Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Off we go to Western Australia!!


It's been a while since i last wrote about my travel and holiday. This time around, i managed to get a 6 days leave for an adventure to the western australia!!Weehu!

Booked the flight from AirAsia in May 2014 for a trip in October 2014. The 5 months wait is unbearable i tell u!! In Perth, we stayed at an acquaintance's place in Bentley. So at least the 3 days accommodation is well sorted. Our rough itinerary:
Perth City (1 night) --> Busselton (1 night) --> Stirling range (1 night) --> Perth City ( 2 nights) --> KL

Rough breakdown of our expenditure on accommodation and transport. 
Flight tickets: RM 718.00 (including 20kg check-in luggage on the return flight)
Perth accommodations: AUD 100 each for the 3 nights
Busselton hostel: RM 359.95 for 4 people 1 night
Stirling range chalet: 687.95 for 4 people 1 night
Car rental: AUD 329 ++ for 6 days

Day 1 - touched down in Perth

We arrived at Perth airport around 6am. Quite early isn't it. Excited lah katakan. 
Luckily one of us has a friend in Perth, so he kindly picked us up from airport and brought us to his house near Curtin Uni to freshen up before we get started with our packed holiday itinerary. 

We had roti canai for breakfast as soon as we arrive in Perth in a cafe called 'Sarapan'.The taste is quite okay, considering it's RM12 per piece! Haha! So once we're full, got our comfy car, we're then headed to Caversham Wildlife Park. It took us about 30minutes to get there. 

On a side note, I really recommend the car rental we got our's from. Simple, no hassle, no hidden fee. Excess reduction down to AUD300. No booking fee, no extra charge for unlimited km, non-UK/NZ/AUS licence, and additional drivers. And the staffs are nice too! We got ours from here:BUDGET car rental 

Entrance fee for the Caversham Wildlife park is $25. it's not a very huge safari, but big enough to introduce you to the famous wildlife of western australia. I'm not an animal lover, so it doesn't excite me much, but the kangaroo and koala definitely got me interested!! 

lazing around,while being fed lying. Good life mate!

Dont u just feel like hugging is this fluffy koala??? 

We missed all the show in the safari but i don't really mind. hehe! Next up in the itinerary is The Pinnacles. So we headed off up north before lunch as it took about 2hrs to get there. It is within the Nambung National park near the Cervantes town. With the clear blue sky, it's definitely a perfect weather to go there! Oh btw the entrance fee for The Pinnacles is $11. You can choose to either walk around the area or drive and park whenever u feel like stopping and take photo. We chose the latter :)

Beautiful view kan?!

You may wonder what are those pinnacles actually are. So did we! What i know is it is an amazing lime stones standing structure, formed by some natural processes in the dunes. More info, Mr Wiki  has it all for u :) 

Still thinking that we need more dessert and dunes, we decided to head down to Lancelin Dunes for some sand boarding. But unfortunately, we arrived there at abt 5:30pm. It was getting dark and the sky looked gloomy already. A lady from the mart advised us to just come again tomorrow for sand-boarding. How sad!! So we just went to the dunes ourselves without the board. 

White sand dunes. If only the sky was not so gloomy, it'd have been a spectacular view in the dessert!

By the time we reached home from Lancelin Dunes it was already around 8pm. Had a nice deliscious dinner at home, and cozy rest after the loooooong day before the roadtrip begins the next day. 

Will be continued..

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