Sunday, 30 December 2012

1 month into the working field

it's already a month since i started working in hosp selayang. how time flies.
busy? yes but still tolerable for now.  it's known to many that working as HO in Msia is harsh. long hours, mountains of jobs, fierce MOs and specialists, unfavourable working environment etc. Definitely some truths in that i must say.

the most difficult time is of course during the tagging period. 16 hrs of working for 2 weeks. sometimes even more than tht. i've done up to 20hrs! at least a day off each week tho.
many said tht surgical dept is the most accommodating as compared to other dept. well that's a bit worrying coz we've been scolded alot here so cnt imagine how it's like later on in other dept.
nevertheless, these are what i've learnt so far:

1) Every single moment is a learning process! - Indeed. I came in with almost zero. only God knows how difficult it is to adapt to a new system, at the same time being good and efficient at it. almost impossible. on top of that, this is also the time to practise all those theory learnt in med school. Altho a little slow,(i wish i'm not this lampi!) i do sincerely learn a lot from everyone-the MOs, specialists, senior colleagues and nurses.

2) Keep calm and move on! - feeling unfair, being wronged etc is almost normal. in the end, the mistake is almost always ours. so although it's bitter, take everything in. and then reflect. tht's the only way we'll learn i think. no point in arguing back, got bottled up and being stressed out. 

3) P.R.I.O.R.I.T.I.Z.E - that's the only way to be and feel efficient. heheh.

4) Work in team - we don't do this all time. we manage our own patients most of the time. that's where the problem lies. but, help each other out, and back each other up. no point in putting great effort just to shine by ourselves. seriously no point. and no one would appreciate that. 

i'm anxious every time i go to work. wonder if can do alright that day. and i'm anxious every time i go home at the end of the day. wonder if i've properly finished my work and if i've made any mistake. it's a form of disease i think. keke. hope things will get better with time.

i believe all great figures that we know now have had their moments of hard time. for every success, there's always a beginning. no one starts out perfect. the hurdles make them what they are. 


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