatkala menyelami karya tulisan beliau.

Our pengetua Mr Paizin yg chumel even got a souvenir (or is it jst a copy of the novel??heh) from the author, Eyman Haikal!

Left: Mr Paizin Right: Author of DDH

Missing school days already...huhu~ Owh btw, my dorm ws Sentosa 4!haha..n tipulah 1155 still studying gaye bebas kat bilik...lights off 1130 daaa..haha 1155 tue gune lilin jee tu or gossiping kat corridor je la..=)

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Sunday, 4 January 2009

God save them...

Ya Allah, i can't concentrate..Ya Allah tenangkan hati ku..
La ilahaillahu'l a'limul hakim..subhanallahi rabbi'l arsyi'l a'zim.. Alhamdulillahi rabi'l a'lamin..

Ya Allah, kuatkanlah semangat jihad umat Islam di Gaza..
Egypt government insists on closing Rafah borders. So now they have no food supply, no medical aid frm outside. Those protesting for Gaza in West Bank were abducted by Israeli forces. Israeli forces are found to use depleted uranium in bombs for their ground offensive. Main hospital in Gaza cud soon be running out of electricity!Water pump are not operating, n they're running out of fuel n cooking gas. Obama still remain silent for he's not yet the official president. Wut, they won't stop unless Hamas stops their rockets? With all these, tell me, how are we supposed to remain calm?

Again, the least we can'a. Besides the doa i posted earlier (refer post on 31st Dec 08), let's also recite the Qunut Nazilah. (Click image for larger view)

Also, let's recite the whole Surah 48, Al-Fath n its meaning for Moslems in Gaza.
Let's help putting this aggression to an end. And save Palestine. Save beloved Al-Aqsa.

Do'a really is our strong weapon that they're lacking. For our brothers n sisters in Gaza, and also for us all(yg nk xm especially)...

"Dan janganlah kamu berhati lemah dalam mengejar musuhmu. Jika kamu menderita kesakitan, maka ketahuilah mereka pun menderita kesakitan sebagaimana kamu rasakan, sedang kamu masih dapat mengharapkan dari Allah apa yang tidak dapat mereka harapkan. Allah Maha mengetahui, Maha bijaksana" Surah An-Nisa, verse 104.