Wednesday, 31 December 2008

happy birthday to ayah & ibu =)


Mr and Mrs Yazid, both of them born on the 1st January. Now tell me, is that a coincidence or jodoh dari kayangan??hehehe..

Being the only daughter in the family, i always get their full attention..huhu my dad hardly says 'no' to wutever i want..(even though sumtime it does took him forever to realise the thing i ask..n kdg2 when the thing is so impossible pwn ayh akn 'yes' kan juge..haha saba je lah..but i get the cue la whenever i ask for his permission n he's contemplating between yes n no, then better not do it la) the least he'll say is, "alaa nantila/sabarla sayang.." also,always a yes to wutever i say too as far as i remember la..he's always on my side,n me always on his =) whenever that happens, my dad will go like "of coz im on her side, she's my daughter" (with the word daughter so pekat mcm slang indian)..n that really piss my youngest bro off soo much..n he'll go like "mulalah tu ayh tu akak balik je..semualah 'daughter' dia"...haha hav to admit it's fun to see him jeles like that..hehe that's y i always be the middle man between my parents n the othr 3 jejaka (my othr 3 adik-bradik)..coz as they put it, "ayah ape2 akak ckp je cair.." hahaha!! But Alhamdulillah the trust they hav in me, i knw the boundary. And the mom, i tink she loves my big bro more than all of us!hahaha..but she's the one who'll put aside our favourite fud/chickn parts whenever we weren't around 4 lunch or dinner..her cooking is still the best in the whole universe..i wonder betulke pepatah dimana tumpahnya kuah kalau bukan ke nasi?if so, then mayb my cooking will be kebaboom jugakla in a few yrs time ke?hehe..but wut if kuah tertumpah kat ats lantai?isyh! owh n more bout ibu, she'll listen to all the fuss i make about my daily life..n will get worried over almost everything?n she's the one jgk yg soo alert who'll notice any difference in me even the tiniest bit like the thickness n length of my hair or whther ive gained weight, or if ive sabun my ears..u knw things like tht..n she'll fall sick first b4 i do..mayb that's wut they call mom's instinct kot. But dulu2 (zmn mude2 la) i often got into argument with her jugak..n whenever i merajuk n locked my self in my room n nanges sorg2..ayah's the one who'll knock on my door n bring me back the quantum of solace :p..rase dah lame plak x merajuk..hahaha

im missing home..miss to be in one room with them all the whole family, sharing the same bed talking laughing n teasing..adehh~

ok2 b4 mood blaja ke laut dalam, i better get back to my anatomy..adios~


Busy Boycotting? Donating? Signing petition? Doing demonstration? Writing letters to your local MP? Don't forget the hidden forte, do'a..

Habib Ali al-Jufri, a paragon of the Hadhrami from the noble lineage of Rasulullah s.a.w advises the Muslims in general to read the following for the sake of the oppressed Muslims in Gaza (from Al-Qur'an, Surah al-Imran, 173 - 174):

To read once : Photobucket

Men said to them: "A great army is gathering against you": And frightened them: But it (only) increased their Faith: They said: "For us Allah sufficeth, and He is the best disposer of affairs."

Then to repeat :
(450 times ideally, or at least 70 times, every evening)

Then to finish by reciting once : Photobucket
And they returned with Grace and bounty from Allah: no harm ever touched them: For they followed the good pleasure of Allah: And Allah is the Lord of bounties unbounded.

Allahumma ameen. Allahumma ameen. Allahumma ameen

Sunday, 28 December 2008

hari bergusti..ker hari berkotak?

Boxing Day in England is regarded as a "shopping holiday" associated with the after-Christmas sales which is on the 26th December. On that day, most of the shopping complexes and retail outlets will have a massive price reduction.

Last yr i was in Istanbul during boxing day so didn't get the chance to experience the havoc.
So last friday, i was in London with 11 othr frens..semua dgn semangat waja to feeeel wut it was like to shop in London on Boxing Day. Apalagi, our target was definitely Oxford Street. Some says some shops open as early as 5am!And that includes NEXT!!Some also says that the street got real crowded starting from early morning!With that in mind, we went off at 5am!!Adoiilaa..

When we reached Oxford Street..most of the shops were still close. And unfortunately, one of us got the wrong info, NEXT will open at 5am on the 27th..not 26th! Grrr...!Wutever it is, there's already quite a few ppl walking around..probably those were the 'naive' n silly strange ppl who were on the same boat as us. And surprisingly, there's already a long queue outside the Selfridges & Co.!Weird iznit? Owh those ppl really didn't hav anything better to do...(ckp kt diri sniri jugaklah tu..hehe) =) It was cold..n i ws sleepy n starving!Off we went to have breakfast at McD...then around half past 6, we went out again to see if the no. of ppl on the street hav increased. and yes it had!And guess wut, we cud see another looooooooong queue outside Debenhams store..!Apalagi, we joined the crowd-la! We were let in by the security guard exactly at 7.As the name suggest, Boxing Day really is a day utk bergusti..survivor of the fitters!haha.. It was darn packed mcm sardine inside almost all the stores lah senang citer!Even on the street! It took me n Nad almost an hour queuing just to pay for one dress in Zara!When i reached MNG, Miss Selfridge n Topshop...all the "favourites" item were already gone..especially the small sizes one. The one left were all the sisa-sisa bit yg harga x berapa murah dah n size L ke atas..even if there were any, sah2 butang tercabut, kain koyak ke cz byk bertaburan on the floor. (At least end of year sale kat Sogo baju tak all over the place!)And the shelves kat Guess section in Selfridges&Co were empty!!(Adela tinggal 1 ke 2 handbags yg x best dah) Erghh....crazy..Adding to the madness, Sarah n Wani fell over aftr being pushed by the crowd when they're trying to rush entering River Island right aftr the door is opened at 9.

I can somehow understand how ppl cn get so agitated about it..But when it gets too crowded i kind of became demotivated and lost the mood to shop. It jst feels so air, no space n no time to think! It is somewhat a good experience though..hehe Now i knw how to mentally n physically prepare myself for nxt year's boxing day.(^_^)

Saturday, 27 December 2008

thE ghoSt sTorY....

Anyone from boarding school must have been veryy familiar with ghost stories being passed on from one batch to another. From jst a ghost myth until the real encounter with the real thing, boarding school students sure know alot bout it. 5 yrs in boarding school, i did once see histeric person right in front of me. But Alhamdulillah mintak dijauhkan tuhan i never experienced seeing the real thing with my own naked eye. (Teringat the best thing watching Thai ghost story kat bilik tv when we got to jerit kuat2 beramai2 ngn peluk beramai2..lawak2..)

During my stay in London (few days back or was it yesterday?) we stayed in a hostel at Kensel Green area. And guess wut, our room was right next to this one huge christian cemetery! So on the Boxing Day eve (while the Mat Sallehs having their Christmas party downstairs), tah mcm mane someone brought up a story bout ghosts. So it brought back the "boarding school" by one stories were unveiled. 12 ppl in one room sharing the goosebumps..haha i tink most of the stories we heard on that nite was frm Temeng about Sains Dungun..frm a real story of a girl with Saka, a pontianak playing basketball in the middle of the late night, seeing a marching squad with no heads to a bunch of students with nothing better to do playing ghost prank on their seniors! As for my skul, some of the stories i remembered are the one when this one fella saw a "ghost" in the mirror aftr brushing teeth. And bout the tasik thing, also bout the "agreement" our ustaz have with the "thing". We also talked bout the "tindih" cases happened back in KMB where Sarah n Azie themselves have experienced.

When it's late, we decided to call it quits..everyone's got tired already..(sbenanye takot gile) n also we needed to get ready for boxing day the next day! Before going to bed, kena la buat "rombongan" ke toilet since sume dah takot...n nisya whose bed was right nxt to the window trus x nk tido on hers so she shared with azie.

The next day, we jst realized that last night was Khamis malam Jumaat...n Azie said she heard something unpleasant while sleeping(like footsteps frm outside our room)..Uuuuuu...


Friday, 19 December 2008

owh cuti winter-ku's been ages since i last updated my blog!kenapelah malas ekk..hurmm..Actually i just came back frm my winter vacation..

Before going off to spain, i went to Cork first. Stayed at Laburnum's House..ade nad,mihah,adilah,aliya n wani. The journey frm Dublin seriously took me forever!Mcm nk gi tumpat! Anyhow, xde la kampung sgt Cork tu..hehee The town was a lilttle bit smaller than Notts je.

Left: The very healthy vacation u knw...cycling gitu!

Right: i seriously didn't finish 'em all

Now a preview of my madrid-barcelona trip..hehe

The bad luck bit:
1. Nad lost her phone..
2. We missed our flight frm Madrid to Barcelona!!
3. We rent out a 5 seaters car for a road trip to Barc..(n there ws 6 of us!) coz the 6 seaters is manual, and also coz we're under 23 so the othr company cudn't rent us theirs.
4. Me n Nad got into the wrong train on our way back to the airport to get Nad's purse. So a 1/2 an hour journey now became 3 hrs or so..:(
5. We stayed at the 6th/7th floor hotel with no lifts, owned by a lonely super-psycho old man n in a dodgy Barcelona area.
6. Almost became the victim of pickpocket!!Hisyh berani makcik tu!!
7. Didn't get the chance to go shoppping at Madrid FO =(

The lucky bit:
1. I checked-in at EMA jst 30++ mins prior to my flight to Dublin..pheuwh!Thank God i wasn't denied to be on board..kalao x,mau nanges x berlagu..
2. Alhamdulillah we arrived safely at Barcelona..after a 600km/6 hours journey..and along the way..we cud enjoy the spectacular panoramic view of the othr side of Madrid!haha!
3. Found Nad's purse n phone!!
4. Very2 lucky tidak terkantoi menyeludup 2 org in that Barc hotel..
5. Were right on time to catch our bus to Girona Airport...

The most frequent phrase we use: "Quanto esto?", "Hola!", "Perdon"
The most frequent meal we had: McD McFish and Maggi! (no idea who win between the two..haha)

Actually there's a lot more..but will write more about this action-packed vacation in Spain later yea..Owh dah kene start pulon exam.......Adios!~

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

tHe wEeKeNd in LonDon

A weekend away from Notts, and away from the loads(as if i hav any!owh yes i do actually..haha) is indeed a bless!Thanks to anisasmairinamaryamsuraiya!This was only my 4th time in London. 1-when first arrived in UK back in 07. 2-A day transit b4 flying off back 2 msia. 3-Thorpe Park..reason being:busy+miskin i suppose..huhu. Here's how the weekend went..

Had class till 5 but TGIF kan!Hopped in the train at 845pm..tergoda dgn the "buffet guy" so we got some drinks n pastries to keep the bellies happy for a while. Reached St Pancreas station at 10something kot..then headed straight to asmamaryamirina's fren's place in Edgeware Rd. Then dozed off!
It was cold outside, but no prob, we were all wrapped up n ready to set off! First, we went off to Portabello Market. Mostly selling antiques stuff, clothings, and handcraft. Frankly speaking, i don't think it was a bargain..well mayb it is to Londeners but surely not to "org semi-kampung", like us Nottinghamians..hehe So the only thing i bought was a pink jumper. After a long walk down the endless stalls, we then decided to move to our next destination which was MSD hall...for lunch!

Man i felt so "Msia"!God the food was amazing!The price was reasonably quite high..Again, considering it's London we're talking about here where striking price is like a trend...n the kekenyangan n kepuasan we felt, it was soo worth it!haha. one keria=50p..adoiilaa..NMG stall pn jual 3 kuih for a pound..haha maka it forced me to forget indulging my self with pulut bakar n that keria..isk3..sob3..nvm!

And then..the seeking of theatre tickets began!Wicked, Zoro, Phantom of The Opera..all the best plays were either sold out, or selling at a price wayyyy out of our budget..So we ended up watching Blood Brothers with a price lil bit higher than our initial budget but yea we still watch it for not letting our selves down if the aim of coming down to London were unmet. It was in Phoenix Theatre. The play was great, we're satisfied n felt good coming out of the theatre. (or not coz "mereka dan keluarga mereka" whom names remain confidential tertumpah air matanya).

Before that, we stopped by at the Trafalgar square. hav no idea of the significance of all those lions wutever sculptures but we just snapped a few photos despite of the super-cold weather.
Then we went to Harrods. Since i need to save up for the upcoming winter hols, i didnt get anything except 4 the Krispy Kreme je yg mampu..lazat nyer,speechless. But then later, everybody got high frm hyperglycaemia. Then we dropped by at the Chinatown to kill time b4 the play.

Tup tup tup it's late we rushed to hyde park where irina's mom stayed. It's a government apartment...I luved it!A typical British building on the outside at a high-end neighbourhood in d middle of the city with a simple but classy interior. Didn't feel like going back to my tiny lil room already after an overnyte there. Grrr! Well, wait for another 20yrs..n i'll be able 2 stay there at a price of only 20 quid pernyte!(insyaAllah...huhu berangannn!)hehe..

We catched the 1045am train..and that marked the ending of our short trip in London...sob3.. BUT, our precious weekend was yet to come to an end..we continued our cuti2 in Notts pula..haha actually jst had lunch in Wagamama..Longed for Japanese food for quite some time already..but no sushi in wagamama..:( I went home feeeling sooo exhausted n threw my self in bed reaaaaaal early n woke up fresh the next morning!

p.s; u lagi pantas rupenya asma!hahaha!