Friday, 1 March 2013

job scope as a houseman least in a surgical department.
It was hectic at work today. As always. Love it or not, here's a list of what we do on everyday basis or whenever it needs.

1. know our patients' case inside out.
2. review and examine patients regularly.
3. take bloods.
4. set lines.
5. request for imagings - US,CT MRI etc
6. make referrals
7. chart patients' notes for every ward rounds
8. give chemotherapy
9. wound desloughing and debridement
10. simple toilet & suturing
11. assist in the OT
12. prescribe medications.
13. clerk new patients of course
14. discharge patients
15. admin stuffs - referral letters, re-admit forms, blood form, nutrition form etc
16. CME (continuous medical education) - presentations & seminars

that's not all, some addition..
17. off lines
18. ward procedures like NG tube, catheter insertion etc
19. wound cleaning and dressing
20. put up IVDrip
21. run errands for bosses (work related)
22. change venturi tube
23. flush lines/catheter
24. manual blood pressure
25. send bloods to lab
26. fetch transfusion blood from blood bank
27. call up patients for surgery/appointments
28. digitise imaging
29. flash CT image to other hospital
30. accompany patient in an ambulance to another hospital for referral
31. do tracheal suctions
32. do chest physio

that's all for now..will add to the list if i happen to do something bizzare later.

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